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  1. My first ever gun was a betinosoli and had the same issue firing both barrels. A guy at the Clay ground undid the stock bolt half a turn and it never happened again. No idea how or why but maybe worth a go.
  2. BOKER subcom edc is my favourite at the moment once you get over the military looks it's a brilliant little knife and very flat in the pocket. The daddy of all uk legal though the Spyderco UK pen knife.
  3. I think I paid about that a few years ago for a Yidliz junior stock. It's actually a decent piece of wood too. It does make you wonder how they make a profit ( sure they do)
  4. Hi Linington Newport IW is only on the top rib. The only writing on the locks is the number 5 on the insides. Linington Were an Ironmonger on the IOW. The proof marks and rebounding hammers lead me to believe it was built 1867 - 1868 but I am no expert I purely went on the evidence as rebounding hammers came into being in 1867 and the proof marks are Birmingham 1855 - 1868 Thank you it is lovely. Whatever it's age or history it is a beautiful piece of engineering and hope to use it regularly.
  5. Thanks Dave. That is my next plan 👍
  6. If today is any indication I certainly will.
  7. It also has later Nitro proof marks. What makes me think using modern carts is OK? That would be the Nitro proof marks
  8. The proof marks are Birmingham 1855 - 1868 You are correct. I believe the rebounding locks came in around 1867.
  9. Joined the side by side club. I bought this 1867 ish Linington Damascus hammer gun as a project from bosher. Redone the wood and rebrowned the barrels and gave it a good old clean and polish. Took it clay shooting today for the first time. So light and graceful to use. I am a convert. Used some nice light 65mm Hull Comp X 21g 7.5. Amazed at the lack of recoil and how well it shot. I hope you all like it.
  10. Yep. Alkanet oil. Be aware that if you are going to oil the stock afterwards the end color will be darker due to the oil.
  11. In the dim and distant past I seem to remember you could buy 20g tubes to turn a 12g into a 20g or did I imagine it. Might be worth a Google.
  12. I will let you all know. Just ordered one to keep my Gat gun and corks in 😁
  13. Good quality. Their Chinese made range goes under the name Magnum. Also decent quality for a smaller budget.
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