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  1. SpringDon

    Alleged Russian assassins on TV

    I’m joining in ,against my better judgement, to point out that steel starts to lose strength at 450c or so and by 800c has lost half its structural strength (otherwise blacksmiths would never move metal). I unequivocally believe that planes were flown into the tower. Who funded/protected the participants is anyone’s guess. Like mr.scully, I simply cannot accept that the number of people required to pull an inside job would not be detected. But before I burn my tinfoil hat, I do think the article by Hitchens is very thought provoking though that’s probably because it chimes with my own opinions. ......what’s this thread about again?
  2. SpringDon

    Alleged Russian assassins on TV

    That’s so true that it almost hurts. It’s almost pathetic that the robust response to an alleged chemical attack involves buying less caviar from them and not selling them so much yogurt. But our politicians never seemed seem to be called out on it in the media (at least in the media I peruse but I do avoid the parts that involve being shouted at by a halfwit with a beard on YouTube). I would go even further and say that the trouble in Ukraine is a direct result of eu expansionism, which seemed so predictable that it almost seemed deliberate.
  3. I name that town wellington and claim my 5 pounds.
  4. SpringDon

    Alleged Russian assassins on TV

    Missed that first time round. I like it!
  5. SpringDon

    Alleged Russian assassins on TV

    Not sure which camp I fall into. Dont really care (despite the fact I’m writing this). There seem to be gaping holes in the whole thing as ably pointed out by mr.hamster and mr.rewulf. Not least that highly trained spies flew direct from Moscow and seemed to have been caught gurning at every cctv camera between there and Salisbury. But, and here’s the thing, I don’t know. Very few people do. I’m very sceptical about the official version but so what? I’m not going to write to my mp because it’s a bit of an effort and what’s he going to do anyway? So my only alternative is to be a sleeper agent then bring down the system from within. And the sleeper part is going terrifically well so far.
  6. SpringDon

    Gordon Brown Fears Another Economic Meltdown

    He is the last person to comment on this since he failed to heed those that warned him that it was imminent. He did act after the event but so what. This just maintains the fiction that the crisis is over. Certainly stock and gilts are recovered but this is due to QE. The “real” people’s economy (wages, interest rates and currencies) is still flat. When the money tap is turned off it will expose record debt and no room for manoeuvre left.
  7. SpringDon

    Alleged Russian assassins on TV

    Wow, pretty bleak. But unfortunately pretty accurate. People make a fuss but do nothing. They are appalled by by the tax avoidance methods of Starbucks but quite enough to stop buying coffee there. They are horrified by a dead migrant child on a beach but not quite enough to do something to stop them making the journeys, instead preferring to do the equivalent of creating a finishing line and applauding those that make it.
  8. Don’t think I’m quite so keen. I love the song, even like the parodies over the years. But that ad is a mawkish excrescence. It drips contempt for the viewer, the subtext being “here’s some cute children so go aaah and buy some **** like the sentimental sheep we think you are”. it just needs a kitten with a bandage on its leg to make it a crime against humanity.
  9. SpringDon

    I'm to be arrested by HMRC........

    Always knew he was a wrongun.
  10. SpringDon

    Night vision

    I don’t use a centre fire but I did build my own nv add on for about £250. I chose add on because day/night scopes cost lots and I was told that the day function of some is poor. That said, I don’t know whether the range of your gun would dictate a more powerful set up.
  11. SpringDon

    Annoying voice over on TV

    Depends. Is it sky or free view or other. There should be a setting for audio description which you should turn off.
  12. Well I think it could be a good idea. Scrap the benefits system entirely, scrap tax credits and focus what was the benefits apparatus on getting people into work. Possibly combining citizen wage with citizen service. (although I won’t be voting labour even if you paid me. Would consider offers though)
  13. SpringDon

    Prevention rather than cure?

    I found it interesting that they stated that patrolling the streets and getting to know the community was effective. If only there was some kind of organisation in this country that could do such a thing. How does one tell if one is a gammon? Is there a stamp like on bacon?
  14. SpringDon


    Not sure what the op’s point is. Opposing fans have always cheered crashes that promote their favoured rider. As for patriotism, why should any driver feel they are driving for their country? They nearly always start racing by self or family funding. Only when they approach the top do the public suddenly decide its all about nationalism.