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  1. If you say so. But the Ducati won every race for the first half of the season last year. Three different riders on a Ducati have won this year, only 2 on a Kawasaki and lowes only won once. That says something to me.
  2. MotoGP is probably the pinnacle- prototype engine and chassis, carbon brakes and high 200s bhp (actual figure is secret) Superbikes are based on a production bike that then has vast sums of money thrown at the engine and chassis, steel brakes and mid 200s bhp. They are also a bit heavier. But they’d still be quite a handful if you were going down to Sainsbury’s on one.
  3. That’s right because the podium is always wall to wall Kawasaki.....oh no, hang on a minute
  4. I certainly hope so but I fear not. I read article who’s subject was if you want to see a Biden America will look like, look at what’s happening in California.
  5. ^ this is worth a try. i been taking fish oil and glucosamine for ages but still have aches. Started turmeric a couple of weeks ago and it seems to have made a difference. Expensive but way cheaper than cbd oil.
  6. Well yes it seems you’re right and are promoted to expert The gearbox was assembled correctly according to the manual but when I stripped the selector drum and moved gears manually, I could count the revolutions and work out the gear ratio. Sure enough 4th came after 2nd.The only way I could see it working was to switch the gears round on the shaft which would be wrong according to the manual and parts diagram. So just for laugh I looked at parts for the later 1050 engines and sure enough third and fourth are the opposite way. Part numbers are the same for the gears so the gears are the
  7. We have a similar problem to the op - u shaped bungalow with loads of external solid walls and a condensation problem. I looked up the drimaster and it seems to filter the air but can it reduce moisture? We currently run a dehumidifier for a few hours a day in the bedroom.
  8. I thought it was worth doing first time round, second time I’m not so sure..... Do like the triple though, it has a slight rasp that is missing from the wheee sound of a four. Now split the cases, still don’t know what’s wrong for sure but think that third and fourth are transposed on the output shaft....
  9. Time travel to the future is possible; I do it all the time. Altering the past the explained in the multiverse theory by simply creating a new timeline/universe as a result of any change thus paradoxes never occur.
  10. In an effort to maintain my flagging motivation, I will add photos to document my descent into despair. Side casing removed and just about to take off clutch... Clutch basket and showing oil pump drive. The chain is as slack as a slack thing but it does live in a oil rich environment. But a gear drive would have been nice - expense I guess.
  11. If you believe brexit could be a success because of a historically proud and inventive people then you’re a blinkered little englander living in 1945. If believe breaking up the union could be a success because of a historically proud and inventive people then you’re optimistic and forward looking. Funny old world, really.
  12. Groan...be you been waiting long to wheel that out?
  13. Ok but I’m a bit lost as to how those interests are so different to anyone living or working in Northumberland.
  14. Out of interest, what are Scotland’s interests? Are they the same as those of (say) a working person who happens to live in Scotland? And are they so very different from those of a working person in (say) the West Country?
  15. What I find despicable about most senior politicians, and particularly one who advocates a nebulous independence, is that they prize a place in history and self aggrandisement above all thIngs; knowing that they will not have to live in the world they usher in as only “ordinary” people will suffer the consequences.
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