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  1. sabel25

    Countryfile next week

    Then just to fill a bit of air space they keep going back to the Dales for catch up on the famer and his wife with loads of kids " Boring" Not that i watch it very often but when i do these always seem to be on which is possibly why They did one around here shown over Xmas which i missed But most of the so called regulars at the local on the programme are the very ones you never see at the pub normally
  2. sabel25


    Kofs may be worth a look from £499 new Or Yildiz at £400 new
  3. sabel25

    Dumped Pheasants...

    The estate i beat on DOES NOT bury their birds either What we and the guns do not take They are collected by the game dealer Christmas has come and gone Where are all the millions of turkey & chicken & goose carcasses gone haha Into the bloody wheely bin and into landfill to be buried
  4. sabel25

    Browning 525 16 bore.

    I'd second that of OB Just checked and a 525 game one 30" barrel weighs 7lb 3oz - 7lb 4oz compared to my Jubilee prestige at just under 6 1/2 lb They say that the 525 16g is based on the 20 bore action but i used to have a 525 hunter 12g that weighed around 7lb 3oz Does'nt seem to add up So if your 12g feels heavy now then a Lincoln would be the better choice weight wise and are ideal for long walked up days NB Lincoln are still offering the £50 cashback deal on new guns
  5. sabel25

    Dented rib

    Carefully clamp a piece of wood along the top of the rib, two small wedges in from either side of the dent and nip them in with a clamp
  6. sabel25

    Dumped Pheasants...

    Is this any worse than all human food waste going into wheelie bins then into land fill This now is a massive bowl of contention where BOGOF and through it out into wheelie bins as it is out of date ( total waste of produce ) but seems to be accepted by the masses As stated most game enters the food chain and enjoyed by all How many of these anti's have ate and fed their kids on chicken nuggets, dippers, kievs kentucky fried chicken etc Where these chickens have been force fed in battery houses with poor light and higiene for 8 weeks then slaughtered for the mass markets which are totaly unhealthy to human consumption But is acceptable to the anti's but game that has roamed free for months fed on wheat and barley and maze and wild berry and seed is not acceptable As to the question above i breast a few birds and the carcassaes are placed in a hole in a wood with the intention to place a cam to see where they go as next morning when i take the dogs out there is nothing left not a feather But have seen sparrow hawks and kestels feeding on them in the past which i am quite happy to see especialy in hard winters Moto of the story Keep eating game and the anti's will join the dinosaurs" Extinct" eating ****
  7. sabel25

    Dumped Pheasants...

    They say there's no demand But it's been reported that game sales in supermarkets are up 16 to 20%
  8. sabel25

    What I learnt today!

    Funny enough just lost my bead halfway through a pheasant shoot yesterday Must've worked it's way loose and no sign of it in the slip But made no difference to my shooting I'll just contact Anglo Italia and have it replaced
  9. sabel25

    Dumped Pheasants...

    I am not in a dissagreement with burying game carcasses but the way it was carried out due to the sensitive issues regarding game and game shoots All wildlife thrive on dead carcasses and fully agree Incidently a farmers cow or sheep dies in the field he/she is not allowed to bury it but has to be collected and incinerated
  10. sabel25

    Dumped Pheasants...

    Was it actualy BASC that sent it ?
  11. sabel25

    Dumped Pheasants...

    Me too in scotland All birds were taken by the guns for human consumption After first asking the beaters if they would like some
  12. sabel25

    Dumped Pheasants...

    Just seen this tonight when i got in shootinguk site Done by Hunt saboteurs association Probably breasted out But it is not allowed, to bury any dead carcasses unlawfully whether cow sheep pig etc As i do not condone this practice There are some underlying issues regarding the game dealers and government practices that need addessing Last season the dealers were paying 75p per bird This season the estastes have to pay the dealers 45p per bird for them to collect them I take as many birds as i can and pass them on to friends and family Just recently i was asked by an associate where he could get a small quantity of birds for his dad at reasonable cost as he could'nt find out where he could get fresh game Hence i got him 20 brace and his dad was over the moon Another work mate rings me every season who takes around 40 brace Soemthing is not right where there are people wanting game birds but do not know where to get them
  13. sabel25

    Motion to Ban Lead Shot

    Too true figgy I seem to remember a few years back where they got fox hunting bannned ? ( is it ) and that was meant to be the start of the finnish for all gaming sport But it's ok to go round with knives & machetes butchering other human life Do'nt see the anti's raising their issues with this disgracefull behaviour Just this week it has been anowsted that we now have to stop eating meat to save the planet Just more infidile minor upstarts that is trying to make a name for themselves in the political arena and cannot address the real issues in society And i bet they eat meat and game albeit wrapped up in a nice polythene wrapper bought at Tesco ( who do'nt use British sources ) Sorry for the rant
  14. sabel25

    William Powell perdix

    Congratulations Next time do'nt use full choke
  15. sabel25

    Need a new jacket!

    I got a Laksen Kudu jacket which is light and good to shoot in Not sure if they are phasing them out but i got another for the future as i like them