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Peugeot’s 1.6 HDI engine

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7 minutes ago, bunny_blaster said:

I’m looking for a cheap run around to save putting the mileage on my truck. I’ve seen a couple of Peugeot 207’s that fit the bill but I was wondering what the reliability is like with the 1.6 HDI Diesel engine.


The engines are fine, its the power steering rack/pump that fails on these, very expensive to fix too.
When they were newer , Peugeot were fixing them when they went , but those days are long gone, and trying to find 2nd hand ones will be virtually impossible.
As I recall, and this was years ago, it was a £2.5 k job with new parts from Peugeot.

Just something to be aware of.

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I had a Peugeot 307 diesel , without a shadow of doubt the most expensive car I had when little things go wrong , two fairly small jobs were over £500 and that was at least ten years ago , I would never , never have another one .    MM

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On the other hand.........

My wife had (years ago) two Peugeot diesels, a 205 and a 306. Apart from the alarm malfunctioning on the 306 when first bought at 2 years old, nothing ever went wrong with either vehicle over many years and many miles. The alarm was removed!
I remember a motoring magazine doing a survey to find the highest mileage car in daily use in Britain. It was won by a very old Peugeot 305 diesel with a mileage (from memory) in the half million region.

Just sayin’....not making recommendations.

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I had a 308; cheapest car I ever ran and no issues other than it seemed to pop nearside headlight lamps for a past time.  HDi engine in it seemed to be ok for an  econobox, not exactly fast but sipped fuel and working aircon was a first for me.  Sold the vehicle to my ex who as far as I know is still running it.

Remember the youngest 207 is now 10 years old.

Incidentally, what do we mean by 'Japanese made' exactly?  Thanks to the EU's import tariffs, most Japanese brands manufacture in Europe.

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I’d look at an old Mercedes but I run a Citroen 1.6 hdi and it’s 13 years old. I use it for local driving and going to town as don’t want take my landcruiser.

Does 55MPG, done 133k and is cheap to run and repair by buying parts myself at motor factors and paying a mobile mechanic £35 hour labour.


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If this engine is the one jointly developed by Peugeot/Citroen along with Ford and Mazda it's more or less okay depending on what you're used to. On my 1.6 diesel Mazda I had a MAF warning light which in the end I fixed by cleaning the MAF sensor with carb cleaner. The glowplugs were finished at about 70K and many times the DPF efficiency low light would come on long hills. At about 100K a joint between a couple of pipes popped apart, filling the car with diesel fumes.

It was my first (and very definitely) my last diesel thanks to it being noisy and rough - although the economy was very good.

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Have a look round for a Honda Civic with the 2.2 diesel engine…..bulletproof engines that go really well for what they are too, we run ours as a third vehicle now for the other half when we don’t all need to go out (3 kids) and it never goes wrong, always passes the mot and does 45-50mpg. My brother in law has had one from three years old and has barely spent any money on it! 
Annoyingly she loves driving my double cab around now so it’s hard to prise her out of that, but saves a fortune on fuel 😂

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