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Not cross buns


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Now you can get them throughout the year they seem to lose there appeal , I have tried most of the flavoured from M + S and I found the worst ones were the cheese flavoured ones and yes they did have a cross on top , the Apple ones are quite tasty 😋

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2 hours ago, ditchman said:

wokery.............in another 20 years all our cathedrals will be mosques ...............

You have to wonder, I doubt anyone is actually offended or even gives a toss but still there are people who have to be offended on their behalf, Bring back the cross.😉

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23 minutes ago, Duckandswing said:

And I thought all religions taught moderation, forgiveness and acceptance.

Evidently not Wokism

The Wokerati are offended by everything they think might offend someone, somewhere regardless of whether their activities offend many.

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On 29/03/2024 at 14:42, islandgun said:

My mother in law was telling my wife that some places where she lives [N Wales] are selling hot cross buns without the cross to save offending anyone

Iceland. No cross but a 'tick'. Surprised they didn't put a star and crescent moon on them.

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