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How do people lug all there gear?

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Hi sitsinhedges I’ve used this for 15years it does the job and is very quiet. As you can see it goes into my berlingo van. Charge it up when I get home and ready to use again. It’s great for shooting rabbits at night and will carry them back to the van. The maximum user weight is 40stone ,l bought it from a large gentleman from Blackpool , I weigh about 10stone and it doesn’t struggle. It’s very good for a hide just reverse into the undergrowth and away you go in comfort. I have more photos of it, l will ask the kids to put them on. 


Another photo 


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Hi all, in my opinion, once the ground gets even slightly bumpy/muddy, pulling is a lot easier than pushing. I bought one of these a few weeks ago and have only used it once but it seems to work perfectly well when i travel light  but to be honest its a bit small for  when i take a full kit of about 20 deeks in a bag, 2 camo nets ,hide poles,  2 bouncers, whirly &  seat box. I have to carry my gun over my shoulder.


 Maybe i should have bought a bigger one in the first place.

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i still use 6 shell decoys as you shoot fill the pattern and remove plastic decoys     may use a floater on peas    i travel light and shoot where they want to be      rather than your chosen spot trying to draw them in      not the same for everybody    some have to haul from the farmyard   to the spot        a wheel barrow works for mi mate   

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