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Pictures of our companions.

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Here's a pic of my Jack (Minnie) an all round great little dog, best retrieve wiping the eye of four Labs crossing the River Annan (a very wide river) and retrieved a Gooseander on opposit bank (shot under License)


Great marker whilst ferreting and beating dog.


Unfortunately she is as wide as she is long since lodging with a girlfriend during the last 18 months!!!!


Oh and she enjoys a spot of fly fishing as well.




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And this is the "Team" I had b4 coming out here. Two yellows went to a keepering mate, Black Bitch I had just about "finished off" her training 2.5 yrs old and went to an old mate who recently lost his ESS, all FOC (Mug me!!) And the Jack is getting looked after "mollycoddled" by a friend.


Scanned pic, quality iffy.




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You obviously dont have teenage children who spend your hard earned bucks on the latest gimmick?


Livestrong bands are those stupid (albiet originally for a good cause) charity rubber bands that the entire teenage population have been buying at inflated prices.

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Its a Retrieve Strong band :rolleyes:

Quess what the next question is?


Whats a retrieve strong band?


from one of Hubertus earlier posts explaining the broad collars his dogs wear.






On that is written the telephone number. If we do have big driven days on deer and boar the dog hunt themselve. They run many kilometers on their own. Especially when they follow a wounded animal. Sometimes they dont find back. Then somebody can phone us when he got the dog. The second reason is for safety to prevent that the dog wil be shot. When they are running in thick wood they look a little bit similar to boar. Then you see the collar.


Every hunting dog while hunting have to wear that (by law). There are also special reflecting vests for dog.



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