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  1. Fluorescent paintballs! Do they exist?
  2. I was trying the alarm mine and just used a primer in a 12 gauge cart. Very loud, even outside!
  3. DoolinDalton

    Ugly house

    Mr Ditchie, you're a gem. You really do conjure up some images of years gone by! Now I can't get that bloomin' signature tune out of my head!
  4. DoolinDalton

    Ugly house

    I think that I see your problem. Although the house looks superb imo, it has the initial appearance of being too 'symetrical' , ie, everything is square / 90 degrees, etc, if you get my drift! There is no part of the front that 'leaps out' as a feature! To some people ( not me), if a house is too perfect, it kinda freaks them out...they like a bit of querkyism (new word!) Perhaps that's just me being a smart alec! There again, I do talk ********!
  5. DoolinDalton

    Dog fun.

    Brilliant! It should be an event at Crufts.
  6. He'll be losing lots of money for all the lectures he gives, as all venues are shut down. He was giving a talk to my son's school (and other schools) at a venue here in Hartlepool on the 24th March. What a shame. NOT! The lecture was actually titled 'Fingers in the sparkle jar' , which is the title of his autobiography. He's certainly (metaphorically) got his fingers into anything that sparkles, namely money! As previous posters have said, he's out of the limelight due to this virus malarky, so he's trying desperately to not be forgotten.
  7. Well done Sir. Excellent film...I cry every time I watch it...after a bottle of red, I may add! Here's looking at you, kid!
  8. ''I'm only a poor corrupt official''. Any ideas peeps? Adaptable to many governments, methinks! Btw, it's my favourite film!
  9. I hope that the 'owners' get prosecuted and jailed for cruelty, etc.
  10. Keep the stuff and look into getting it tested independently. Firms are too keen to keep dangerous issues quiet as it might impact their profits! Hope your grandson has recovered.
  11. They needed the money to pay for all the hotel rooms that Keith Moon trashed!😉
  12. Hey Ditchie....don't get fooled again!
  13. Hi everyone, hope you're all safe from the lergy! My son has a Lincoln Premier Gold 28 gauge and when I bought it for him (a good while back) I had 1 inch taken off the stock in order for a good fit for him! As he's grown a bit (12 years old) he's now shooting either my 30 inch Beretta or my mates 28 inch Browning (both in 12 gauge). I fancy trying the Lincoln when decoying and walking around, the main reason being that I can load 28G (and have done) but as the stock is shorter, I was wondering what I can use to extend it, on a temporary basis. I want to keep the solid stock short just in case any of my sons friends or any junior members of our club need to use it. There seems to be many different 'extenders' available but what is the best one? The best place for advice is obviously HERE and I'm looking forward to your replies. Cheers.
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