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aberdeenshire trip

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I was invited to travel up to aberdeenshire  to shoot with sako751sg you will know him with the stunning pics he posts on here, that we are all in envy of I travelled up Thursday  over  6 hrs  drive but what the hell  I didn't think twice about it , I got there for about 2.45pm   even before I had checked in to the guesthouse I was staying at  I was  stood at one of  his  duck ponds and theres quite a few of them  

anyway we managed 3 ducks 2 mallard and a teal, plan for the next day was a full walk up day and finish on a duck flight, I met up with dave at his house 9am next day and within 5 minutes we were in 1000s of acres of the most stunning countryside you will see, 1st off  we ambushed a duck pond resulting in 5 mallard being shot, then a walk round the reeds surrounding it and bagged 2 pheasants and a silly crow that flew past and turned back over me, onto the next plot of land I should say huge plot of land for a  3 hr walk round for the smartest pheasants I have come across birds jumping 100 yards away at times  even with the dog at our side and wind in our face jumping at the sight of us must of pushed up 50 or so pheasants throughout  the day we didn't miss many between us when in range so bagged 8 on that walk round  with  1 pigeon 1 crow  then to another flightpond and ambushed a huge pack of teal off it 1 teal each from that then on to another  flightpond for evening flight bagged 5 mallard from that  I could have made this post 3 times the size but wanted to keep it short as possible and let the pics do the talking  what a fantastic trip I will never forget it, just to be in countryside like is amazing but to shoot in it as well is a  privilege  that's me in one of the pics  doing  a similar  pc pose with the bag and daves dog  jake  the none stop working dog 

thanks dave for a being a great host, and your  as  straight as they come  a top bloke and we will definitely have a crack at the geese next season  :good:



IMG_20181228_145046 (800x600).jpg

IMG_20181228_145052 (800x600).jpg





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Was a pleasure Daz and glad you enjoyed.

Good to see some good shooting too,especially with the rangier stuff,



8 hours ago, panoma1 said:

Lucky lad! Good write up!..........The skip could do with emptying though! Lol! 😇

Aye,will get done at the end of the game hopefully.Feeding every couple of days and the rears not far off a skip right enough.

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