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  1. How can the marksmanship of the police be called into question when 20 rounds were on target? Seems pretty good me - and I’m an expert with master prestige in call of duty; although I would have probably used an RPG.
  2. What broker do you use to buy them from? One of the problems with Bitcoin was disappearing brokers and invalid coins. More small investors lost money due to that than volatility
  3. Finally, after 2 rebuilds I did a few miles. Next an mot and another rebuild (probably)
  4. I find that really interesting, primarily because the people that pronounce ‘thou shall not correct grammar, spelling or semantics’ are usually educated. It seems to be a new class of elitism that aims to keep a dependant underclass rather than the old elitism that aimed to raise the working class to a useful level. Particularly noticeable amongst liberal types who torn between supporting stout hard working families - but not the sort of scummy ones that drive white vans, perform manual work or go to football.
  5. Most girls and nancy boys suffer from this problem. Don’t worry.
  6. I initially thought that it couldn’t be murder but thanks to you, I now see that it could be nothing else. Very interesting, thank you. Have you considered a career in the legal sector?
  7. Yes, it is worth something but not very much. As stated, restorers prize it but you’re talking 10s of pounds rather than 100s.
  8. Ah but we could set an anti technology group on Facebook and Instagram. Then film ourselves punching a plastic bag. You know - take action.
  9. Well yes and no. Do we think it’s ok for the salt flats in chile to be destroyed but not ok to jostle some polar bears in Greenland? Where are the rare earth metals going to be mined in a world so committed to mobile devices?
  10. Not just comedy. He was very chilling in Chernobyl. Seems no age at all.
  11. Certainly hope not! The poultry restrictions are lifted today.
  12. Most of instances you mention have metrics from which performance can be determined. What metrics are there for charities? Idont believe the ceo of a charity needs anywhere near the acumen of (say) the ceo of Tesco’s. Having said that, if people offer those salaries, you’d have to be a bit dim to say no. Same applies to footballers - what would you have them do, give some salary back?
  13. How sad, I didn’t even know she was ill. Seems awfully young for someone seemingly so full of life.
  14. You may have confused hydrogen with nuclear energy, and the heroes of telemark.
  15. Looks like a well restored example. Must admit I wouldn’t get another as it doesn’t bring back pleasant memories. Wallowing suspension, feeling like it had a hinge in the middle over 80, brakes that didnt work in the wet and no ground clearance. But I’ve lost my rose tinted specs.
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