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  1. It being over 20 years since her father died, my daughter-in-law was rummaging through his strong box in the attic and found these. (He was a Senior Army Officer who took an interest in Armament improvements). The leaflet is self explanatory. But are there any PW members with personal knowledge of these items? Did they actually come into use, for example. Of particular interest would be advice from this knowledgeable community as to the legality of their retention by my daughter-in-law. Thanks.
  2. Double gin + 1/2 pint dry cider ice and a slice. A proper headshrinker
  3. Had our forebears not done their bit (Twice) the frogs would today be speaking German. Ingrates.
  4. Steuart Smith (chooses not to be a permanent member of the Eagles): James Burton. Virtuoso classical guitarist Andres Segovia
  5. In the late 70’s I visited a number of Naval bases. The soap bars in the heads (toilets) were cut blocks. I believe it was known as “Pussers Hard” !!
  6. Nostalgia indeed. At home in the 50’s my mum always had a copy of Pears Cyclopaedia and the first page was a drawing of a dirty tramp writing a letter saying “I used your soap two years ago since when I have used no other”. I use coal tar soap when on holiday. Part of being away. My father was a Brylcreem Boy (ex RAF) with Imperial Leather soap and Old Spice aftershave.
  7. Just watched the five candidates on the channel 4 debate. Whoever wins “we’re doomed Captain Mainwaring. We’re doomed”
  8. Like you, I’ve been there and a sad day it was. My father, now long gone, was a motor bike mechanic before the war after which he entered the motor trade and as a body shop manager his life was cars. Parkinson’s combined with low blood pressure meant that if he stood up quickly he was likely to fall over. Also became prone to mild panic attacks. I had to intervene. My mothers complaint was “how are we going to get the shopping done now?”
  9. Is the Biased Broadcasting Corporation showing it’s colours too early? A Jeremy Hunt long slot on the 9 o’clock Sunday morning show and again another 10 mins now on the News at 08.10. Others are not getting that degree of exposure. Talk about me, me me, blather. I have done this, that, etc etc. I wouldn’t trust the Gob **** with my favourite marble
  10. Sounds like my GP Surgery.
  11. Being a gentleman of a certain age I have to renew my driving licence every three years. A reminder was received in June. I completed the on line application with NI and Passport No etc. Five days later my new licence arrived. I suspect his type of renewal is computerised without human interference which accounts for the quick turn around.
  12. I’m not an over keen clay shooter but join four friends every other Sunday. For variation we opt for one of five shooting grounds. Two are clubs where we are guest shooters, three are commercial ground. Over the years I have never been asked to produce my SGC. So, I would suspect that they all have the appropriate exemptions, and any ground or club which insists on SGC’s either do not have exemption or, if they do, are making it up as they go along.
  13. Does any PW member have one of these and what is your experience please? eg pros / cons Make and model would be helpful. I am changing my PC tower setup, re-arranging where the computer is located and need to space save. Thanks.
  14. In the press today. The BBC is to scrutinise the impartiality of Countryfile as part of a review into editorial standards. The show has been at the centre of several impartiality rows over farming, fox hunting and environmental issues. The review is to be conducted in-house. So, the Biased Broadcasting Corporation is to act as judge and jury on bias in a biased programme and do it behind closed doors. You couldn’t make it up.
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