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  1. SpringDon

    School children on the streets protesting

    At what point would regard it as conclusive? Surely this is something that can only definitely decided in hindsight. I think if we are already seeing the effects of manmade climate change then it’s probably too late. there is no model or spare planet no which theories can be tested. The consequences of doing nothing and being wrong are far worse than doing something and being wrong. Whilst history shows that the world has been hotter, it was very different and (arguably) would not support the “modern” world. There is no period that shows a comparable rate of change (other than the catastrophic). it is profoundly depressing to still be saying this. I guess this why we are doomed and children will reap the reward.
  2. SpringDon

    Should She be Allowed Back in to the UK

    But what if her fete is one that is raising funds for isis. Did you think of that?
  3. SpringDon

    Should She be Allowed Back in to the UK

    Other than joining a prescribed organisation (which she did as a minor), she doesn’t seem to be accused of any crimes. The unborn child will be a British citizen (I think). Why shouldn’t they return?
  4. SpringDon


    Well, it’s possible I’m in a minority here, but I think it’s far too cheap. I would gladly sell my house and it’s contents to fund the bbc. Who is mad enough to pay for a subscription service where you still get bombarded by adverts. Drama is badly damaged by constant breaks to exhort you to buy toilet cleaner. To add insult to injury, there are a number of sky channels that contain nothing but recycled bbc output. And people have the nerve to complain about repeats on bbc!
  5. SpringDon

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Don’t really understand this. What is tariff free about billions of up front contributions, trapped in a market where prices are protected by high tariffs and in which we run a trade deficit? Surely trade deals are easier if there aren’t 27 overlapping markets to consider? i do concede the point about services. But before the financial companies were the pit props of our economy, weren’t they the casino bank baddies?
  6. SpringDon

    BREXIT - merged threads

    +1. Just get with it and then sort out deals from a position of necessity rather than waffling and posturing.
  7. SpringDon

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Yes but increasingly no. Sovereign debt used for infrastructure spending can boost gdp, notably the new deal in America and in post war Europe. Private debt boosts spending and indirectly gdp. However, the trouble with debt is that slowing growth means that more debt will be in existence than ever (in a lifetime) be paid back. This is the stage we are at and, as you address in your last point, governments are borrowing money to pay interest on existing bond issues. This is not sustainable. Whilst this is not brexit related, it one of the main reasons I voted leave because I think the eurozone is doomed in its current form.
  8. SpringDon

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Ok, that’s a very big question, But briefly- sovereign debt is borrowing from the future (children/young people). Money is a construct to transfer value, it has no intrinsic value. Debt can only increase for as long as people are prepared to lend and the inflation that debt inevitably causes can be exported (ie to developing nations); both of these conditions are starting to disappear.
  9. SpringDon

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Not that clever given that gold was at a low at the time. And whilst the gold standard does put a ceiling on growth, it is becoming apparent that you cannot run an economy like ours based on debt either.
  10. SpringDon

    Nissan announcement and Government collusion

    Diesel or brexit. Or perhaps it’s something to do with the trade deal signed days ago between the eu and Japan. Nissan no longer need to evade tariffs by assembling cars in the eu. But let’s blame brexit since Nissan announced they would be shifting production elsewhere in the eu....oh no, hang on, they haven’t.
  11. SpringDon

    A train on a train

    Eewwww. Fairly cheap hobby, I suppose.
  12. SpringDon

    A train on a train

    Reminds me of a time when I was about 18 and I had need of a lavatory very late at night in a Southampton park. There was a man at the door which seemed a bit odd; inside was what I now choose (after therapy) to describe as a four man chain. I discovered I didn’t need the lavatory after all.
  13. SpringDon

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Don’t want to quote because the constant criticism of a few members is starting to resemble bullying. However, it should be pointed out that “clawing back” trade deals is massively easier when negotiating for one country and a few industries rather than 27 countries and many (competing) industries.
  14. SpringDon

    BREXIT - merged threads

    That about sums it up for me. The eu as a trading bloc works by protecting its market and negotiating as a bloc. The eu as a supranational political entity cannot work because there is no extra money to pay for it unless national governments are subsumed by it. And on the subject of company inducements, there is a pretty blurred line between grants and loans. Particularly if the company does not receive money directly but the infrastructure of the “new” area receives regional development grants. This is paying a company to move but with a slightly different hat on.
  15. SpringDon

    BREXIT - merged threads

    For goodness sake! It’s not difficult, the abyss is the barren wasteland where we would have the impossible task of finding countries prepared to sell more to us than we sell to them and where the horror of 20% cheaper agricultural produce lurks.