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  1. Saw one in my garden yesterday nibbling on a conifer tree, possibly the tree that they are nesting in. Also on the pear tree shoots and of course, the ivy berries. Also observed two males 'facing off' to each other with quick, forward head movements, as if they were both saying ''C'mon, you want a fight?''.
  2. Do you think that the German discount supermarket is trying to tell us something regarding the above? The clue's in the name....Aldi...All Die! Just a thought! ☺️
  3. Same here, myself, wife and son had a cough for a few weeks. They managed to shake theirs off but mines still lingering, although very rarely. My wife's friend was round here 2 days ago, sat in agony. She coughed a few times and I asked her if she'd had any coughing 'fits' to which she said yes. I suggested she go to the docs as I thought she might have damaged her ribs. She went yesterday and it seems my hunch was correct....a broken rib!
  4. So what happens (if and ) when we leave with (hopefully) NO DEAL on 29/ 3...and we refuse to (agree to ) give them the 39 Billion? What can they do to us, the citizens? They can't control us or indeed their own EU people and cannot stop their countries from trading with us. If they try to impose higher tariffs on us, then we just refuse to buy from them, their industries suffer and then , as has happened in France, people demonstrate/ protest/ riots/ etc. The EU will fall...the sooner, the better!
  5. It's up to them to prove that you haven't paid. 'Innocent until proven guilty'.....so I would suggest that you ask them to prove that you did not pay and provide the actual paperwork/ computer printout with time/ date of the dental work done, the cost, etc. Did you pay by card? If so, there should be a record of it on your bank statement. If you paid by cash, they should have given you a receipt and retained a copy for themselves. Did they give you an invoice, if you didn't pay immediately? Finally, if you are 100% sure that you have paid this bill and can prove it, then tell them that you are prepared to go to court if they take the matter any further.
  6. Better tell her if you see her again, not to use cutlery, specifically knives, when she's eating....as they are 'items of murder'! However, some folk do say strange things (and behave weirdly) when certain incidents happen, especially locally to them. Perhaps she was just as upset as anyone else over the sad death of a youngster and as she happened to know that you made knives, albeit for legal purposes, she vented her frustration / sadness/ anger towards you, unwarranted as it is!
  7. My Dear Ol' Dad used to say to the neighbours, ''It's gonna be 22 degrees tomorrow'' to which they'd go ''Oooohh, lovely''.........then he'd finish it with ''Yeh, 11 in the morning and 11 in the afternoon!''.
  8. An excellent read...but will the usual suspects 'rubbish' this also?
  9. Had he been to Thailand, by any chance?
  10. Spot on, sabel25. Hopefully, soon they will be leaving through the door they entered in...PERMANENTLY! Due to being voted out in the next election! Then maybe they'll have a 'light bulb' moment!
  11. Her lawyer should be kicked out of the UK also. One one side of the argument, it's wonderful that she can be legally represented in the UK...however, if the roles were reversed, in the IS, would she even dare to be thinking about returning there? I bet there's not ANY lawyers that have argued against ISIS....and lived to tell the tale!
  12. According to the Independant, she doesn't have Bangladeshi citizenship. So, by removing her UK Citizenship, she's now stateless! Her lawyer will be plotting the next stage...compensation!
  13. If the British (Brexiteers) really made an effort, then we could boycott many, many items from Spain, France, Germany, etc, which WILL have a costly, negative effect on them! If they think they can blackmail or frighten us, they're in for a huge shock!
  14. I wonder what the law abiding, moderate British Muslims think of this case? Has there been any comment from the British Council for Muslims? Would they condemn her outright, or ask people to forgive her? I'm not fanning the flames here....just curious!
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