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  1. Dibble

    Strange world

    Local Delicacy = not a worldwide success, there is often a reason. Never stops me trying though
  2. Dibble

    Side by Side Club

    I'm 6 foot tall and have size 9 hands, the stock is 14 5/8 so it's probably a little short but as it doesn't have a butplate just grooved (what's this called?) I'm loath to add one. I think part if the problem has been practising my mount at home but not practising moving my finger, I'm out this Sunday so I'll just tape it up. I briefed my companions to shout either "auto safety" or "double trigger" if my gun didn't go off but actually had no problems. I was mainly using fiocchi 28g cartridges left over from my O/ U but tried some hull 21g I'd bought for my son to try and used a couple of 36g friend passed me. I could feel a bit of difference but not as much as I was expecting. From memory the recoil should be 1/2 mass x velocity squared so the speed should be more important than shotload. I think I might get some 24g then forget about them, one reason for going SxS was to control my tendency to over think equipment. I found myself hand selecting washing and relubing air rifle pellets once.
  3. Dibble

    Side by Side Club

    I shot 60 sporting clays on Saturday and absolutely loved it, still missed a lot but feel I missed in style. So much livelier than a 30" O/U multichoke, particularly liked the size of it in my hands, no great fat forend. Double discharge on the first clay though as my hand slid back and I pulled the rear trigger and a cut trigger finger later on.
  4. Dibble

    Metropolitan police sgc

    As ording to BASC my experience was average and his FET arnt moving. I'm no longer a rabble rouser but am of the opinion if you want something changed do something about it. I'm probably being a bit sensitive this morning as I'm a Scout leader (hence the DBS) and am having a week of non contributing parents moaning.
  5. Dibble

    Metropolitan police sgc

    Maybe..... My application was signed for on 2nd October, my FEO visit was bang on 4 weeks after, my certificate was on the mat 2 weeks later. I have no medical issues, have been DBSed etc. If we let 4 weeks slip to 7 weeks do we then let that slip to 12? Perhaps "engaging" with PCCs will, make us more visible and possibly help us put over our view/offer which BASC arnt doing. 1.fees were originally set by Chief Constables, we are open to them being raised. 2.GP letters are acceptable provided a national rate is set. 3.In return licenses run for 10 years, possibly with a 5 year catch up check. 4.Performance targets are agreed at 6 weeks for a grant, 3 for renewal. 5.this would massively reduce the police workload and increase revenue.
  6. Dibble

    Metropolitan police sgc

    I'm not suggesting the Mayor is going to jump on a bus to Fulham and do the paperwork himself but if there are ways to hold the Police accountable we should use them.
  7. Dibble

    Metropolitan police sgc

    https://www.police.uk/metropolitan/pcc/ Complain to the man responsible..... But as I knew about Crossrail going wrong several weeks before him he might not be that efficient
  8. Dibble

    GP medical

    Is it an offence to let someone who has had their licence revoked use your gun? If not specifically an offence is it implied that handing a gun to someone the Chief Constable deemed a risk is a bad idea?
  9. Dibble

    Side by Side Club

    For some reason, my head is too low with all the No4s I've tried but my No3 (£150) fits.
  10. Dibble

    fine for too much ammo

    "Stevenson, whose address was given as Malento, Cairnie, Huntly" well as they have published his address.........
  11. Dibble

    Side by Side Club

    Sportarm have a yeoman for £695 a yeoman ejector for 1195 and two No.4s both of which which "retains some of its original colour-hardening" for £895 (each). Maybe their is a reason why they have so many on the shelf.
  12. Dibble

    Responsibility for bridge?

    They can't all be at 13t because the truck would weigh too much, however when I worked with trucks our local building supplies company told their driver that he could take 12+10+10t. The driver was Indian and didn't speak much English, the owners didn't understand how O licenses worked, the company now has new owners.
  13. Dibble

    Side by Side Club

    Do I really have to get my AYA serviced once or twice a year? And apparently he sells them with no Dealers profit, what a kind man. He does jump around and wave his (unnaturally large) hands a bit and I don't think that spinning the gun around thing would go down too well where I shoot either.
  14. Dibble

    Cabinet Keys

    I said to the FEO "are you happy with me keeping my keys in a hidden keysafe" and he said Yes. Hidden so burglars wont find them, in a keysafe so inquisitive teenagers who might guess where they are can't get them. When I was a teenager I knew exactly where my Dads keys were hidden as apparently did my sister who showed her friends the .357
  15. Dibble

    Problems with Neighbours (again)

    Around here, with no predators except BMWs, urban fox numbers rise until the food supply runs out with say 10% starving at any point. If you feed them total numbers will rise but 10% will still be starving so you have more starving foxes not less!