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  1. I actualy like it. Kind of Star wars vibe to it.
  2. Agreed. A brilliant bit of kit. The Spyderco tri sharp is brilliant if a slightly more traditional sharpening system. You can't really go wrong with either.
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    My point exactly. The press tell you Russia meddled in the election and you take it as gospel. The press tell you the last election wasn't rigged and it was fair and you believe it. And you are correct his impeachment was nothing to do with that. Bad wording on my part.
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    If Donald Trump had found a cure for cancer and gave it away for free the news channels still would have found a negative. He isn't a career politician or part of the old boy network so was always going to get slated. I thought he was a pillock. But he got things done and that's not what politics is about. North Korea massive issue. Donnie took no prisoners and now not much of a threat. I love he is being slated for saying the election was rigged when the other side spent 4 years saying the Russians interfered with his election even when he was cleared of impeachment it carried on.
  5. They asked me to email photos of my cabinet location and carried out a phone interview. This was last September. I fell fowl of the medical report. They have to have this before you submit your application. If they look at the application and they do not already have the report they reject it and you have to start again. They don't tell you. It shows up on the online application. I ended up having to transfer my guns as I had no licence due to believing my application was in progress when in fact it had been rejected. When I emailed to see progress I received an amazing snotty email back telli
  6. A work of Art. I think it's beautiful. A side by side reimagined.
  7. 9 out of 10 times they don't bother replying to emails either. I sent 7 emails this year to traders only 1 replied. Quess who gets my business from now on even though they are 140 miles away.
  8. I have the 28g. Light, reliable and fits me well. Yes a little rough on the inside of action but amazing wood for not alot of money. The price you pay really doesn't reflect how nice they are.
  9. I love browsing guntrader and the like. But pointless as whenever you email the trader asking a question there is never a response. There must be soooo much money in the guntrade that there is no need to reply to customers as obviously they don't need sales.
  10. Always used a 12g for clays. Bought a 28g on a whim my scores have gone up by 10% average (pretty pathetic % to start with mind you) I use 7.5 24g I only use the 28g now. Not sure if it's the weight or the fit but I am so much more consistent than I ever was with the 12g. My point is you never know unless you try something different.
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