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  1. Eyam clay club For a good breakfast for less than a fiver i would go Doveridge., Open comp days can get busy, its a good layout with some challenging birds. (for me anyway)
  2. Dougy

    The Favourite

    Hard to say really, i was either on here or searching for other shooting related article's, just looking up at the tv when the panting started.
  3. Dougy

    The Favourite

    Mrs D wanted to watch a film last night, and having read the reviews and her interest in history I decided to go onto Prime, it was a pay jobby but for a night on and to treat the Mrs I forked out the dosh. Well, what a surprise, incest, lesbianism, back scuttling I didn't know were to put my face.
  4. I doubt it, he's an extremely "hard" man!!!. I was of the understanding that any offence involving an Air rifle sub 12 ft lb was automatically dealt with as a firearm offence. ie; poaching using a sub 12 ft lb air rifle is classed as a firearm offence, and sentenced accordingly.
  5. Regrettably I will not be able to get, sorry sparks for the late response. Numerous reasons, that I'm sure your not really interested to know. Im sure if anyone wanted to go my side is available, and I'm not interested in any payments, and im sure Sparkle won't be either. So apart from travel it could be a free long range weekend for someone.
  6. Off the main subject just a tad here, are we now discussing the calibre of the dog suitable for the size of Deer Come on kids keep these types of comments in the playground.
  7. It would be far less hassle asking someone else to sort it. You could share the venison and end up with far less meat damage.
  8. Yes. The commission was 40%. Too much for my liking.
  9. Steve have you got an ultra sonic cleaner? Maybe just bite the bullet and buy some walnut media, ive had mine in for over 10 years. Didnt know there was a shelf life with it !
  10. Rats will carry food to an area.
  11. We have some at work that would be good, you will need a decent compressor though. There about 150 + db
  12. I didnt want to mention the Norma case in case you had a brake down, but i will be keeping an eye out. 😎 There's a guy who turns up at Garlands rifle shoot days sometimes with bags full of shiny brass, he just seems to want to show everyone his shiny brass, doesn't shoot anything(but hes the best shot on the planet) 😁 Its all about shiny brass LOL
  13. Steve, if your adding a product run the tumbler for a while after you pour it in. It stops it clumping up. @moor man. the cases are all out of line, sort them out.
  14. get out into the field with some paper targets from 50yds to 150yds + at 20yrd intervals and see in real times what the actual drops will be. keep the targets, keep notes and practice at different ranges. Apps are OK (I use them out to 800yds) put dont rely on them all to be MOR (minute of rabbit) most will need tweaking one way or another.
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