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  1. I have been wondering what 80yds up looks like, the high tower at Bisley is 70yd and I miss most of them.
  2. We are allowed to use "reasonable force" seems obvious if you havn't identified the threat you have no way of knowing if the force is reasonable.
  3. I don't think RAV4s can do much off road, I just don't want it to ground out on the way down to the clay ground.
  4. I've got a RAV4 on order which "fails" the moose test. If one jumps out in front of me do I 1.Swerve and risk rolling it. 2.Hit it head on and risk it joining me in the cabin. 3.Rapidly change my views on rewilding and hope a wolf takes it down first. I saw a Jimny on Sunday and loved it.
  5. Did The Home Guard try pouring melted wax onto pellets so they would go through the choke but stay bunched longer? Of course what you really want for those long pheasant is something explosive with a proximity fuse. I work with a guy who developed Sea Wolf I'll have a word (I don't think Sea Wolf had a proximity fuse).
  6. This is a just out of interest question! I had a go at checking my shot pattern by putting up some big cardboard boxes, I could only go out to 20 meters. The result was much as expected the pattern was about 100mm low what surprised me was the wad had enough energy to go through two sheets of card. At least I presume thats what the large hole was. Going by the marks around the hole there was some shot embedded in it. The holes were 300mm to the left, 200mm low, with a mild crosswind going that way. I fired 12 shots and had 11 big holes in various bits of card. I had always presumed Wads fell away after 10 meters or so. Hull CompX fibre wad 7 1/2 shot 21g. AYA no3 with very little choke 1/4 and 1/2 ish.
  7. Dibble


    I decided I would never wear shorts when I first joined, most of us do have beards though. Honestly if you care about children having the best upbringing possible and love introducing them to the countryside it's a great hobby.
  8. Dibble


    https://www.hse.gov.uk/myth/september.htm From the HSE website show it to your childrens school ! HSE have never advised banning conkers!
  9. Dibble


    Become a Scout Leader we are crying out for Leaders
  10. Dibble


    Actually the H&S once sponsored the conker World Championship, I know this because I did a Risk Assessment before introducing conkers to my Beaver Scouts 10 years ago. We have run competitions each year since normally setting off a brief craze in the feeder schools. One year we took my 7 year old son and his mate on an outing to the Tower of London he and his mate had their conkers from that weeks Beavers and started playing a Beefeater came over to give them some tips.
  11. A mate of mine used to Tour Manage small/medium bands and I see some parallels with Greta Thunberg. After a few months touring bands would go a bit "loopy"They are constantly the center of attention and everyones efforts, nobody dares to upset/offend or even have a different opinion to them. They are The Product and if they don't perform nobody earns. They develop this Messianic belief that they are always right, it's interesting to watch with vain 21 year olds less so with vulnerable children. For an example of fun to watch the members of a Canadian band (that sunk without a trace) had become completely insufferable. Of course by the end of the tour they were no longer valuable Product just irritating vain Millennials who all believed they were the most talented and interesting people in all history, because that is what they had been constantly told for 2 months. They finally fell out with each other in the hotel bar and started fighting, we watched them rolling round the floor for 10 minutes, whilst quietly supping pints and commentating on the fact years of playing video games dosen't equip you to throw a decent punch.
  12. Doctors are misunderstanding the fundamental bit. The Doctor Isn't being asked if you are fit to own a gun, they are being asked if to their knowledge you are unfit to own a gun. The level of fitness is set by the Home Office as not having suffered or suffering from certain conditions. It's a decision based on facts not opinions.
  13. I save the little silica Gell pouches that come in packaging (like teabags marked "do not eat" dry them out in an open jam jar in the oven every few months. By a strange coincidence they are in there at the moment.
  14. Diplomatic plates have numbers then D then numbers, the first set of numbers indicate the country. If It's a X not a D it's an international organisation not a country such as The International Whaling commission. If it is a diplomatic vehicle expect sod all help from the Police , not their fault, the idea of the plates is the police don't get involved. I got knocked off a bicycle by an uninsured High Comission vehicle once !
  15. I'm struggling to tell this story without giving too much away but.....I too live in South East London, nearby there is a Motorbike Mechanic, at the end of the workshop there are 2 doors. Every now and then a man walks into the garage walks to the far end without speaking to anyone, opens the doors and sits on one of the 3 motorbikes in the small room beyond. After a few minutes he gets off the bike leaves the room, locks it and walks back out without talking to anyone. This has been going on for years. He has rented the room for years.He never rides the bikes, his wife has no idea he owns them.
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