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    I have the Kofs 28g and a Yidliz 410. Both well made both lovely looking. I think the Kofs has better looking wood and engraving. You won't go far wrong with either. If money wasn't an issue I would have a Guerrini 28g but 5 x more expensive .
  2. paulinlincs


    I have the 28 guage . Lovely little thing with great wood.
  3. paulinlincs

    Awful attitude at gun shop.

    But how does the shop know the gun was faulty ? He doesn't know you or your friend from Adam. You are asking him to take your word for it. How many times has he been stung before . He stated your friend had rented the gun for morning flight so seems he has had this before. I am sure the shop is run by a total tool with all the customer service skills of a chimp. Like I said just playing devil's advocate.
  4. paulinlincs

    Awful attitude at gun shop.

    Devil's advocate here. Your friend presumably explained his gun was broken and needed another for the shoot. Gunshop sold him one and after the shoot your friend returns the gun and asks for his money back. How does the shop owner know it's legit ? Has this happened to the shop before ? I worked for a catalogue once and people used to buy dresses or shoes for a wedding or party then return them once worn. Similar situation. Just trying to see both sides.
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    Cheap fags and booze and amusing apes that nick sandwiches. Why wouldn't you want that .😁
  6. paulinlincs

    Caesar Guerini vs Beretta?

    Had a Beretta 682e for many years and it was lovely and reliable. Bought a CG Maxum sporter with 32 inch barrels . The fit, finish ,wood and balance are far superior to my Beretta and like for like much cheaper to the equivalent Beretta. I even bought a trap stock (as they are interchangeable)and carbon raised rib so can use it as a dedicated trap gun. Also had really good service from the importers .Pretty sure you would be happy with either brand but CG for me all day long.
  7. paulinlincs

    K bar lock knife

    K bar Warthog. Very good and solid knife. aus8 steel i believe. Good luck with the sale.
  8. paulinlincs

    Budget tires

    Avon are utter rubbish. Bad grip and lasted under 6k miles.
  9. paulinlincs

    Grenfell Tower Bonfire Video

    How very true.
  10. paulinlincs

    Wildfowling labrador

    I appreciate the heads up. Thanks.
  11. paulinlincs

    guerini choke key

    I emailed Guerini uk as i had lost my stock key. They sent one free of charge . Might be worth dropping them a line .
  12. paulinlincs


    To me its a thing of beauty. If you possibly can save it .
  13. paulinlincs

    How did you get your username?

    My name is Marmaduke and i live in Scotland 😁
  14. paulinlincs

    Any CO2 lovers?

    I tried the RWS but couldn't get them to group. Crossman accuples for me. Shows how important it is to try different ammo even in the same brand and model of gun.
  15. paulinlincs

    Any CO2 lovers?

    Love co2. A tuned qb78 is my go to rifle. Best of both worlds. Recoiless but with no need for a tank or pump to fill it up.