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Bird ID Please ( Without Photo )

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Evening All . I am not normally stumped with birds seen on the estuary , yesterday I did one flying away from me that got me baffled .

It was the size of a Swan , all White apart from some Brown feathers on it's back which could have meant it was a young(ish) bird , faster wing beats than a Swan with a long neck that had a noticeable kink in it's neck , it also looked when it flew past it had a lump or a blob on it's head .

I don't think it was a Crane as the legs were not that long . nor a Great White Egret , Stork or a species of the Swan family .

I am sure Mr JDog or Twenty will come up the answer , or will they ?



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14 minutes ago, JDog said:

Sounds like an immature Mute swan to me or a Chinese goose.

I think you were very near the mark with the White Chinese Goose , a very noticeable blob on it's head and certainly look like a Swan , what drawed me away from a Swan was the large kink in it's neck and slightly faster wing beats .

We have got a few wildfowl collections near by , in fact their is one the other side of the estuary that is open to the public , the first thing you see are Storks nesting on top of the chimney pots and are free flying, so it is possible the Chinese goose went out for the day to stretch it's wings . :good:

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16 minutes ago, marsh man said:

Many THANKS for your fast response :good:

Two Garganey spotted yesterday at Slimbridge WWT................you probably see more of these secretive dabblers in your area.

Only reckoned to be about 40 - 70 breeding pairs in UK...........Spring/Summer visitors.

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7 minutes ago, loriusgarrulus said:

I wondered where my Christmas turkey got to. 🤷‍♀️

Well I am offended. I cannot believe anyone could mistake what our skilled experts have clearly drawn as a leucistic Chinese Goose to be a ******** turkey 🤣

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11 hours ago, WalkedUp said:


Have you seen this bird?


that is quite scary.............definatley not going into the country anymore ....if stuff like that is roamin' around......thanx for the heads up :good:

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