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  1. Bump, just to give people the last chance as it starts Friday
  2. Just a prompt to HITMAN for this years competition, it starts in 13 days time so maybe more people will see this and join in
  3. when i set the shotkam up i use an MTM gun rest and a target with a cross on it, using the rest i sight the shotgun on the centre of the cross and then using the app i centre the red dot on the cross as well, I find it doesnt need to be too far away either, if its pointing in the same place at say 15 yards it'll be close enough for me at all the distances i could hit anything.
  4. yes, started getting more broken and crumb a couple of months ago, tried the supermarket brand and more or less the same. Gave up and gone back to toast
  5. well another one over and a well done to Mark (Sedgley Town) Naylor, 300 points ahead of the rest of us, cracking score
  6. i bought my diesel Skoda in 2015 and the salesman and me had a nice conversation about the upcoming lawsuit, eventually he said, well after test driving the car do you like it with all the so called flaws, i liked the car and i got a good deal and its never flickered and 45 MPG average. The lawsuits have cost the VW group millions but theres still loads of their cars on the road being driven by 'happy' motorists - me included
  7. i have the Fabarm Classis and to be honest i thought you were describing it in the original post and when i bought mine brand new in 2015 it only cost me a couple of hundred more than your top end price range. Cracking gun to use and the dealings ive had with Anglo they are a great company to deal with. Im not a game shooter so its only been used on clays but it works fine for those
  8. when I saw this originally I thought good on him trying to get his property back, but then after knocking them off his bike he drives away without retrieving the bike so was he really trying to get the bike or something else. A sad incident all round I think
  9. I am no longer surprised at the prices people will try and sell stuff at on the bay, there's even someone trying to sell empty cartridge boxes at over half the price of a full one !!!!!!!
  10. yes they are a lot of money, getting the price down 4 of us clubbed together in 2015 and bought one, great fun, have'nt seen anything better IMHO
  11. they always have a sale of some sort, always £100 off the price, don't think anyone buys one at full price anymore
  12. just going off the owners manual - IMPORTANT : STEEL SHOT AMMUNITION “high performance” can be used in your CLASSIS shotgun with CYLINDER, SHORT 2/10, MEDIUM 5/10, LONG 7/10, XTREME 9/10 choke tubes.
  13. Mine's steel proof up to Full choke - Fabarm Classis
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