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  1. i have the Fabarm Classis and to be honest i thought you were describing it in the original post and when i bought mine brand new in 2015 it only cost me a couple of hundred more than your top end price range. Cracking gun to use and the dealings ive had with Anglo they are a great company to deal with. Im not a game shooter so its only been used on clays but it works fine for those
  2. when I saw this originally I thought good on him trying to get his property back, but then after knocking them off his bike he drives away without retrieving the bike so was he really trying to get the bike or something else. A sad incident all round I think
  3. I am no longer surprised at the prices people will try and sell stuff at on the bay, there's even someone trying to sell empty cartridge boxes at over half the price of a full one !!!!!!!
  4. yes they are a lot of money, getting the price down 4 of us clubbed together in 2015 and bought one, great fun, have'nt seen anything better IMHO
  5. they always have a sale of some sort, always £100 off the price, don't think anyone buys one at full price anymore
  6. just going off the owners manual - IMPORTANT : STEEL SHOT AMMUNITION “high performance” can be used in your CLASSIS shotgun with CYLINDER, SHORT 2/10, MEDIUM 5/10, LONG 7/10, XTREME 9/10 choke tubes.
  7. Mine's steel proof up to Full choke - Fabarm Classis
  8. I think the Shotkam is great but there's a couple of things that don't get mentioned, 1) when the internal battery goes you have to send the camera back to America to have the battery replaced cost $40 plus shipping - it cost us £80 all in last year for our 2016 model and 2) since the app upgrade the 2016 model won't show the view when setting the reticle and the new app doesn't work with apple devices - they did advise using an android device or upgrading to gen 3 Shotkam luckily I have an android that does work. Its still the best camera I think, but It Isn't god's gift.
  9. Everybody has their own favourite cleaning method but clean is clean no matter what you use. I have a 'magic bore' which I bought when using the Pro Piston 9's which left a residue very hard to shift and the magic bore did the trick at that time. I now have found that a good spray down the bores with balistol and left alone till the rest of the gun is cleaned and then a run through with some rolled up kitchen roll and one of those long fluffy mops and my gun is as clean as I will ever want it to be
  10. I smoked 20 a day near as damn it for 30 years and had tried all sorts of ways to stop until 2001, I coughed once too often and realised enough was enough and I just stopped, no cravings or shakes I think I was in the right frame of mind to stop. NorfolkAYA I wish you well in your quest to pack in the evil weed - It is possible, don't dwell on the tales of how other people felt trying to stop and you must feel that way too, you know your own mind - you can do it
  11. i use McWets all year round, have done for years. In the cold i have a pair of old thin Damart thermal gloves (sadly they dont make them anymore) i wear these under the McWets and it keeps my hands nice and warm.
  12. my brother bought a W reg Niva early eighties and broke the throttle cable a couple of days afterwards. Fixed up a bit of string as a hand throttle to get us home and bought a new cable from the Lada dealer. This didn't fit by about 6" so while they ordered a new one we ran around on hand throttle for a fortnight but the new cable still didn't fit, seems the car being converted to right hand drive needed a longer cable, Ford Escort cable fitted perfectly, sorted a noisy slow car but it never once got stuck in fields or snow. Agricultural yes, useable definitely
  13. scrambled eggs ha ha ha heres mine - bird of prey (3) four legged sea creature (5,3)
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