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  1. Guns are like sheep. They know when they're alone and they don't like it. 😄
  2. He probably had a difficult upbringing so it's not really his fault. He's a victim too dontcha know! Yeah, Right!
  3. A certain N Teague esq. consulted for CG in the design of the barrels and chokes. Consequently hardly any CG owners fit aftermarket chokes for patterning reasons.
  4. Exactly. A rebodied Panda as with all the 500s.
  5. The Renegade is built in Italy by Fiat, and yes it's a rebodied Panda 4x4.
  6. They're made in Italy right in the same area as almost all the gun making businesses. I understand they make the Maxis chokes for Guerini, and the finish quality and manufacturing tolerances with them are way better than you get from a certain other Italian shotgun maker. p.s. They work very well too.
  7. You're probably right. There's an old saying that if you need to ask someone how to do the job then you shouldn't attempt it. I do my own wiring because as an electronic engineer I understand how it all works, but I'm not up to speed on regs and rules, so I check with one of the several sparkys I know from shooting.
  8. The game versions are usually lighter and of course there's always the Ultralight.
  9. Ceiling roses are wired on a daisy chain arrangement. Google will explain the wiring but you need to identify the last one of the chain. It will have one less pair of wires than the others and that's that's where you tap in for lighting power to the attic. It's not rocket science, but I don't know the legal position or the insurance implications of a DIY job versus a qualified sparky. A reminder that lighting circuits are just for lighting and absolutely mustn't be used to supply sockets.
  10. It took years of debate before the police force was established because many in parliament were fearful that the police would not be properly accountable to the people. Eventually a Charter was drawn up under which officers were seen as "Citizens in Uniform" with very limited powers and their function was the maintenance of law and order under the control of the Home Secretary. It remained that way for 150 years or so. I have no doubt that most of the public today, if asked for their opinion, would like that to still be the No 1 priority for the police And it probably would be if the Chief Officers were still drawn from serving police promoted through the ranks.
  11. When it comes to firearms law and guidance the HO does what the police tell them to do and since the police are obsessed with blame avoidance, we get more and more layers of unnecessary BS to pick through for the privilege of participating in shooting sports. I've stated my view on here a number times that it's long overdue for the HO to take back control of the police because right now the police do exactly as they like without any meaningful reference back to those whom they are supposed to be serving.
  12. G.W Bush won on rigged votes thanks to his brother. When it was Obama's turn, various media filmed voting stations with people going in and out multiple times, plus the 5 million black people who registered to vote having never voted before. They were profiled and targeted by the Democratic machine. Postal voting in particular can be rigged in certain circumstances and not just in the US. Any one care to take a guess as to how Keith Vaz got elected in Leicester?
  13. So in essence we're at least a generation away from overcoming the logistics. And with a financial outlay that will likely dwarf HS2, I have to wonder who'll end up footing the bill, EV drivers probably. 2030 is obviously an impossible target but Boris won't be PM by then so I don't suppose he cares too much.
  14. The high streets we visit are just zones for pound shops, charity shops and "Home Bargains" type shops with a sprinkling of coffee shops, and estate agents. The occasional nicky nacky type shop opens but they never last.
  15. It's a nice theory but if you were here I could show you several hundred houses, cottages and flats, all within half a mile, which have no option but to park either on the road or in designated areas. And all the while very few street lights and a good proportion of them on the wrong side or in the wrong place such as the one next door which couldn't be used because the user would be either blocking my access or my neighbours.
  16. Okay, but how would you address the problems for people who can't park where they can charge their own vehicle or don't want to be held up for hours jockeying for a charging point in the services.
  17. A huge advantage of ICE cars is that there are only 2 basic types of fuel and virtually every vehicle uses one or the other. Ultimately, for widespread acceptance, EVs need to adopt a universal standard battery which will fit any EV, is quick and easy to remove and can be home charged indoors or exchanged at filling stations. That means a battery that weighs no more than a bag of shopping and which is just as easy to carry. I would also want my EV to be supplied with at least one spare battery.
  18. Of course I understand the "plan", I just don't think the government has even started to think through the implications. It's just another of Boris's knee jerk moves to try and please a vocal minority - just as he's done repeatedly with the Covid restrictions. As things stand, a large percentage of the population will not be able to switch to an EV, either for logistical or economic reasons. What are people to do if they can't afford an EV or can't charge it? What will happen to used car values and petrol/diesel prices when the great day comes. I could go on all day about the impossibilities of the "plan" but I'll end by saying that I accept EVs are well suited to certain applications, but for most people there are too many downsides without several quantum leaps in battery technology.
  19. Forcing everyone to switch to an EV under the current plan is going to cause chaos. Most EVs right now are used for local stuff like commuting - shopping - visiting etc. and only bought by people who can charge at home or work. It's easy in that type of situation to be smug about how green you are but you only have to watch a busy petrol/diesel filling station to wonder how we can possibly support large scale take up of EVs, especially when home charging is impossible for such a high percentage of households. £100 says the hopelessly ambitious 2030 date will slip by at least 10 years.
  20. Westward


    Crasher Grosjean up to his old tricks again! 🙃
  21. Not likely. More like 2.5 - 3 million since 2011.
  22. I changed to Zen Internet a couple of years ago. At the time they were the best buy around. They don't offer any of those seductive introductory deals then shred you in 18 months, they simply offer a price which includes line rental etc and guarantee that the price will never go up. I like that approach and I've been entirely happy with them and happy to recommend them. I made a couple of call to support when setting up the router and they knew what they were talking about and were very courteous.
  23. Packham makes a fine living from promoting his wildlife credentials but presumably it's not enough for him. He seems to want to be popular too as he must know no one likes him, so uses these self promotion exercises to look special, even if the ethics are questionable.
  24. You could have chosen a Porsche like this lucky couple: ‘Why did it take nine hours to go 130 miles in our new electric Porsche?’ | Money | The Guardian
  25. Internet speed tests don't measure speed, they measure how much data can be transferred in a given amount of time, usually per second. The correct term for such tests is bandwidth. If you have a home broadband connection using BT infrastructure or similar, your perceived performance with things like page load can be adversely affected by overall traffic load, multiplexing several properties off a single line and particularly time of day. Quite honestly most people don't notice much difference between copper and fibre and "blinding speed" only exists in the inventive minds of the marketing folks - regardless of the advertising hype.
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