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  1. just remember to send any money (that's owed by you) to them via Western Union....it's the 'safest' and quickest way, apparently!
  2. Surely, that will only last until the next deluge, seeing as the left half of the road (from the pic) drops down and there doesn't seem to be any reinforcement to hold the road in position. Is it a case of the water washing the substrate away under the road? If so, maybe a large concrete pipe will suffice to carry the water away instead of the substrate / soil, etc.
  3. Let's face it guys and gals...they're all corrupt! Tory, Labour, LibDems, etc, etc! It's just whether they get caught out and can't explain it away! What actually matters ..to the British public at least....is who / which Party leader / PM will be seen to be doing what the British public want to be done! Not straightforward, by any means...but with bravado, bullpoop and Blonde hair, the people seem happy enough at the moment!
  4. Were there any notices / signs up telling the customers that it was card only? if there are NO signs, then go back in a few days and order a stack of bacon sarnies and whatever else you fancy. Then, when it comes to paying for it....Sorry (not!) I ONLY HAVE CASH! I can't see the problem with handling cash...and neither can Aldi, where I shop 99.9% of the time. Sometimes I wonder if this a Government / Business conspiracy to eventually eliminate 'cash'...then the PTB can monitor your exact spending against your income....then question you as to where the 'extra' cash came from!
  5. As the title says....I went trout fishing on Monday...to Scaling Dam reservoir in North Yorkshire. Last time I went there was possibly 25 years ago! I was certainly surprised how the methods have changed...and how the owners (Northumbrian water?) have allowed it to. It used to be worm or fly only....so on Monday, I rolled up with a bucket of worms. My mate, who's a regular there, sets his rig up with, what looked to me to be alien life forms! Needless to say, he caught 4 trout whilst my son and I caught precisely zilch! Later, he actually set my trace up with the same as him, namely a 'jelly' worm, a white (polystyrene?) flying saucer shaped bead and the piece de resistance, some' power bait', a luminous putty like substance which needed to be moulded onto the bead, I think. Didn't make any difference to my 'bag'...still zero! Anyway, my questions are....what are the modern bait and tackle items that I'd need for a successful day at trout fishing? What's the best size hook to use and is there a better method for ledgering which keeps the bait off the bottom? Does any angler still use worms? Or have the worms all gone futuristic and turned vegan? One thing (two actually) that I did catch, which completely amazed me....was some signal crayfish. Next time I go there, I'm planning on taking a net trap to get a few for the pot. The bloke fishing next to me reckons he caught 200 of the blighters last year....reckons they taste amazing! All advice greatly appreciated and many thanks in anticipation. Tight lines, guys and gals.
  6. i cancelled the tv licence via DD stop in 2012. I won't go into detail as to the resulting hassle...but enough to say that if you know what the rules are, the carp that you will ultimately get from 'Auntie Beeb' via TV Licencing aka Capita Business Services, AND you're prepared to put up With the toothless threats (which are actually very amusing) then you're good to go! Please google tvlicenceresistance.info. Their forum is a mine of information. BBC are history...and they know it....but they keep managing to come up with another reason / excuse to avoid the gallows for another few months! Even Nuremburg got them in the end!
  7. As they say...you can choose your friends (and lovers!) but you can't choose your family! I sincerely hope that Martin and Jackie get through this ok. His sisters obviously have 'reasons' why they are doing what they are doing. Quite often, these 'reasons' are at best, misguided and more often than not, based on some petty disagreement / dislike, that's festered in their minds till it's become an obsession! Let's just hope that PW's gift to Martin (whatever form that takes) will give him a massive boost and speed up his recovery, knowing that all his friends on here are with him all the way! We look forward to seeing him back on PW Forum.
  8. I think if that happened I might be covered by the TSB fraud guarantee ... at least I’d hope so. Never rely on Bank's 'guarantees! Most of the time, they can't be bothered to sort it out. Let us know how it's gone tomorrow.
  9. Hi Lloyd90. I don't know about the transfer thing but just be wary that it's not a scam. Ask his 'mate' for some ID, get the reg of the van and a pic of it AND him. if he's above board, then he should understand that you're just being cautious. Hope you get it sorted ok.
  10. I would think that after leaving the potato haulms (never heard that word before) a year in a compost heap, assuming it's there with other compostable stuff like grass, food waste, etc, then the heat, worms and bacteria will break down most things. As islandgun has just said regarding potato peel, you should get some fine spuds from the heap!
  11. I wouldn't be surprised if Kelloggs dropped the white 'guys' and the monkey then had three or four brown (cartoon) guys to promote the cereal!
  12. Wouldn't it be refreshing if Kellogs replied to her like this.....@Fiona Onasanya. Re Coco Pops. If we had used your face instead of a monkeys, we'd go bankrupt overnight!
  13. So..... basically, some on here DISLIKE the like button....and LIKE the dislike button (if we had one or both of them, that is!). There's no pleasing some people! 😕.
  14. DoolinDalton


    That looks fantastic! Will there be guns and dogs in the back? You could certainly make a business from constructing and selling those beauties.
  15. I haven't CONtributed to the BBC since 2012. The main reasons are 1) We do not watch LIVE tv....plenty of stuff on Youtube and of course PW! 2) Most of the content on all channels is, imo, garbage! 3) The so called BBC Stars are talentless, overpaid and overrated. If they were real stars they should be in space! Now...where did I put that rocket?
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