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  1. GC of course you can shoot on your own at Bywell, by that I mean you can go up on your own, but we are such a friendly bunch that once you buy your ticket from the shop you will be met by loads of people, waiting to shoot whatever discipline you want, who will be more than happy for you to join in. Saturdays normally are practice days so either 25 Skeet, 25 Sportrap, 50 Sporting, 25 DTL, 25 ABT so just come up, have a look round the shop and tempt yourself with the nice guns in the gunroom (keep out of the side room unless you have deep deep pockets) decide what you want to shoot, buy a ticket and come and enjoy the "fun"
  2. oh no, it seems I got my version from Microsoft before 2017 when Essentials 2012 was dropped, it still works for me and there are other websites offering free downloads of Movie Maker but I couldn't give any links to them as I won't be held responsible for any naughty viruses they could contain - sorry.
  3. I run windows 10 and I have movie maker for my Shotkam videos, Microsoft may not still support it but its still downloadable and useable
  4. were the shoots CPSA registered at Spennymoor, if so then its mandatory to be wearing glasses when taking part - rule 2.68. I know the bloke as well
  5. If my memory serves me Usworth shoot once a fortnight so if you turn up and shoot 50 clays every time they are on that's a saving of £2 so over the year you would save £2 by being a member, I agree with Tightchoke its not such a good deal
  6. i have the 12g version and I agree with Gunman as ive had both the ejectors replaced (under warranty) and had work done on the tripper cams so hand on heart I couldn't really tell anyone to buy one but as anyone who knows me will testify, I absolutely love shooting with my Classis
  7. have to agree, im type 2 diabetic and I get this sometimes (that's my excuse and im sticking to it) but seriously at the least have an eye test at a decent opticians. Could be down to tiredness or just age related but have a test
  8. you could also try mp3fiesta.com, not free if I remember but cheap
  9. thebigH91

    world cup

    cant agree with Retsdon about creating chances, England had 2 shots on goal in 2 hours football, would we be happy with our own teams if they did that in the league ( I may be as im a sunderland fan) but well done to Croatia
  10. OB, ive just tried them on a pair of Peltor Bulls Eye 1 muffs and they don't fit those
  11. I cant get away with ear plugs so ive always used over ear muffs, as a spectacle wearer its a compromise but ive got the best ive ever had now in the MSA Sordin muffs, and the gel comfort cups. I tried both the original and the comfort cups and the comfort ones win hands down covering any spaces around the spec frames.
  12. steve, for me on windows 10, I right click the windows icon in the bottom left corner then up to device manager and theres a DVD/CD ROM drives drop down button or get into the control panel and its under hardware and sound
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