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  1. ah memories, West Allotment Shiremoor its changed its name and doubled its price ha ha ha still looks good value though The Belly Buster 4 Rashers of Bacon, 4 Sausages, 3 Eggs, 2 Hash Browns, 2 Black Pudding, Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Beans Served with either Chips or Spam Slice & Served With Toast or a Stottie
  2. now your talking Ditchman, Saturday morning Full House Stottie breakfast, Russels Place - 4 bacon,4 sausage, 2 eggs, 4 black pudding slices, mushrooms, tomatos in a stottie delivered £3
  3. thebigH91

    Night shifts

    yes , steer clear of the energy drinks, I worked 12 hour shifts for 23 years but on a decent pattern which meant only working 14 days a month with a solid full week off, I got used to it without red bull/monster hits or their withdrawal symptoms. Make sure you use the time off, especially if its mid week like mine was, sleep will catch you up on your days off. Enjoy the extra money, I retired early on mine
  4. Yes, strange rule since you can have someone follow you round and film over your shoulder !!!!!
  5. CPSA Booklet Number 1 rule 2.30 - It is not permitted to use guns with devices fitted which have magnifying, light emitting, forward lead displacement properties, recording devices, or give visual enhancement of the target. The use of barrel cameras and similar devices, including head or glasses-mounted cameras in Registered competitions is equally prohibited.
  6. Have to agree with TIGHTCHOKE they are lovely guns, got one last year, 32” Round Body EL coin finish, so nice to shoot and carry all day only 6lb ish
  7. thebigH91

    I guarantee.

    You could do what I do, get a phone and answer machine, solves a lot of problems, never answer the phone, let it go to answer machine and it'll go off after a couple of rings or they realise its an answer machine. Let your friends and family know that you'll pick up once you recognise them, job done. You can always NOT pick up if you don't want to and tell them you must have been out ha ha ha.
  8. not sure about the storage thing, I copy my music - CD's and internet downloads, onto my laptop and load it into iTunes and sync what I fancy onto my IPad and its played everything so far
  9. Bywell don't do pay and play, they do Sportrap, DTL and Skeet on a Wednesday £7 per round of 25, similar on Saturdays where they put 50 Sporting on as well. Buy a ticket for whatever and join in, its good fun. I agree about Westlands, 20 stands of pay and play Sporting plus a Skeet layout (if that's your thing) im there tomorrow as its only 140 miles for me ha ha ha
  10. brilliant, glutton for punishment as always
  11. i'm in, what about the head to head?
  12. thank you very kindly, im 63 and my mates 71
  13. London Best - cheeky bu**er, geriatric shooters indeed, just wait till your old and infirm. Oh yes I was there Saturday and was in the golf buggy ha ha ha
  14. GC of course you can shoot on your own at Bywell, by that I mean you can go up on your own, but we are such a friendly bunch that once you buy your ticket from the shop you will be met by loads of people, waiting to shoot whatever discipline you want, who will be more than happy for you to join in. Saturdays normally are practice days so either 25 Skeet, 25 Sportrap, 50 Sporting, 25 DTL, 25 ABT so just come up, have a look round the shop and tempt yourself with the nice guns in the gunroom (keep out of the side room unless you have deep deep pockets) decide what you want to shoot, buy a ticket and come and enjoy the "fun"
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