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  1. Why not have a quiet word with the Russian uncles and ask them to take their wives back home!
  2. Even though mares tail is a nuisance, it does have at least one use. As it contains Silica, which is essential in human cells in order to absorb calcium ( so I read somewhere!), a tea can be made from the fresh new shoots. I’ve never tried it though!
  3. Thanks for the replies, guys. I’ve just bought a .177 as the .22’s are like rocking horse poop and of course, the 177’s are faster with a straighter trajectory. I’ve just actually fired it for the first time today, just to range the scope in. A heavy’ish gun but with little recoil. The balance is fine, probably due to the built in ‘moderator’ or whatever the term is! A lot shorter than my HW 35 with screw on moderator! A veritable drain pipe! I’m now trying to figure out how to setup the Chrony beta in order to test it and the other air rifles. Bought 3000 pellets for testing/ hunting!
  4. They’re not dead man’s fingers as, according to a site that I’ve just googled, DMF are black and look , surprisingly, like fingers! Are these things a type of plant? They look like roots, similar to a parsnip or mooli. They’re not cocoons, are they? With there being a maggot / grub in the picture, I thought perhaps it could be a connection. Several years ago, I had stored a drawer unit ( old and solidly built) in the shed. One day, when I’d taken a drawer out for some reason, I found dozens of vertical tubes, side by side, made from paper. I assumed/ decided that they were made by some small species of wasp or other flying insect.
  5. DoolinDalton

    HW 97K

    Hi Guys and gals. I’m looking to buy a HW 97K and wondered what the PW gang recommended regarding the calibration. I mainly shoot rabbits and as they’re very wary, it’s usually at least at 40 yards. Btw, there seems to be a shortage of HW 97 in .22 cal at the moment and only a few in .177. Looking forward to your advice and replies.
  6. Hi Ultrastu, thanks for replying. The other pellet was, believe it or not, a BSA Elite, 7.87 grain dome head. The strange thing is that the copper pellet seemed to go in the barrel ok, with no resistance. Maybe I should do a test of all the .177 pellets that I have, in order to get some idea of the difference a 100’th of a millimetre can make!
  7. Hi guys and gals, long time since posting. Have / had a bit of a puzzle on Saturday and today. Let me explain. On Saturday I was out at a permission to shoot rabbits. At first I was using my SE Ultra and after a few hours, with no luck, I may add, I decided to try my 1980’s HW35 as it’s not been used for a good few years, I reckon. I set up a target against a manure heap, paced 30 yards and fired! ?????? Nowhere near! After 3 shots I decided to give up as I thought that the scope was off. Today, at home, I decided to try once more. Again, no sign of any hit! For some reason, I looked down the barrel and couldn’t see daylight! With a piece of steel rod, I gently pushed it down the barrel from the muzzle end and lo and behold or, FIVE pellets came out! I only assumed that the first one stuck (on Saturday) then held up the others. I tried again with the same brand of pellet and, again, it didn’t exit the barrel. I then tried with a different type, which did exit and after an adjustment of the horizontal knob it was somewhere near. The pellet in question is H&N Baracuda Power in .177, 10.65 grains, copper plated. I can see (with the aid of a magnifying glass) a series of grooves around one of the pellets that were stuck in the barrel. Are these pellets 5.56 / 5.6 or is it the copper (hardness?) causing the blockage? Reading a previous thread about a dog being shot, UltraStu seemed to be on the ball, which made me wonder about the pellet sizes. Looking forward to any replies.
  8. I dare say that we would all agree that we'd rather spend company with a wasp than Packam!
  9. DoolinDalton


    Just to clarify the actual Law regarding the tv licence. A licence is only need if you watch ANY (channel) LIVE tv programmes (not just BBC channels) and BBC I player. 'Live' meaning a programme that is actually being transmitted as you are watching it. If you only watch catch up tv (apart from BBC iplayer) or watch dvd's, then you do not need a licence! I stopped paying it in 2012 as I and my family didn't and don't watch ANY of the drivel! I sincerely hope that the BBC ceases to exist, as they are happy allow a company, Capita Business Services, aka TV Licencing, to practically extort money from people ,by threats, lies and intimidation! They have lied to the British people for decades with their Detector Van con. All done to collect money to pay for the likes of Jimmy Saville ,etc. If that isn't a good reason to stop paying the licence fee, I don't know what is!
  10. In 'situations' where it 'affects' the elderly (not me yet, btw...but nearly there!) I always think of the tv series Logan's Run (circa?). Anyone on here familiar with it? At what age will the PTB start culling us?
  11. If, as you say, she makes films, then maybe she's secretly filming you (and others) to see what your reactions are. A sort of 21st century Candid Camera. You might be the STAR of her next film! Anyway, get yourself round, naked, of course and ask to see her beetles! Then ask her if she'd like to see your Enterobius vermicularis.
  12. Oh ye of little faith. You'll feel such a fool when that money arrives in your bank!
  13. I went out mackerel fishing on the pier...first time there since decades ago...and was talking to a guy who regularly fishes off the promenade and also boats. He said that the seals, of which there are dozens, that have made their home on a tidal creek two miles away, have learned to spot the rods bending (with a mackerel on) and then they head towards the rod and find the hooked mackerel. The angler pulls up a head...minus the body!
  14. So...what happens when this scheme is over? Will all those people that took advantage of it, who don't normally / regularly eat out, still go out to eat but pay the full price? I very much doubt it. To me, it smacks of greed! Before this scheme, quite a few restaurants did a 'happy hour' price on meals, which brought the customers in, without the need for Government handouts. What's next? Haircuts? Massage parlours?
  15. Does the new switch have the same number of connections as the old one? Looking at the two pics, it looks like the new one only has 4 at the top, whereas the old one looks to have 5.
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