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mel b3

bench sander , chimney brush , free.

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evening guys,

im having a bit of a clearout , and getting rid of a few bits of stuff that i dont need.


second is a chimney sweeping set , its an old bamboo set (the rods are bent but are still ok) , and it comes with a couple of brushes .

both are free , and strictly collection only . ill hang on to them until the end of the week , then theyre off to the tip.






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6 hours ago, boo said:

I'd keep the rods , make good drain rods set , handy in an emergency...

This is a second set that I was given . Im completely out of space so I have no choice but to have a bit of a clear out. 

5 hours ago, team tractor said:

Nev was looking for a sander like that . 

Ain't that just typical , if I'd known , lin could have dropped it off for him.

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20 hours ago, redial said:

Charity shop would take the brush and rods if you have  one close by.

I only know to one local charity shop , and that's been closed down permanently because of covid.

20 hours ago, steve_b_wales said:

Rods could be useful to someone for drey poking.

These are too wobbly Steve,  they need to be inside a chimney. 👍

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