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  1. Best wishes mate for a speedy recovery. Lets hope that is indeed a one off incident. At least it happened in a place that you were able to get help quickly.
  2. How about someone (with obviously some idea and money / clout) getting the law changed so that when a result is obtained through an election/ referendum, it can’t be revoked by anyone (even Gina Minga...sorry, Miller) for a reasonable amount of time. Plus, all the other add one, like the Benn Act, etc, etc. But the remoaners won’t have it, will they!
  3. Can pure beeswax furniture polish be used with Vaseline? The beeswax is blended with turps (according to the blurb on the tin).
  4. Whatever method you choose, please check the wall for hidden electric cables. Unless you know 100percent that there’s no cable there, then use a cable/ metal detector.
  5. He might be going back to college (poly) to do a maths course. Then he and Diane can definitely get the figures right when he's PM and she's Chancellor! Then again, for a conspiracy theory (or a start of one) the initials of North London Poly are NLP, which also means Neuro Linguistic Programming. Look it up and see if it fits in with politics at all! And I haven't touched a drop yet!☺️
  6. I hope someone gets a pic of her when the votes are in....and she's out! Priceless!
  7. DoolinDalton


    Thanks for the reply Oowee.... however, I would, in my limited knowledge of such matters, assume that most but not all politicians are normally driven by monetary ideology...the more they can get out of the system, the better! As for Boris, I believe the word I am trying to use to describe him in the correct context at this moment in time (and I am a Brexiteer!) is ENIGMA!
  8. DoolinDalton


    Oowee...did you just quote this from someone else's article? Seems rather different from a few recent replies of your that were virtually 'one liners'! Just saying!
  9. This looks similar to the British species Araneus diadematus....the orb web spider...amongst other common names! The S.E. Asians would bet on how long a **** lasted, if they thought they could make a few baht! My wife once told me that the Thais 'consult' the spiders in their burrows in order to get the forthcoming lottery results! Seriously! They write all the numbers (1 to 50?) on pieces of rolled up paper, then place these down the hole (burrow) of the chosen spider (theraphosid, ie, tarantula) then wait as the spider ejects them , one by one! When there is the corerct amount of numbers, the Thais will buy a lottery ticket (Government or otherwise) and obviously pray to Buddha!
  10. Pray tell why you're asking Ditchie. Did they owe you any money...or stolen a recipe of yours? I understand what you mean when 'someone' gets into your head.....and you just have to figure out who/ what/ why they are there...and of course...if they owe you!
  11. Good morning Retsdon...(is it morning yet in Saudi?). Speaking of birds of prey, I have a mate who knows (of) a man who breeds certain species of these and sells them to the Saudis. I can't recall the exact amounts he charges (and gets) for various colour morphs (is that the correct phrase?) but many ordinary folk don't earn in a year, what he gets for one bird! Apparently, the Saudis have been extremely generous with this man, so i'm told. He's received a top of the range car at the very least! Have you come across the generosity of the Saudis in your line of work?
  12. I would assume that it is with, what we in the West call, tarantulas. The Asian genus' and species of 'tarantulas' (actually, Theraphosids) are generally aggressive and will strike perceived prey almost immediately. Don't try to prod one after downing a bottle of red (are you listening , Ditchie?). As someone who has kept literally hundreds, if not thousands over the years, I've been on the receiving end of a few bites! The S.E.asians will gamble on anything, so nothing is a surprise out there. I've seen them cock fighting in a corner of Chatuchak market in Bangkok. People are cruel but so are chickens! Have you ever seen buffalo fighting....I've seen it on Thai tv....now that is cruel! This is very much begs the question is spider fighting legal in the uk, and if so how the hell do you train a spider? As far as I know, because 'spiders' are arachnids...and NOT reptiles or mammals obviously, there is no 'legal' protection afforded to them. That's not to say that people should try it...it's either win or loose for the spider.....but in Asia, the folks will just go out and dig up another one! Ps, you can't train them!
  13. I know what you mean about the killing. Although I haven't been for probably six months, I still want to go shooting/ ferreting rabbits, as pest control. I wouldn't necessarily feel bad about shooting/ dispatching them....but I might feel guilty when I'm sat stroking our two pet ones, one of whom is just now sat on the sofa! I even had some game / rabbit burgers the other night! Even if I just shot clays, I'd still go to this forum, as there's so much info and you can get advice on ANYTHING! Maybe you've just got a bit of Brexit Burnout, as you have put a lot of effort into your POV's. Plus, you're our PW man in Saudi! Surely, camel racing and public floggings must get boring after a while. Come back to PW....always something new....always a good debate going on!
  14. I had to laugh at this bit, Oowee. Let me explain. A few weeks ago, my Thai wife received a letter from our Council, where she works. The gist of the letter was...' Due to Brexit happening on 31st October, the Council has a responsibility to ensure that all its employees are legally allowed to work in the UK. Since we have no record of your immigration status, please provide one of the following documents....passport, etc,etc.' Funny thing is (perhaps not so funny!) she's worked there for ten years! Why didn't the council check this when she got the job...or actually before? For the record, she's got IDLR, British citizenship and a British passport. The Citizenship ceremony was actually performed in the Council's civic centre! My concern with all this is that, IF Brexit didn't exist, would this Council (and no doubt, many others) just carry on without checking their employees immigration status? I actually tried to phone the person whose name was on the letter but couldn't get through. Then my wife took the letter off me as she could see that I was getting rather angry at this ridiculous situation! If Councils aren't checking these things, what hope is there that other employers actually are.
  15. It's certainly NOT easy OR CHEAP to bring a spouse to the UK, if you've marries abroad. Without the details, it cost me a lot of money (this was 2006)....that's without the actual wedding costs, including the dozens of bottles of whisky that the father in law gave away to his friends to impress them! The legal stuff was ridiculous also. Translation services for my previous divorce certificate and attendance at the British embassy in order to apply for a spouses visa, cost me well over £100, if I remember correctly. My wife also had to have a certificate stating that she was not infected with TB. £50, I think, for an x ray + certificate. The actual 2 year temporary visa was £256. She had to attend a ESOL course and pass an exam, in this country that went towards applying for the indefinite leave to stay visa. And don't forget (those of you that end up marrying a Thai girl or AN other) that you are expected to support your spouses family (and their buffaloes / lorries / chickens, etc.! Having said all that, is it any wonder that many, many desperate people risk their lives to come here, with the hope of a better life than the ones they currently have? That statement doesn't mean that I agree with illegal immigrants coming here...but I can certainly understand why they try it! One thing that puzzles me in the present (Brexit) climate...and this isn't from a racist point of view! Why are there lots of Turks/ Kurds over here at present (mainly opening barber shops) when, afaik, Turkey and Kurdistan aren't in the EU? Are these people claiming asylum?
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