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  1. I'd just like to know, who exactly in 'authority' would be asking said pigeon shooters these questions regarding methods used/ tried in order to scare the birds off before resorting to shooting them? Firstly, the police are undermanned and certainly have more important things to do. So, who else would ask? The RSPCA? The RSPB? DEFRA? More importantly, how would they access the land that the shooter is on? If they do not have permission from the farmer/ landowner, then they are trespassing. That would look good in court, wouldn't it! Remember also, that one of the first things the police /RSPCA say to you if you are being cautioned, is ''You have the right to remain silent''. So stay silent. What can they do? That's assuming, of course, that ANY shooter in England will be asked at all!
  2. You could always put a few bits of fleece over them overnight, until the risk of frost is over. Even in the greenhouse, it gets cold enough to damage certain plants.
  3. To be fair to them (the vegans) , they probably don't have the energy to take off their masks! Poor, misguided fools!
  4. Like your style, Sir. What's that 'saying'? Necessity is the mother of invention! You've obviously just 'proven' this and had a good result! Well done
  5. I’m sure that it’s been mentioned somewhere but when CP says that ‘millions’ of birds are being killed (by shooters) each year, why doesn’t he mention the ‘millions’ of songbirds and small mammals that are killed by cats each year...not to mention Magpies!
  6. As for this traitorous rabble handing our country to the EU on a plate and possibly altering the Law so that in the future, it can't be changed back again....who's to say that some future / wannabe Government won't change it in order to garner votes! After all, they can change the Law in an instant to suit themselves (and gain some EU mates😉) plus possibly a place at the EU trough, with a huge pension! Wonder how much May gets in her bank account for her treason?
  7. First thing to do (legally) would be to go to see your Council Environmental Health department and explain what you've told us here. They will have to act upon your complaint and should send them an official letter, hopefully telling them to stop feeding the crows. Is there any way that you could spray the crows with water or perhaps use a 'spud' gun to frighten them off.
  8. I wonder what those liars will say now, if someone interviewed them again and showed them this vid? They're probably making up the excuses as I write. Slippier than a bag of jellied eels! I sincerely hope to God that we will get out on NO DEAL, then we can all laugh out loud when the EU comes crawling to the UK for our business. Stuff em!
  9. I haven't quite made up my mind on the hoax theory yet. What I would say, is that the story could be (another) attempt to whip up anti Muslim feelings and/or keep the 'terrorist' image in people's minds, thereby associating all Muslims with terrorism. I wouldn't trust ANY Government on ANY issue!
  10. As far as I know, there's no Law against 'taking the mick'! Some folk have suggested that this whole thing is all a hoax, just a diversion from major issues that the government don't want the plebs to focus on.
  11. Men's haircuts tend to be a lot cheaper than women's, so maybe she wanted to save a wad of cash! Do you think she said ''Do you know who I am?''
  12. I sincerely hope that someone, be it a journalist or even Nigel Farage, publishes the names of all those MP's (and others) who are trying to prevent the will of the British people and democracy. Circulate the list nationwide for all to see and then maybe the British people will vote the traitors out at the next General election! There'll be a few hundred twitchy toots by then, on both sides of the Commons!
  13. Saw one in my garden yesterday nibbling on a conifer tree, possibly the tree that they are nesting in. Also on the pear tree shoots and of course, the ivy berries. Also observed two males 'facing off' to each other with quick, forward head movements, as if they were both saying ''C'mon, you want a fight?''.
  14. Do you think that the German discount supermarket is trying to tell us something regarding the above? The clue's in the name....Aldi...All Die! Just a thought! ☺️
  15. Same here, myself, wife and son had a cough for a few weeks. They managed to shake theirs off but mines still lingering, although very rarely. My wife's friend was round here 2 days ago, sat in agony. She coughed a few times and I asked her if she'd had any coughing 'fits' to which she said yes. I suggested she go to the docs as I thought she might have damaged her ribs. She went yesterday and it seems my hunch was correct....a broken rib!
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