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  1. DoolinDalton

    Can anyone crack this code???

    Then it could be either an A (as in a dog / a cat) or an I (as in I am).
  2. DoolinDalton

    BREXIT - merged threads

  3. DoolinDalton


    Could their (extreme) actions, both verbal and physical be classed as a hate crime? Or even a 'ate' crime? Sorry, couldn't resist that one!
  4. DoolinDalton

    Strange world

    They eat deep fried chickens heads in Thailand....amongst other 'delicacies'. The insects, ie, locusts, mealworms,( are they insects?) crickets and roaches are reasonably palatable...except when the roaches' spiny legs get stuck in your mouth!
  5. DoolinDalton

    Cartridge Collecting

    Hi everyone, thanks for a fascinating thread about a hobby I didn't know existed until a few weeks ago. My mate from our gun club collects roll turnover paper carts and is looking for certain ones, as I'm sure you all are! If anyone has any to sell or swap (probably the uncommon ones) then please pm me and I'll pass on his mobile number. Cheers, DD.
  6. DoolinDalton

    Any thoughts?

    Should it really matter to him, her, anyone, what the baby's surname is.......just as long as the baby is healthy and loved by both parents!
  7. DoolinDalton

    Modern life.

    People eating whilst walking along the street (usually a Greggs pasty!), Bad or no manners, litter louts, people who let their dogs **** near my house (and anywhere else) when there's a dog poo bin 15 yards away. Youths with their hands down their jogging pants..I thought it was just a weird Hartlepool thing! Maybe they're just rubbing their conkers in anticipation of the upcoming contests!
  8. DoolinDalton

    Did or Didn't He ??????

    Well done Guys. Always good when the young lads get a result. Have you got any more shoots (of any sort) planned? It can be rather addictive to young and old alike, when we get a few, can't it! We ( my 10 year old son and I ) will be going on our first duck/ goose shoot in October, so hope to get a few! No doubt that my son will get more than me, as he's a cracking shot...whereas I'm just hopeless!
  9. Hi all. Just bought all the gear to start reloading but can't seem to find a recipe that fits with the primers and powder. I've got Cheddite cx 2000 primers (209), PSB2 powder, 70mm cases, fibre wads and cards and want to load 16, 21 and 24 grms in shot size 5 and 7. According to one forum, it says that the cx 2000 are a 'strong' primer...I assume that means it burns hotter than a Fiocchi 615, which they say is 'medium'. Would it be ok/safe to use the cx 2000 if a recipe says a fiocchi 615? Any advice greatly appreciated.
  10. DoolinDalton

    Are blackberries early?

    The odd one or two ready in my allotment here in Hartlepool and there's gonna be another great crop this year, same as last year! Loganberries at my house are ready now also.
  11. DoolinDalton

    Horse fly bites

    You need to put a few quid on Saturdays Lottery, as you and your good lady have obviously had your quota of bad luck this month....so...working on the Law of Averages....and Karma.....I reckon that you're in with a great chance of hitting the jackpot! Then you can pay someone to spray/ swat/ zap/ splat/ the little ******** whilst you're out in the countryside!
  12. DoolinDalton


    I found this video very interesting. Seems the US are the only ones who will not condemn Israel!
  13. DoolinDalton

    Uplift talk or whatever its called.

    The one thing (at present ) that really annoys me is the phrase 'off of' as part of a sentence! I can't remember hearing this a a child and using it as part of the English language. The Yanks seem to use it in everyday speaking! To me, it doesn't make sense in a grammatical way!
  14. DoolinDalton

    Chris Packham (again)

    The BBC TV Licence paying public are the ones that are paying this retard...glad I'm not one of them! Stop paying the BBC, cancel your tv licence...watch Youtube instead!
  15. DoolinDalton

    Car camera to catch vandalism

    Hi treetree, a few questions....have you informed your employer (assuming you're not self employed) of the incidents? Would it be possible for them to monitor the car park and your car with CCTV? Is it a private car park? Is it large? Do you always park in the same spot? Have you made a note of the car reg no's near to your car, to see if one particular car is always parking near you. If the car park is large, then the chances of one particular car parking very near you every day would be reduced, imo. Is your car parked where lots of pedestrians walk past it? Hopefully, you'll catch the scum soon. When you do, remember the Klingon Proverb...revenge is a dish best served cold! A potato up the exhaust pipe should do the trick!