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What about Hull Comp X 28g??

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I've been reading on here pretty much great reviews on the Hull Comp X 21g cartridge when it comes to performance and recoil but I was wondering how do the 28g stand up in comparison?


Obviously I understand there's going to be a bit more recoil due to them being a 28g but what's the overall opinion on them from those that have or do use them??

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Only difference besides recoil and price is velocity


21g Fibre 1425 FPS @ £163.75
21g Plastic 1425 FPS @ £155.75
28g Fibre 1375 FPS @ £189.75
28g Plastic 1375 FPS @ £179.50
As an interest the intercomp 24g are 1400 FPS, Fibre £190 Plastic £182.50
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I honestly can't tell the difference I think it's psychological , I've shot both but made a beeline for the 28. But honestly probably wouldn't have noticed if I'd have used 21 as for recoil I shoot on a Sunday morning so most of the time I'm still half cut so more bothered about ear protection more than a punch to the shoulder I'm a big boy and been doing it long enough to not notice any recoil...

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used the 21g quite a lot on field based clay shoots - but started to notice a variation between individual cartridges - some were louder than others out of the same box - but this was when there were no other guns about at a dedicated clay ground. The caddy also noticed it and was surprised that some clays were being missed when they were hit the pair before - so they are cheap, popular among shooters and I do like them but I've bought a few slabs of Power Blue 28g they are nice and recoil is minimal.

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