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  1. Dibble

    Game days? How much is justifiable?

    No not sure but been taunting Vegetarians since my sister took it up in 1982 and they never let facts get in the way of a good argument. On a more serious note the farm with the cauliflowers is benefiting from neighbours controlling pests, if everyone bans shooting numbers will rise. In a similar vein Organic farms can benefit from being an isolated island set in a chemical sea.
  2. Dibble

    Game days? How much is justifiable?

    It has occurred to me that the more Vegans the more Pigeon and Rabbit shooting there will be. I'm actually waiting for my chance to put this to the next Vegan who passes across my sights
  3. Dibble

    School children on the streets protesting

    Very true, I doubt it would be classed as an Authorised absence if my son scieved off for a Countryside Alliance march (not saying they are extremeists).
  4. Dibble

    Motorcyclist/Climate change protesters

    From early reports the Teachers worn't entirely in control at my sons school with pupils refusing to return to lessons. I suspect the children aren't going to give up getting Birthday and Xmas presents to help halt climate change.
  5. Dibble

    Should She be Allowed Back in to the UK

    I'll stick my head above the parapet......... At the moment she is surrounded by ISIS supporters so unlikely to criticise them I have a 14 1/2 year old and he shouldn't be viewed as totally capable of making life changing decisions. I don't think she should be allowed to bring up any children. She is certainly due some jail time. But I think we should make our decisions based on forgiveness and mercy which are undoubtedly British values
  6. Dibble

    Das Boot

    The Dam Busters etc. Etc.
  7. Dibble

    That’s a first!

  8. Dibble

    That’s a first!

    In 1987 I got a pack of dry roasted peanuts in The Angel Inn and it was all the tasty dust you get at the bottom of a normal pack.
  9. Dibble

    Adjustable butt plate.

    I've just fitted one, it was about £8 from j ramsbottom. To my mind moving the but plate adapts for different shoulder to cheek distances, an adjustable comb will alter for cheek to eye distances.
  10. Dibble

    I phones in schools

    Can I just check we arnt misunderstanding each other. I chose a school for my son that tells you in advance it's phone policy which I agree with and sign a behaviour policy to this effect. My son breaks the rules, looses his phone for a day, cocks up again and looses it for a week, he still won't learn and looses it for a term. Next term he breaks the rules again knowing he will loose it permanently. "What will the parents do?" What would I do? Take the £36 per month contract out of his money !I certainly wouldn't be looking to attack the school. I would view myself a failure as a parent for it to have got this far and support the teachers to the hilt.
  11. Dibble

    I phones in schools

    They do and if you have had one confiscated for a term and don't pick it up within 3 days it is donated to charity. Schools can have their own rules, play by them or your out.
  12. Dibble

    Nissan announcement and Government collusion

    I can' remember the exact figures but to give you some idea come 2020 a company car driver on 40%tax would PAY around £5500 a year to the government to have a Discovery Sport and only £1700 for an Outlander PHEV.
  13. Dibble

    I phones in schools

    My daughtrs school is no phones to be taken to school unless exceptional circumstances, then they have to be left in the school office during the day. My sons allows them to take one but can't use it in school hours. First offence loose it for a day, 2nd a week, 3rd till the end of term, 4th for ever. I would not send my children to a school that allows phones in class!
  14. Dibble

    Top man Mick.

    Mick was in a rush to go out shooting when I got there so I only had a Baikal to adapt for my son, he chucked in a spare stock.nice bloke Forgot a gunship so had to wrap it up in an old Hiviz jacket I keep in the car.
  15. Dibble

    Rules..for the many, or the few ?

    I'm working with a colleague today whose been following this story, I've told him if he gets 3 months for perjury I'll sack him, he agrees this is fair enough.