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    Clay trap

    I have 2 gdk black pheasant traps. Pm me if they are of interest. Edd
  2. Just been offered one of these and can find very little info. From what I can find Adrian Hartley took various good guns and improved them. There seems to be info about the BSA Stalker, a tuned and improved Super10 but I can find basically nothing on the Daystate Cheetah version. Any info? It's very clean and in a pretty plain thumbhole stock. Thanks in advance..... Edd
  3. Forgot about these. Need the space. Any interest? Edd
  4. Go on then, I'll take this. Will pm to arrange collection. Edd
  5. Less chance of being "ripped off" buying from a dealer. You may pay more but you will get a warranty, a place to buy your cartridges and a place to buy and sell all your other shooting related goods. Edd
  6. Choice of 2 gdk clay traps as pictured. Pics of actual traps on request. Good clean condition with little use. Rrp can be seen in pic. Located np44. First one to sell has a battery but it's free so no guarantees as it's not been used in ages. £650 each. Please pm with email address for more pics. Would consider a deal on both. Can arrange courier at cost. Edd
  7. 2 separate subjects here: McDonald's- my boy wanted one last night and the "burger" was laughable. Yes it may be just need and seasoning but it's about 3mm thick and pathetic. Veggie stuff: I guess all the people criticizing just eat meat? No veg? I'm definitely a carnivore, venison today, but some veggie options are ok. Had a vegan (yeah, I know!! But someone else bought it) "sausage" roll and it was actually really good. Not meat but I wasn't expecting meat. Couldn't live on it though. Edd
  8. Hahha. Yeah it doesn't sound like a great plan does it! But what I really mean is that despite the often difficult aspects of the relationship we have realised that we are better together than apart. She made a comment to a friend a short while ago, "we tried being married to other people and we weren't very good at it". Made me chuckle and realised how true it was. We both had relatively happy marriages and both had good lives, both they were missing a certain something. We both just always knew that we had to end up together but it took a lot for us both to get there. Now we are and the difficulties are far outweighed by the good bits. Edd Ps. Must have been some soppy old romantic that wrote that last post and not the rough old heartless bloke that I am.
  9. It seems that the woman is always entitled to what many consider to be an unfair amount regardless off whether there is fault, who's fault, what they brought to the relationship ....they just seem to be able to screw the guy over. Edd
  10. I've stepped back from work and spend time with my boy. He keeps me busy and I fit everything else around him. The Mrs has a son of 11 and he's mad about fishing, shooting, dogs, being outdoors, quads and motorbikes, boats, planes, cars, gun shops....it's tough but I guess the 4 of us will just have to do those things hahahah. I'm sure we will manage. Certainly a different perspective on life since I got rid of the last one. Had spent a long time concentrating on work. Definitely not doing that now. Do whatever it is you enjoy and don't get stuck somewhere that doesn't make you happy. If you ain't having fun you ain't doing it right. Edd
  11. Mine did very well on the financial side but it's done now and I'm just not thinking about it. Stings a bit though. Annoying too when she's now gone to CSA (cms now) even though we had an agreement and my boy lives with me and is with me at least half of the time. Still, thats another story and it seems that it might/should all get sorted soon. No time for me to be single though. The new mrs has been in my life for 20 years. Absolute pain and the source of constant frustration and annoyance, but we've realised that as we've not been able to escape one another for 20 years We should really just get married and get on with things. Can't wait. Edd
  12. Congrats. My nisi came through on my birthday which was definitely the best present I got. Funny because it was only a week or so earlier that she told a mutual friend that the divorce hadn't even started (And implied that she'd be taking me for even more money) Edd My birthday was last week so I'm still celebrating the nisi more than the birthday! Edd
  13. When cannabis is legalised it will be the same as alcohol or prescribed drugs in terms of gun use or licensing. If it's legal and someone decides to use it them it's nothing to do with licensing. Just like alcohol. Your feo may ask you how much/often you drink but it's up to you to be honest. You could drink every day but ad long as you do not show signs of that affecting you suitability it won't matter. Cannabis will be the same. If cannabis is prescribed them like other medicines it will be up to your feo (or the powers that be) to decide if the reason for the prescription is a reason to prevent you getting your certificate. Being impaired by cannabis use while shooting would be very different but a difficult thing to judge/prove? Do drug tests show a level of drug in the system like alcohol tests do? If so then similar scenario to drink. Limits to adhere to. For me, zero but the laws would dictate that. Legalise it. There's barely a street that you walk down where the stench is not obvious. We are all taxed to the hilt on everything else so I'm sure that will be another revenue stream. Edd
  14. I'm sure I have a gold e for sale but I'm also pretty sure it's 30". I will try to confirm today and let you know. Edd
  15. Simple solution is to take the finance, get the best deal on price or extras on the vehicle and then pay the finance off within the (14 day?) "Cooling off period" or just before interest hits. Edd
  16. I reckon there are 20+ Milwaukee batteries in my kit on various vans and more belonging to the guys that drive those vans. I'd say that with knock off copies we've had about 90% success. 1 or 2 have not lasted as long as originals but then they may have had more abuse. I will continue to buy copies. When buying genuine a lot of our stuff comes from sgsengineering. Edd
  17. Simple question to start: If custody/care is 50/50 Does either parent pay maintenance? Conflicting info online and I will make some calls tomorrow but any info now would be appreciated. Cheers Edd
  18. Does anyone have a rapid mag for sale? Somehow misplaced 3 and am desperate to replace asap. Please pm if you have any for sale Thanks Edd
  19. eddoakley


    Anyone else been and think it's a waste of time? Over 100 minutes queue to go on some rides. None that I saw were less than 20 minutes. Who's kids will stand in that queue for a ride lasting a few minutes? Most were 90 minutes. How many can you fit in in a day? Is it ever worth it? My boy is nearly 4 and had a great time on the park, looking about, generally playing and going on a few of the small rides. Could have done that in a thousand other places and saved the £150 entrance fee. Went to a free country park the next day and had just as much fun. As you may have guessed, I'm just back from legoland and won't be going back. Rant over. Edd And yes, I could have bought the priority, queue jump passes but I still don't think he would have been bothered about the rides and we'd still have more fun elsewhere. Edd
  20. A mate has recently put one on a ranger that he bought from me. He loves it. I'll ask him for make and model. Edd
  21. Just having one built and am very aware that it's an awful investment! If it wasn't something I'd committed to I'd probably have pulled out and wasted a pile of cash somewhere else. Edd
  22. Not much! To be honest the Boks did nothing exciting either. Lions were poor at best. Hope for changes, lots of changes. Edd
  23. As poor as the back 3 were they can't do anything without the ball. Wyn Jones, Ken Owens into front row. Maybe Burne in at 6? What's the other options at 7 and 8? I'd look at those too. That might give 9 and 10 a chance, I'd keep Biggar and maybe Ali Price. Welsh back 3? Basically I think apart from 4,5 and 10 every place should be up for grabs. Nobody has impressed. See what Gats does but I don't think he can be cautious. Edd
  24. The midweek game against the "A" side was a different thing all together. The 'boks fielded 522 full caps and about 15 world cup winners and the lions looked completely clueless. Today I feared the same as the first half progressed and the lions looked like they couldn't complete. But what a turn around. Straight into the swing after half time and always looked the more likely winners I thought. More so as the game went on and the the bok's discipline and fitness seemed to let them down. Few lucky calls with knock ons spotted etc and I thought HamishWatson was lucky not to get carded. But you play what's in front of you and I think all of the lions did well. I thought Manu was useless in his last game. Walking around, blowing out of his @££ and generally seeming to do nothing. I thought much the same today except he steadied the scrum and that gave a great platform. In fact i thought there could have been more penalties. Itoje had a huge game. Bigger ran things in a steady way. Centres made a few mistakes but we're ok and wingers weren't given much to do. Roll on next week. Series win and then the chance to go one better than '97 and get the whitewash. On today's performance I'm optimistic, I think the lions have what it takes to beat SA even if they do work on their discipline. Edd
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