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  1. You know....the candy coated, multi coloured chocolate sweets! Doh...sorry....that's M& M's.
  2. It's not going to be a good year for any UK citizens either, if any of the 2000(?) people who arrived in the UK from China / Wuhan are carrying the virus. Think about a plane that flies from China / Hong Kong with several infected passengers on board, to Dubai. The several could infect dozenson board. The passengers then disperse on flights to various other countries, with several flights carrying infected passengers. Once arrived at their main airport, they take interal flights to numerous places. The virus is distributed thousands of miles in, say, 24 hours! Frightening!
  3. Thank you for restoring my faith in human nature, Mr Ditchy.
  4. DoolinDalton


    Good riddance to bad rubbish...him and the BBC! Why people keep paying them (via the extortion licence fee) after all the scandals and the millions they pay the so called talent, I'll never know! Rant over!
  5. Sadly true that the country seems to grind to a halt with a bit of snow! Someone once told me, that in Canada it's not unusual for the temp to drop to minus 40 yet life goes on. Apparently, the Canadian children play out when it's extremely cold. As you say, Leach, schools tend to close here....well, some at least. My daughter's school makes a huge effort to stay open, which is appreciated. But yeh, when's Summer? Quite possibly, the 3rd Tuesday in August!
  6. I just hope the pigeons down your way aren't reading this, as they'll be emigrating en masse before March! Best wishes for a speedy recovery and looking forward to your reports.
  7. Good morning Tightchoke. She's exactly what the other parties need, though! She can't even get her story correct regarding her past! Have a watch of Mahyer Tousi on youtube, if you haven't already. Y'know....sometimes I wonder if all this party politics is just one big wind up....a soap opera if you like. As if they're all just actors. I mean, how can anyone / any party (Labour / Lib Dems) get it so wrong? As for her permanently raised eyebrows....maybe she's seen some revealing pics of certain people!😲 Not a nice image to have when you're just having your breakfast!
  8. DoolinDalton


    But now he's ended up 'like a cat on a hot tin roof'!
  9. We've all had a few dogs in our younger days!
  10. So they are trying to get the weirdo vote, then? Haven't they learned their lesson from the election....obviously not! Still warm....meat and two veg...and the Libs think it's ok to 'have a go' with a cooking pot?
  11. Happy New Year to everyone on the forum from here in sunny Hartlepool.
  12. Get well soon, fatchap. Stick a lottery ticket on tonight....you're due some good luck!
  13. Obviously the Councillors who made the decision are just a nasty, unfeeling bunch of jobsworths! I seriously hope that the people turn against them and they get voted out next time around!
  14. Maybe she's just applying mathematical logic.....two odds make an even! Maybe she's cleverer than she looks / we thought!😉 It could be a diversionary tactic to stop us concentrating on the election and the underhand, dirty tricks that may be used! A question that needs to be asked though, in the interests of medical science is...IS THERE A HISTORY OF INSANITY IN THE LABOUR PARTY?
  15. It does, but one must wonder why it hasn't been sorted. My wife, who is from Thailand, didn't vote (but obviously has British citizenship) as she has no interest in our politics...(at least we're less corrupt than Thai politicians) so I said I'd use her card also☺️. She said it's addressed to Mrs DD....so I replied that I would say that I am now non gender specific...(or whatever bull carp they spout) and this is my name (Mrs DD). Would I have gotten away this this, i wonder? 😲 I voted at approx 9.30 this morning. The only person in front of me was a muslim lady. When I was in the booth, I overheard her asking the electoral officer if he had a pen, to which he replied ''there's a pencil in the booth!'. Probably the first time that this lady had voted! Do Muslim women usually tend to vote? We went to Durham City at approx 11.30 and I noticed that a lot of Uni students were voting ( at the church in the main square, if you're familiar with Durham) and there were even queues forming! I overheard, as I was walking, one female student asking the other if she had read 'his manifesto'.....(JC's?) ; so it would seem that at least some students take an interest in politics...probably just to see what freebies they might gain from them!
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