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  1. Most clay grounds have an 11/6 but many insist none SGC holders have a “lesson” so you have to ask at any ground oddly I don’t think I have ever been to a ground that has asked to see my SGC 🤔
  2. Any idea on prices? And COVID restrictions? I’ll try and give them a call in the week.
  3. So can you still shoot clays there or just airsoft and bouncy castle? https://m.facebook.com/nantymoorpk/
  4. Can you still bulk fill from a fire extinguisher?
  5. Helpful lol ....... what do you spend the other half doing? Sucking your teeth and scratching your ****? It’s hardly wiring a nuclear plant it’s adding a double socket in a hallway..... hardly rocket surgery.....
  6. Monitors that failed quality control got sent to the tv production line.... there are lots of reason for these issues but a decent monitor on a decent connection Display per or HDMI should be clear and clean if not gaming the response rate is less of a concern. Calibrating grey scale helps loads
  7. Can get a DSC radio under £200 that’s sends GPS location to CG in emergency! licence and MMSI is free an SRC means passing an exam in U.K. administered by Rya £60 course by Training centre £60 ish it’s not about the bit of paper it’s about having half a clue of what to do when the sheet hits the fan!!! personally I value my life more than a Baofeng.... that why I have. A water proof, submersible, standard horizon DSC marine vhf.....
  8. Yes or poss a red dot any recommendation for a cheap but effective unit? ****** just seen you can’t have air gun mods posted ***! There are literally no RFD where I live! ******* redonkulous 🤬 sounds ideal Just need to find one now and probably a chrono to make sure it’s all legal.....
  9. V70 of a certain spec are getting a bit cult but V40 what year? The early ones were a joint venture with Mitsubishi
  10. If you need parts FRF Swansea does a discount scheme “C3” I think is the reference for owners club members 😉 once you know what parts are needed best give them a call this week incase they have to close for “firebreak“ next Week 😒
  11. Recommend one? A cheap one....Are they in need of threading/screw cutting or can you use a slip on mod?
  12. That’s plenty then he might enjoy the tuning after buying and sorting the rat problem after all not many things to do at the moment in wales ........... or sell it on again... he asked to borrow my HW95 but I’m not keen really better buys a used co2 and if he enjoys it (hasn’t had one since he was a lad) might get into it
  13. Bit late have a mate with rat problem around Some rabbit hutches and suggested the QB78/Xs78 co2 bulbs are 50p each? So £1 a load how many decent shots in uk autumn he will likely Be shooting through a kitchen window So shouldn’t get too cold
  14. If the estate is in a local lockdown area yes (not sure there are many sporting estates in the valleys tho) chances of being stopped are low but as I’m considering selling some Guns not going on a driven shoot, the police will know when I sell a gun and where I live so unless buyer lives in the same county seems an easy target also I’m considering a commission sale and preferred RFD is not in same county (as there are none) BASC called to advise I contact my licensing dept for a reference to travel.
  15. Basically if it work, pest control, beating etc you can travel but if it’s for enjoyment you can’t so on a driven a shoot the beater can come from outside the lockdown area the guns can’t
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