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  1. Just to add a point i am buying 16g cartridges at same price as 12g so this stigma as to they are expensive Not in game carts and a good selection for 16g My supplier orders mine in for me RC's great cartridge
  2. I also have a 16g Lincoln prestige 28" and love it Was shooting with two French guys last season and took the 16g as mainly walk up day But they had 20g But thought they would have 16g I out shot both of them but a great day with them One had a SXS and the other O/U and both using 3" cartridges and when we looked at the empties some had damage so obviously the SXS was not chambered for 3" They come every year to shoot different places So next season one may have a finger or two missing
  3. Maybe look at a Lincoln F.A.I.R the brother to emilio As these are still going strong in business and imported by John Rothery Emilio married one of the Fausti sisters if my memory serves me well As for the screws they can be replaced Probably been removed to clean But heh for £200 get the dealer to replace them prior to doing a deal and a slab of cartridges thrown in It's a buyers market just now Good luck
  4. Very interesting on the carbon footprint now i can add more as i have just been on the Natural England site and printed off the licenses for pigeon crow and geese 27 pages of printer paper and the ink cartridges so how many trees is being felled if every shooting person does the same I could'nt find a license for Packham lol
  5. Well how many is renewing their TV license I've just recieved an email to renew mine now as it's due on the 31st of may Like hell am i as long as they employ this lying **** They say you cannot watch live broardcasts without a license WE do'nt as it's all recorded CBE did Rolph Harris not have one of these micky mouse badges as well "Crimes to the British Empire" Be good to see spring watch when a magpie comes along and eats the little blue tits he is watching NOT that i watch the rubbish
  6. sabel25

    Lincoln Jubilee

    sent you a PM which may interest you
  7. sabel25

    Lincoln Jubilee

    I have the prestige in 16g 28" Fantastic litte guns and recommend them I bought a 30" in the same new but sold it last Autumn unfired I like the 28" They took quiet a price hike last year Good luck in your search and i'll keep my eyes open for anything that might crop up
  8. I sent a bloke a load of spent 16g cartridges No problem But i do'nt bother with RM as they ask too many questions I use courier and cheaper Just cartridges deliver live cartridges by courier all you do is send a copy of your ticket only once and your on file so can repeat orders as many times as you wish
  9. i'am with figgy on here i have both the Browning maxus and the SX3 Both good guns and have been around for a while my SX3 is fac 8 shot which the SX4 does not do I looked into SX4 and reviews and they were found to be forward heavy But it's all about gun fit and what suits you But most come with shims and spacers that allows for adjustment a mate has just bought a new Mossburg as he likes the tank safety position being a left winger but it Weighs in at 8lb plus
  10. A good smithy could soon open them chokes
  11. sabel25

    Monkey Puzzle

    We have them growing here Planted in the garden of the local hotel / wedding venue 14 mile from the Scottish bourder
  12. There's a nice one in the private guns for sale thread Bargain price 1979 mod
  13. sabel25

    Monkey Puzzle

    figgy's spot on about the jet The monkey puzzle ( Araucaria Araucania ) is native to Chile and Brazil Were we not part of the South American continent till we got moved away with the tectonic plates moving thinks around There's a big sandstone quarry near to me on top of a hill and i remember one of the stone masons telling me that they had come across fossilzed palm trees
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