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  1. Doctors are misunderstanding the fundamental bit. The Doctor Isn't being asked if you are fit to own a gun, they are being asked if to their knowledge you are unfit to own a gun. The level of fitness is set by the Home Office as not having suffered or suffering from certain conditions. It's a decision based on facts not opinions.
  2. I save the little silica Gell pouches that come in packaging (like teabags marked "do not eat" dry them out in an open jam jar in the oven every few months. By a strange coincidence they are in there at the moment.
  3. Diplomatic plates have numbers then D then numbers, the first set of numbers indicate the country. If It's a X not a D it's an international organisation not a country such as The International Whaling commission. If it is a diplomatic vehicle expect sod all help from the Police , not their fault, the idea of the plates is the police don't get involved. I got knocked off a bicycle by an uninsured High Comission vehicle once !
  4. I'm struggling to tell this story without giving too much away but.....I too live in South East London, nearby there is a Motorbike Mechanic, at the end of the workshop there are 2 doors. Every now and then a man walks into the garage walks to the far end without speaking to anyone, opens the doors and sits on one of the 3 motorbikes in the small room beyond. After a few minutes he gets off the bike leaves the room, locks it and walks back out without talking to anyone. This has been going on for years. He has rented the room for years.He never rides the bikes, his wife has no idea he owns them.
  5. If you die unexpectedly tell her, out of sheer generosity, I'll take your guns off her hands for what you told her you paid.
  6. We are considering something along these lines for clay shooting, a mobility scooter with knobbely tyres and a Gun Rack. Plan A was a cart pulled by the dogs but apparently this is illegal under some Victorian law, Plan B was to use street urchins to pull it but whilst this is legal under Victorian laws we shoot in Surrey and the supply of urchins isn't what it was.
  7. It's interesting that in Averys world it's ok to keep captive birds, I presumed he would be anti it?
  8. The increase in Magpie numbers in London over the past 20 is years enormous I noticed it because of some strange behavior. Part of my work involves driving around with Colleagues, one current Colleague and one Ex-Colleague do a funny little "Saluting Mr Magpie" routine everytime they see one. Around the outer London suburbs this normally happens more than twice an hour and the One for Sorrow, two for Joy rhyme needs extending up to at least 12. The "Saluting Mr Magpie" routine bugs me, the current Colleague just does a funny little salute, Ex-Colleague did the salute and turned round on the spot. I have tried to "cure" them of the superstition by pointing out Magpies and can spot one every couple of minutes in some areas (Enfield). I once had my Salute and Pirouette Colleague spinning every 10 meters on a 100m walk (I also brought my Daughters cuddly soft toy magpie to taunt him with, this would now be banned under our companies be nice to everyone policy). To my mind magpies must have been less common when this superstition started, back when the Cockney Sparrow was the London Bird.
  9. Of course you could not fly AND plant a few trees and reduce your carbon footprint
  10. 16 years ago I chose a Passat over an Alfa, 5ish cars later and I still regret it
  11. Mine is November 1969, I'm December 1969
  12. If I was proposing a National Unity Government believing it was genuinely for the good of the country I wouldn't propose myself as the leader, particularly if I was the leader of the opposition. It might look like extreme self interest. I would have proposed an elder statesman with some gravitas, Ken Baker, Harriet Harman and Vince Cable could form a Triumvirate for example (I'm struggling for choices). Maybe a lack of extreme self interest has stopped me becoming a politician at all.
  13. This is from The Shooting Times 12th Feb 1949, I bought some issues on Ebay........they are full of stuff like this........
  14. If thats the study I read they use a peculiar method. Despite the trackers aparently being able in other cases being able to identify locate a bird to within a few meters they use grid squares 20KM across to identify if they disappeared on a grouse moor, if the 20KM grid square contains a grouse moor they deem it significant.
  15. Packham is the irritating kid in the playground just wanting attention . When he was stopped going to Dogfest that was portrayed as a controversial figure not going for public safety reasons .
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