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  1. I dare say that we would all agree that we'd rather spend company with a wasp than Packam!
  2. DoolinDalton


    Just to clarify the actual Law regarding the tv licence. A licence is only need if you watch ANY (channel) LIVE tv programmes (not just BBC channels) and BBC I player. 'Live' meaning a programme that is actually being transmitted as you are watching it. If you only watch catch up tv (apart from BBC iplayer) or watch dvd's, then you do not need a licence! I stopped paying it in 2012 as I and my family didn't and don't watch ANY of the drivel! I sincerely hope that the BBC ceases to exist, as they are happy allow a company, Capita Business Services, aka TV Licencing, to practically extort mo
  3. In 'situations' where it 'affects' the elderly (not me yet, btw...but nearly there!) I always think of the tv series Logan's Run (circa?). Anyone on here familiar with it? At what age will the PTB start culling us?
  4. If, as you say, she makes films, then maybe she's secretly filming you (and others) to see what your reactions are. A sort of 21st century Candid Camera. You might be the STAR of her next film! Anyway, get yourself round, naked, of course and ask to see her beetles! Then ask her if she'd like to see your Enterobius vermicularis.
  5. Oh ye of little faith. You'll feel such a fool when that money arrives in your bank!
  6. I went out mackerel fishing on the pier...first time there since decades ago...and was talking to a guy who regularly fishes off the promenade and also boats. He said that the seals, of which there are dozens, that have made their home on a tidal creek two miles away, have learned to spot the rods bending (with a mackerel on) and then they head towards the rod and find the hooked mackerel. The angler pulls up a head...minus the body!
  7. So...what happens when this scheme is over? Will all those people that took advantage of it, who don't normally / regularly eat out, still go out to eat but pay the full price? I very much doubt it. To me, it smacks of greed! Before this scheme, quite a few restaurants did a 'happy hour' price on meals, which brought the customers in, without the need for Government handouts. What's next? Haircuts? Massage parlours?
  8. Does the new switch have the same number of connections as the old one? Looking at the two pics, it looks like the new one only has 4 at the top, whereas the old one looks to have 5.
  9. I didn't know that Milbro were still making airgun pellets! Slight aside....I have just taken down my Grandad's fishing rod from the loft, which he gave to me eons ago...and that is a Milbro (fibreglass).
  10. Worth their weight in gold as you can monitor where you want, see who's at your door and in my case, monitor part of the road for ne'er do wells! I have a Swann system for up to 8 cameras. In order to use the recorded footage in a court or as evidence, the cameras need to be at least 1080 HD (apparently) so choose wisely. I've caught several people up to no good and the latest one, an attempted burglary, was recorded on one of the cameras, so the burglar cannot deny anything!
  11. Except shrivelling up AND dropping off! A couple of my gardening customers have the same problem...so I'll have to see if it can be sorted, as I like plums...especially free ones!
  12. Do you prefer Pattaya or Bangkok?
  13. I always (will) remember the look (and lack of emotion) on Bush Jnrs face when a Secret Service agent (apparently) told him of the 'attack' on the twin towers (9/11).
  14. My quill is poised to sign your petition, Mr Ditchy, sir! Just as long as Bush is stood there next to him. A few million innocent Iraqis and Afghans will also be happy with that arrangement!
  15. How about a redundant oil rig in the North Sea. Supplies could be dropped off once a month, then it's survival of the fittest! A living hell just being there....and NO vestal virgins waiting for them! The other sick members of society could also be deposited there. No human rights, no one to complain to! No prison officers in the line of fire either! C'mon Boris...you know it makes sense!
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