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  1. If the Gun Control Network (anyone know who they are) can guarantee the end of all gun crime and that criminals won't just find something else to use I'll agree to 2 year certificates at £200. I'll just have to cut back on the champagne , only I'm teetotal after the death of a friend due to alcohol .
  2. I don't actually know what my son's Baikal is choked to, I thought it's a parameter I can't change so don't want to worry about. £70 for the gun from Wabbitbosher and spent the money saved on practising.
  3. Dibble


    I was browsing yesterday and came across a pair of AYA No.1s for around £2000 described as perfect for the start of the pheasant season. Presuming this was last season I wonder what they would take.
  4. I can't help reading "French curves" In a Leslie Phillips voice
  5. My Skoda has adaptive Cruise Control and collision avoidance It does get confused by Bikes, it's ok in rain but stops working in the snow. I had a Nissan for a few weeks that got confused by bollards on corners.
  6. Do you think they will reduce the premium for those who have them or increase it for those who don't?
  7. Yes motorbikes will be able to bully them! just cut in front and they will have to brake and let you in, bikers do it to me now. We could also replace all those pesky shooters with thesehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nY6nm-6eCzM
  8. Dibble

    Swiss army watches

    Citizen EcoDrives never need batteries and seem to survive most things
  9. 23% of the fresh water on the planet is in Lake Baikal Thats not really relavant but there is a Shotgun conection
  10. In order of difficulty 1.Cut them off and leave them in, plaster and paint 2.Apply a blowtorch to the end of the bolt, Epoxy resin fails at about 120 Deg C, then apply lots of pulling force I've seen a crane used and the resin stud had stretched before he got them out.
  11. Dibble

    Kids ey !

    I got the mixture for gunpowder from a book called "Butter Side UP!" by Magnus Pike. I got the Saltpetre and Sulpher from the school chemistry labs. My mum still dosent know why i lost a lot of my eyebrows one day , I could never master making fuses.
  12. Dibble

    Kids ey !

    Nerf Guns are brilliant, the single shot ones are accurate enough to be interesting.
  13. Dibble

    Kids ey !

    You should all become Scout Leaders, plenty of opportunity to teach the young innapropriate traditional games, just don't do pea shooters as they could be viewed as blowpipes and so as offensive weapons(I did). Small siege weapons are ok though. , "children are the last savage tribe"
  14. Don't know what my son's Baikal is, maybe a slow growing fir, but it's spectacularly hard to drill.
  15. Bordon Ramseys a burger van that parks near the ranges The East London cement firm Jim'l'Mix it. Has been renamed
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