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  1. Dianne Abbot is diabetic they could stay in together and keep each other company.
  2. Are the RSPB saying burning is bad but mowing is fine?
  3. The bit where he says "Listen......Just Listen.........no planes........... just the sound of birdsong .........no planes taking tourists to the Gambia on one of my bird watching expeditions" you can see a tear forming in the corner of his eye, it's actually quite touching. https://www.gambia.co.uk/holiday-ideas/birdwatching-holidays
  4. I suspect that he has made that piece himself and sold it to the BBC, my kids recognised the music from some editing package.
  5. Next years Toyota Rav4 will have a key with a movement sensor that goes to sleep if the key is stationary, they aren't offering it to existing owners. My key lives in an old tin box.
  6. We might need you to be a Director of our Non-Profit ltd company, presumably you wouldn't care if you got banned from being a Company Director?
  7. I would happily donate if we could, If it could be turned into attritional warfare the side with greater resources should win.
  8. because they are a non-profit limited company, if they loose they spend all their money fighting it then go into liquidation and the other party gets nowt. mind you you then could try to get Packham declared not a fit and proper person to run a limited company and he would have to pay tax like the rest of us.....
  9. Colleague of mine found out Microwaves are not safe.......not if your brother turns the microwave on
  10. Presumably dealers get a massive discount on that. I kept my eye on a gun for a year and a half on guntrader, can't believe the dealer paid over £250?
  11. If it's in Farming Montly us it being launched as an agricultural vehicle which have different mot rules etc?
  12. They still list over 65s and under 21s at reduced rates on their website?
  13. Dibble

    Random Finds.

    A fellow Scout Leader is a Mudlark on the Thames. You have to be registered and have training fron The Port of London. He brought in the ammunition he has found around 20 rounds. I can understand the .303 and to some extent the .45ACP, 9mm and .38 as stuff that could have been dropped during WWII but half of it was unusual pistol calibers.I should have asked if he found the 7.65mm outside the MI6/SIS building.
  14. Dibble

    Random Finds.

    There is the remnants of a Ford Sierra in the middle of some woods near Croydon. The trees have grown up around it in the past 30 years so you will never get it out.
  15. Thats brilliant thank you I'll send you a PM in a minute
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