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  1. paulinlincs

    Conspiracy Theory Question...

    Because they wanted it.
  2. paulinlincs

    smk xs78

    I have a Hogun decimeater silencer on mine almost silent. Fitted the T.R Robb tuning kit and polished everything and now runs 11.4 lbs . I have loads of air rifles some triple the price but always reach for the SMK.
  3. paulinlincs

    shotgun stock alterations

    Cant wait for the website. Stunning work.
  4. paulinlincs

    KOFS 28 gauge

    I have one of these. Wonderful little gun. A bargain.
  5. paulinlincs

    Knife sharpening - down to what grit ?

    I believe the yellow lansky is ceramic but could be wrong. Mega highly polished edges look nice and are fun to pop hairs but depending on what you need the blade to do, a toothy ( i think thats a word) edge is sometimes a better option. I have knifes that will pop hairs but to open a box are useless. If your edge at 1000 grit suits your needs then stop there.
  6. paulinlincs

    Anyone noticed?

    Its a PC world i am afraid. Also searching tool rather than knife gets around alot of filters on computers.
  7. paulinlincs


    NO problem through customs at all. You may get stung with import duty/vat. There is Cold Steel Uk might be more expensive but once you add on vat/duty not much in it.
  8. Lovely looking gun. Any idea of age ?
  9. paulinlincs

    Side by Side Club

    Work of art. Lovely. Must resist buying a hammer gun.
  10. paulinlincs

    Caesar Guerini Forum

    I own the Maxum . Owned for many years with thousands of carts through it never a problem. Guerini uk and Guerini USA are excellent with customer service . No idea who the imporer is in Oz. My next gun will be the Guerini Apex .
  11. paulinlincs

    692 and GMK

    Stevo No problems.
  12. paulinlincs

    692 and GMK

    Stevo Please feel free to read the original post where the question was asked - What is CG customer service like. So on that basis it has nothing to do with GMK or the 692 as i have no experience of either but do have experience of CG customer service.
  13. paulinlincs

    692 and GMK

    I misplaced the stock key for my Guerini Maxum so emailed CG Uk asking how much a replacement would be. I recieved an email back within 2 hrs asking for my postal address. 2 days later i recieved a stock key free of charge. That is 5 star service and that creates brand loyalty. Had my Maxum 6 years and its never missed a beat.
  14. Lovely gun. What are mullers ?
  15. paulinlincs

    Best cheap to insure car for 17 yr old daughter ?

    I cannot for the life of me work insurance out. Example 21 year old son 54 plate 1.4 fiesta £700 just bought a Hyundai coupe 2.0 58 plate £570. Wife swapped 1.6 focus £212 now has Saab 2.0 turbo cabriolet £198 No sense at all.