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  1. It stops Sniping software jumping in with a nano second to go and beating you by a penny like on Ebay
  2. The best thing about todays market is I can afford to buy it and keep it!
  3. This is on Guntrader, Roland Watson, 2 sets of barrels 2250 pounds. maybe a little Feminine? but I'm going to find out more
  4. I drive my bosses X3d manual sometimes, not good with size 9 feet. Lovely engine though.
  5. To answer Wymberley. I came back to shooting a year ago after 30 years away and bought a 30" barrel Multichoke O/U as I was supposed to, I mainly shoot English Sporting Clays, however I just didn't like it so I bought an AyA no3 which I love. I enjoy close fast moving clays preferably random trajectories, I dislike long distance loopers and crossers and score accordingly. The logical gun for me seems to be a "25" of some description but thats where I run out of experience, I've never shot one. I have just bought a rough basic Churchill 28" from Holts, had the rib relaid, made a new toplever spring, sorted out a firing pin etc. I've extended the stock to 15" which feels right My Ideas at the moment, which I would appreciate your views on are: (no pound sign on my computor) An AyA No2, 26" barrels normal rib- cost about 800, probably have to extend the stock, disc set strikers, parts easily available, lots to choose from Saresquetta etc 25" -I see some cheap spanish some not so cheap and can't work out what should cost what. AyA XXV boxlock lots of rough ones with badly extended stocks for 500, I'm not keen on the engraving, usually plain wood. AyA XXV sidelock 1500 pounds pretty gun, engraving a bit flashy. Quality Birmingham boxlock 25" idealy scroll back Boxlock, idealy case hardened, 2000 pounds. Churchill XXV- I really can't justify the cost, young family etc. Have I missed anything fast and light?
  6. A friend shoots clays with a Beneli Semi-Auto (should one admit this on the Side-by-Side forum) with a short ported barrel and you often feel the blast from quite a distance.
  7. Do you think the Churchill XXVs appealed to the shorter gentleman? I know most older SxSs are short stocked but I'm vaguely in the market for one and see some very (~13 1/2 ") LOPs. I work with a lot of short men most of whom are in denial and can imagine a few thinking "I'm not short I just prefer 25" barrels" . Two years ago a photographer tried to get our 85 Reps to line up in height order, I'm just 6 foot and had men who scrape 5'4" look at me to see who was taller.
  8. The bizzare thing is my Rav4 Hybrid, exactly the type of car they want us to buy is 140 as well? For the moment very low company car tax though.
  9. German O/U with a sort of greener cross bolt
  10. Dibble


    My new Toyota RAV4 will give 58mpg in town, 44 on the motorway and it has a spare wheel and jack, if you don't have a sunroof. A sunroof and spare wheel combined weigh too much.
  11. I would add discussion of reality tv shows or football to smoking as a waste of productive time....or golf. but I am a grumpy old ***
  12. “I ask, very candidly, what do you think smallpox, measles, mumps and malaria are for?" “But there’s no reason why we shouldn’t analyse this from a biological perspective." The first comment seems to infer the presence of a Deity working to a plan? Not sure about the second. As to excess consumption I think we should have CP Fashion Watch all his outfits seem very new unlike most people who spend time outdoors
  13. How big are they?are you worried about the weight of the gun or recoil? As Washerboy says a Single 12 could be very cheap...£40ish and Hull CompX 21g are very soft,and cheap
  14. You might find cheaper fuels are E10 (10% ethanol) fuel it has about 3% less energy than straight Petrol which might affect your figures, I think we pay the same tax on it though🙄
  15. For work I wear a hi-viz jacket and steel toe caps but can sound slightly posh with a bit of Yorkshire abruptness when irritated. This has caused a rollercoaster of responses in 3 southern gunrooms so far, particually one that was selling a below average AyA no.3 for 3 times it's market value. I must drop into Churchills when next in High Wycombe. Is Dicksons now owned by J-P Daschler?
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