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  1. It's not so much how much the BBC pay them it's how much their profile is raised and how much they can claim to present commercial gigs. One evening presenting something like "Sausage Retailer of the Year Awards" could earn you 10K, thats for someone you might recognise as having been on Mock the Week a few times, a big name could be 40K for one night.
  2. I have a Daughter, having seen her whack tent pegs in on Scout Camp she could be Yael, if we are looking for a biblical link. She is actually a pretty good with an Air rifle, not too keen on trying a Shotgun yet, but I have a plan.
  3. Should we refer to them as Wild Justice Ltd. as they seem keen to drop the Ltd. bit
  4. True, indeed you could view it they have strengthened the shooting position. I do find it exasperating that the "Campaigners" and lawyers have had a financial gain from this, if only from the increased exposure and thus value of their brand, whilst taking minimal personal financial risk. I find it exasperating "Campaigner" is a job now not merely an interest or hobby.
  5. My son is 15yrs old 6'1" and proportioned like an Orangutan, he is also a lefty so it's Baikals for now. I want to send him off into the world "Able to Ride a Horse, Shoot a Gun and preach a Sermon with any man in England " equipped with a nice SxS and a good Fountain Pen, but until he stops growing it's guns I don't mind screwing extra thick butt pads to. The "Able to Ride a Horse, Shoot a Gun and preach a Sermon with any man in England " quote was said by Lord Byron of a friend of his, a Vicar in a Village I grew up in, we don't ride or preach but I'd like my children to be All Rounders.
  6. Wild Justice is a non-profit limited company (with a use of "Limited" exemption so it's not obvious that it is), you won't get much by suing it.
  7. I must speak up in defence of Baikals! They are brilliant pieces of design. Thanks to Wabbitbosher my son now has an "Assembled Pair" of model 27 O/U that we are going to attempt to double gun on some clays on Sunday.
  8. You do wonder why if BASC have that much more money than WJ they arn't going for an Attritional battle.
  9. Dibble

    Packham latest

    Well if you can't transport it or shoot it where it is.......
  10. The disconnect between his qualifications and job
  11. Minister of State for Universities, Science, Research and Innovation and Interim Minister of State for Energy and Clean Growth Chris Skidmore MP Contents Biography Roles Previous roles Announcements Biography Chris Skidmore was appointed as a Minister of State jointly at the Department for Education and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy on 5 December 2018. Chris Skidmore was Parliamentary Secretary at the Cabinet Office from 17 July 2016 to 8 January 2018. He was elected Conservative MP for Kingswood in May 2010. Education Chris was educated at Bristol Grammar School before studying history at Oxford, where he continued with postgraduate research." Minister for Science Innovation and Research..............History Degree............... I think the last one studied PPE.
  12. Dibble

    Jo Brand

    This and the removal of free TV licences for the over 75 has over loaded the BBCs complaints website, it's just crashed twice whilst was lodging a complaint about Chris Packham!
  13. My best shooting last week was a pair, both broke up leaving the trap and I hit both big bits. I shoot at a few grounds and the formal ones where the clays follow exactly the same path time after time are boring, you could strap your gun to a tree pointing in the right direction press the button and pull the trigger and the shot and clay would meet at the appointed spot. I prefer the more characterful grounds. It's the odd random bird, the unexpected gust of wind makes it fun! I do see a lot of tantrums and complaints of ruined concentration but if it's shootable, shoot it........... Or take up small bore target rifle.
  14. About 5 years ago I was staying on a campsite in Polzeath and a lady living on the site had a crow that she had nursed back to health from an injury. It rode around on her shoulder and would happily sit in the pub with her. I personally wouldn't have let it that near my eyes.
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