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  1. SpringDon

    Petrol garden tools.

    That’s £20 premixed with synthetic two stroke (not mole valley junk). You get better fuel economy, a five year shelf life and never have to worry about machines being idle. For occasional users, it seems a no brainer. But since about 60% of my work comes from machines that have been left with old fuel in, perhaps I should be glad more people don’t use it.
  2. SpringDon

    Spice Girls Tour

    Must say it has come as something of a surprise that the average middle aged countryman member of pw does share the same taste in music as the average prepubescent girl. Who would have thought - lucky this thread was started really.
  3. SpringDon

    Series 2a

    I started used a vacuum pump to prime the lines then a easibleed on each wheel and get pressure quite quickly. I found the easibleed on its own would take ages.
  4. SpringDon

    Do English people actually want to work?!

    Well I’d do it. And if I said I’d turn up then I would. And am English. However, I don’t do Facebook. Perhaps the demographic division is not national but the communication medium. Perhaps targeting adverts at those who want work is best performed outside an environment where the primary activity is sharing amusing videos of cats performing surgery and....ok, I don’t really know what one does on Facebook. Anyway, the workers are out there and if you build it, they will come. (Although if you have already built it, you don’t need the workers. Bit of a catch 21, really)
  5. I sort of agree. But why do they “demand” antibiotics? Oh yes, because the same medical professionals ,who now preach the dangers of resistance, spent decades expediting patient transit by prescribing antibiotics for all manner of minor viral infections. You reap what you sow.
  6. SpringDon

    Shooting wild goats - news story

    This very much so. Someone should make that point to the stupid Tesco comment person. But I suspect it would be a waste of breath.
  7. SpringDon

    Cryptocurrency Opportunity

    I’ve used one of mr.medic1281 invites. If anything happens I’ll owe you a beer. If nothing happens then I’ll just get even more penis enlargement offers (which can only be a good thing - one of them will work, I’m sure)
  8. SpringDon

    Where the heck is Corbyn?

    I think that’s worryingly close to the the truth. There will be not a peep from him until an election looms then it will be free jam for everyone. Why would he bother criticising the government when seem to be melting down with no help from outside.
  9. SpringDon

    Woodburner.. Morso 6143 vs contura 510

    Only had the morso so I can’t help with the choice. The 6143 had good air wash, was very controlable, well made and was mostly cast iron. Only thing I’d say against it was that the output wasn’t great for the size
  10. SpringDon

    Upcoming Recession and financial Crash

    ^ this very muchly. The developed world has run out of places to export inflation to. This, as much as anything, is why the train is nearing the buffers. And, as an aside, is why I believe the eu is so keen to expand to the east.
  11. SpringDon

    Alleged Russian assassins on TV

    I don’t like to point fingers. But your shells probably annoyed them, and that’s why they bombed you. Sometimes you have to put yourself in the other person’s shoes.
  12. SpringDon

    Upcoming Recession and financial Crash

    Yes. But a gold or any physical thing based currency has a ceiling unlike fiat currencies. So it seems unlikely that we would be in a world with £1000 phones or teslas simply because a sensible financial system could not allow such debt. With regard to the original question, there is no new financial crisis it’s just the end of the first one. Probably accelerating as central banks turn off the money presses.
  13. SpringDon

    Upcoming Recession and financial Crash

    Reset covers a number of measures but is generally a currency reissue. But it could include savings confiscation.
  14. SpringDon

    World Superbike Champion.

    He’s a motorcycle racer not a television presenter and should be judged as such. It’s not his fault that no one can match him. In my opinion he could have been one of the greats if not for the wasted seasons on a dated Honda.
  15. SpringDon

    Using a lap top on your lap

    It does affect your love spuds to terms of reduced fertility (only short term as I remember).but apart from that....