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  1. Completely lost faith in judging, also in some of the waffle many boxers say pre and post fight. I’d say I hope for a GGG convincing display but Canelo has improved and 3G aged.
  2. Fantastic picture of your old dog Walkedup, he looked in tiptop shape in it.
  3. Money talks, Taylor moving up after a loss means nothing to the movers and shakers. Catterall deserved better.
  4. Probably, it’s how things are done now.
  5. I used the no nonsense stuff from screwfix, it has to be done a few times. Consider getting them dipped, pricier but less arseache
  6. Hicky

    Brook v Khan

    Aimed at the never happened 3rd Benn/Eubank fight. Connor should walk his own path and not give it the time of day. 🙄
  7. Hicky

    Brook v Khan

    Eubank should be looking at BJS rematch then Andrade then Canelo….IF he manages to jump through them hoops rather than calling out a fighter who is naturally well below his weight. Spanks of chasing easy money and zero kudos the *****.
  8. Ms has read the book and is watching the series. Although it’s good viewing she said the book is x10 better.
  9. Hicky

    Brook v Khan

    YouTube the following day for me. Good luck to em both(Brook🙂) and I hope they both walk out and go home to their respective families relatively uninjured.
  10. Hicky

    Brook v Khan

    Having just watched the weigh in, one thing was clear, Brook started to hydrate immediately after getting off the scales and continued to do so for the remaining footage(roughly 5 mins). I hope the weight cut doesn't rob either of them the ability to come into the ring as fresh and healthy as can be.
  11. I stripped it down to do the woodwork once the metalwork had been remedied. I didn’t want chemical stripper(screwfix own stuff) anywhere near the colour hardening.
  12. Landlords aren't pushing up house prices estate agents are and ruthlessly so. If the market will accept a 10% rise in a few months you bet they'll whack it up for the exact same standard of house on the same road, I think it will slow down due to the increase on cost of living but I have yet to see it. Also estate agents are now pushing the bull**** mantra that their inhouse FA will get the best deal....the easy way to work them out is ask in writing if they're all/open market....if not walk away. I've experienced this(multiple times) and friends are currently(having lost out on a house after offer 10% the asking price and being able to exchange immediately). I rent a property out, I have to give two months notice, it has to be " a reasonable" increase, there are no parameters for this and the tenant has the right to go to the council and refuse the increase if deemed unfair...I assume at some point the council has some intermediary power however it has ****all to do with them as my tenant isn't DSS. I have a good long standing relationship with the tenant and issues are resolved quickly if it isn't her fault. She pays below market value at a price I'm happy with as I don't want to screw a good relationship over....for 3 years its been a happy arrangement.
  13. Just a quick update, that’s the woodwork stripped of the multiple layers of yacht varnish, dents and scratches raised or attempted to(I probably could of done better in hindsight) sanded, checkering cleaned out and tidied up as it was rough and worn….I bought a kit from slipperydicks. It was easy enough to do to a reasonable level however I think I probably should of gone with another coat of the stain on as it’s quite light. My son who’s gun and project this is put the majority of the sanding/oiling work in. I ended up going to a gunsmith who had to drill out the strikerdisc. While there I had a new hinge pin put in and faced up. I’m quite sure I could of saved myself and laddo a lot of work by hunting round for something however we’ve learnt quite a bit and enjoyed it. He’s now itching to get out and test it on the crows.🤣
  14. Any MVP or Goretex type coat will be boil in the bag if you're shifting about. Keela is the best I've used(all be it in MTP), I'm sure you can get em in civi colours. Then for warmth pop to Decathlon for a variety of thermal layers be it down(**** in wet weather) or fleece.
  15. Hicky

    Brook v Khan

    Much too late for any relevance as there will be too many after fight excuses. I hope the purse is 50/50 split.
  16. Ahmed made a decent career sparking most fighters out along with the showboating. Khan although has lost many times(he should never have took the Crawford fight), however he’s been in with some of the very best so kudos to him. Ali again in with the best, I’d just rather the showboating be cut out and if Eubank is all he thinks he is then stop ******* about and get yourself in the big fights !
  17. Charlo or Andrade….isn’t making a noise about them lads. BJS potentially is a money maker for them but BJS risks ending his own career and Eubank the same….the money won’t warrant the risk for either as both will be looking for big bucks, the rematch should of happened asap at the time. He needs to step out of the shadows of great fighters(his old man and RJJ) and stop emulating them.
  18. That showboating should never been seen in a ring in my view. When boxers say fairly disposable things to build up a fight then again I’d rather watch paint dry, ppv no thanks. Eubank looked a tit!
  19. If this thread isn’t deleted upon the matter being happily resolved(I hope it is) then google should continue to bring up this thread and make individuals aware of both sides of the coin.
  20. We have a white/off grey one we had stuffed now in the local(centrally located in the shoot).
  21. Hats off to the club’s committee and it’s bravery.
  22. I’ve asked, others have too. I should of made that clear The few times I’ve been the reward was watching the sunrise and the waking of the wildlife.
  23. See if you can speak to the range warden/staff. Depending on the layout of ranges etc there’s usually a workaround. I’m a probationer, the offers are slim pickings judging by the WhatsApp group. One guy was quite willing to help but we both have young kids/families and full time jobs so timing is key. Others who were meant to be helping seemingly weren’t. I’m left feeling it was a waste of a wait and fee sadly.
  24. I checked, the yeoman doesn’t, asi confirmed. I had that problem in the past with a XXV. I can knock a tool up in work easy enough. Hopefully it should prove straight forward….tempting fate 🤣
  25. I nearly went for the matador but I had a bad experience with an AYA single trigger before so kept away. This was the beaver tail yeoman. No2 son is very happy with it. I doubt I’ll go the auction route again if I’m honest, glad you’re happy with yours.
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