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  1. Excellent bet Carrie contributes ou of Boris's wage packet.
  2. Obvious total pass through of a bullet hitting a second person behine. Don't think that would have happened with shrapnel and having seen at least one handgun explose the shrapnel never went forwards any distance, mainly upwards and a little downwards....violently enough to bed the top strap in the range roof.. Regarding the fact it was a muzzle loader, even if it was a wad or wads over the pwoder I don't think that wad would pass through enough to hit another person behind. Somebody loaded a projectile. The truth will out no doubt. Just proves .... muzzle awareness at all times.
  3. 2 more this morning, would have been three but the first one ducked and may just have a neat parting That is now 51 out of our little wood since 1st Sept. 2437
  4. Walker570

    Ear pro

    Have an old pair of cens which have been very good. I will be having some new ones shortly and will choose another manufactuer purely because of my experience with cens customer relations which was appauling. I will have a look at thos cfg units.
  5. Just four today. was expecting more but they are just zooming about burying stuff and not sitting still . 2435
  6. FRUSTRATING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Berwickshire, Scottish Borders. Used to be the County Town but with all the changes don't know it's stature today. What I do know is the country around there is awesome shooting country. Unfortunately I am too ol and too far away
  8. One never knows so I live for the day, don't waste a second.
  9. Another 19 from the Linconshire estate and I am there tomorrow. Still crawling with them the keeper says. 2429
  10. Great offer. Wish I was 20 years younger and near Duns.
  11. Just don't let it worry you keep whacking and stacking Maybe needs to change to an 8 bore.
  12. It will do the job if you do. Best of luck just wish I was there to watch Miss our trips to The States.
  13. If I was 20yrs younger I might just do that but all of my dogs over the years have had full family status and I decided not to have another as I wonder what would happen to it should I keel over.
  14. I go back far enough where an ounce and an eighth of 5s was the standard load for everyhting. Until Impax 7s came in that is, then they became the go for cartridge. Personally I shoot 7s as a rule but I do have some factory sixes which funnily enough seem to do the same job. Put 'em in the pattern.....should have taken my own advice last Friday, couldn't hit a barn door
  15. Similar, checked all round the wood no sign checked another area nothing, drove back through the village and one was sat by the phone box and I swear it gave me the finger before bolting into the bushes. Checking a new set at the golf course in the morning and the green Keeper commented they would be havin the fattest tree rats in the county so food has gone from the flip top.
  16. Should be great fun to shoot and maybe hunt with to.
  17. You can but try it. Look forward to the report....again no pun intended
  18. I saw this then a post Pickled eggs with chillies. Not linked are they Had a call this week to sort some pigeons but unfortunately had a range of committments. Yes nice to see a pigeon related post.
  19. makes my eyes water just thinking about mincing that horseradish but you are correct, fresh horseradish sauce takes a lot of beating. Part of our old garden when I was a kid was devoted to growing horse radish just for that purpose. My grandmother used to have me prepare it but with a grater and as said it still makes my eyes water.
  20. I used to go ferreting round the back of that place when they were building it. Flight was poopooed but the Wright brothers proved them wrong. Way above my pay scale to undertsand it but feel sure it will be harnessed eventually.
  21. Pair of creeps it'll get you nowhere.
  22. For someone to spend on another tattoo. Food banks are the biggest joke out. For the feckless and idle.
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