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  1. I see...but what’s the question that it is the answer to? I’ll make sure I never ask it.
  2. Non consensual insemination? Skating on thin ice nowadays. Hope you get a good crop though.
  3. People often link to articles that chime with their view, this is not to say that they did or would write the article. I read it as anything but balanced, and surely the disappearance of avocado pear for breakfast is the very definition of starvation.
  4. On this I absolutely agree. There is no way a new deal can be better than the one we have at the moment otherwise there will be a stampede for th same deal we have, and pop goes the eu. Your men’s health article however....spare me. WTO tariffs are the maximums that can imposed by the importing country. Beef price rises of up to 87%? How awful. Unless we actually remove the tariff and beef becomes cheaper. Chorinated chicken? The horror! Anything is better than that, even the prewashed salad from any supermarket that’s washed in, oh hang on, chlorinated water. I’ll get back to you on that one. The affect on prices of a no deal brexit is downwards,if you just take tariffs into account. A bigger effect will be currency, and who knows where that would go. Of course, food producers might not be too happy.....
  5. +1 Are people really saying his high salary includes a premium to tolerate abuse. At what point on the salary scale does abuse not get included in the remuneration package? Also, it’s hardly his fault he gets paid so much. Is he supposed to turn down the money because kicking a ball isn’t worth that amount? If you have a problem with footballers’ salaries, moan at sky sports subscribers and people who buy tickets not the footballers.
  6. This is where we disagree. We were neither happy or fully in the eu. The last (ongoing) financial hiccup proved that political union must be combined with fiscal alignment. We are on the fringes of one and completely outside the other. Actually, I’m game, after all in for a penny, in for a Euro. Oh hang on, just remembered; you didn’t know what you were voting for, did you?
  7. You need to confirm this with a dealer but I believe the modules have to synced with the vehicle and this can done via the diagnostic port.
  8. You have given your life? That’s very noble and explains the miscommunication; it difficult speaking through a medium. Anyway, the stage is set for revocation, which was the the intent of the oligarchs on both sides from the beginning. Any deal is going to be so weak as to be worse the the current position. Either way, we will remain in the second division of the eu. Thanks for that, remain people.
  9. ^this very muchly. It seems absurd to be voting on fantasy solutions like Norway or common market 2:the revenge, when the eu have said ‘there’s the deal - no negotiation like it or lump it’. And the idea that tm’s Resignation offer would change anything just shows they are more interested in jockeying for position than what’s good for the country.
  10. Speaking as an ignoramus, isn’t the current twice as much with 110 and I was always told it was the current that kills you.
  11. SpringDon

    Knife crime.

    I don’t know what the answer is or even if there is one, but until the choice between a short life of violence and crime or an average working life becomes weighted toward working, society will continue to polarise. An under class and no-go estates benefit no one. Suppression and imprisonment just strengthen the divide.
  12. SpringDon

    Knife crime.

    That’s nice looking work for basic tools. We do get forged in fire and it’s variants. Back on topic, I find sad that someone can get abused in a pub for crafting something that only an idiot would believe is for crime. Obviously a criminal will use cheap disposable knives. Your lady in the pub should be shouting at the staff in John Lewis etc. Who knows, perhaps she already does.
  13. I wasn’t actually suggesting leaving the world, just leaving the eu. I would say the uk becomes instantly better off due to losing the overheads of membership and the protectionism of a bloc that still only accounts for half our trade (less if you accept the Rotterdam effect). Agility would help in market selection, bearing in mind the trade deficits we run, any reduction in deficit would go straight onto profit (or reducing the loss depending on your point of view)
  14. Happened a couple of times to me. Don’t take it personally, stuff happens. You don’t say what you do but one approach is to just think ‘oh well, never mind’ and get another job in the same line. if the payoff is good and you fancy a change then why not go for it. Most important thing is don’t dwell on it and move on. oh and it’s tough being rent boy though lucrative if you can take your teeth out.
  15. Interesting - all that is exactly the reason I think we will be better off. The uk is not competitive in part due to the extra layer of nonproductive bureaucrats each tax payer supports. The tariffs are rolled up into the payments each country makes to fund the eu. Developed eu nations are becoming less competitive and consequently the eu expands eastward to export it’s inflation to the less developed nations. This is not a long term solution. The world is becoming more integrated so geographical proximity becomes irrelevant. Integration and globalisation do not benefit the tax payer in the long term. A smaller single marketplace provides agility and flexibility that of collection of 27 cannot possibly match.
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