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  1. Unfortunately this current crisis ,unless they come with a vaccine ,could be with us for some time.In particular it will effect the older(sixty plus )members of the forum.Myself included are of an age when we will the last to be freed from the restriction which govern our activities at present.Under normal circumstances the members of my shoot would be carrying out work parties etc.My spring time rabbit control with the rifle won't be happening either.All looking a bit glum at the moment but let's hope the scientific bods come up with something to protect us from this awful illness ASAP and we can all get back to doing what we enjoy most.
  2. Just heard that a local shoot has cancelled for the 2020/21 season.Most of its members are self employed and concerned for the consequences of a prolonged shut down of the economy.A roof over your head and food on the table coming first.Sad times .
  3. Yes these are very uncertain times .My own shoot is comprised mainly of guns over the age of sixty( including myself).We can but hope that all of us come through this difficult period .Do we carry on as normal or be prudent and reduce the number of birds this year and put off the building of a new pen ?Difficult choices to be made.
  4. I'm sure Chief Constables are aware but we need BASC and other Field Sports organisations to campaign for something to be done .That's what we pay our subs for.
  5. As a long standing member of BASC I would like them to take up the matter with every chief constable in the country and get the guide lines of aggravated trespass sorted.No one should have to put up with intimidation from a mob of hooded thugs.We may well be in general white middle aged men ( apologies to other groups ,ages etc)but like the rest of the population we do have 'rights' too.
  6. BASC members latest offer received today discounted Maserati only £55,500 .Don't think anyone in my little syndicate will be buying one any time soon as we will be saving up for a box of non toxic cartridges to share between us
  7. I live in your part of the world and finding pigeon shooting is very difficult although not impossible .If you can find a local shoot to beat on it can often result in being given the opportunity to shoot pigeon.Failing that most Essex wildfowling clubs also offer pigeon shooting( contact BASC for club details)The wider the circle of shooting people you know the more likely you are to access shooting. Good luck.
  8. Don't worry Buckshot 1I think you treat your beaters very well. It's not always about the money it's if you feel part of the shoot and enjoy the day.I beat on two shoots and on one I get paid and the other I don't .One small one large.I'm well looked after ( food, cakes drinks on site and birds to take home) plus beaters days ,vermin days and roost shooting.
  9. Is he a member of BASC ? If so they should be pulling out all the stops to assist him .About time all country sport enthusiasts were protected in law to stop anti's coming onto private land and disrupting their completely legal activities.I believe this is the case in several European countries .Boris please take note.
  10. Sporting Shooter or for really good read ( not just shooting)The Field.
  11. Did the same thing some months ago.Contacted Essex Police firearms department who were extremely helpful .Sent a cheque and all sorted in just over a week.
  12. Two seen on the Essex shoot I was beating on yesterday .
  13. Charlie taking the offensive again way ahead of the various shooting organisations.First class bloke ,excellent programme.
  14. In these modern days with common sense standing on its head it's nice to see that some traditions remain.A driven day is something special .A little piece of an England that is slowly disappearing .Shirt and tie, waxed cotton or tweed sxs or o/u .Long may it remain.
  15. Plenty in Essex.After a poor start numbers are really picking up.
  16. As stated here many times before keep knocking on doors also consider beating on a local shoot.Make as many contacts as possible and keep your ears open.Best of luck..
  17. Nice gun. Got one myself great for walk ups and early season shooting.
  18. According to today's Sunday People labour will give everyone not working a £100 a week wage in addition to their benifits with extra cash for each child.Apparently they tried it in Finland .Great insentive to go out to work.I wonder who's going to pay for it all.Have they found the 'money tree'?
  19. Yes and yes.Have also in my capacity as club chairman been nagging away at my members to do the same .Hopefully they have complied.Numbers do matter.
  20. Today's Telegraph reports that it looks like pigeon will be placed on the quarry list as a compromise allowing us once again to shoot them legally.
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