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  1. The regulator in the huntsman seems to be the same as the one sold as an after market fitment. There’s a document relating to its adjustment on the daystate site. (Mind you, I think I’m put off daystates now)
  2. Thanks. Do you happen to know if that’s true for the latest regulated version? Yes and I’m starting to think second hand might be much better idea. 800 is a lot if it’s something with problems. Slightly worried by the amount of people that have spent lots on a rifle (of multiple makes) and seem to have lots of complaints. Mind you, the happy ones don’t spend time moaning on the internet.
  3. Any particular reason? I ask because a 510 was one I was considering but it seems a bit expensive.
  4. Thanks (I feel like a dinosaur). Another recurrent theme seems to be that if they are filled to max pressure, the power goes down which doesn’t make much sense to me. I’ve never really thought much about power before (but I’ve never considered paying £800 for an air gun before!). Does a nigh on 10% difference in muzzle energy make little difference to pellet drop or energy to the target? Or is it back to putting the pellet in the right place is the most important?
  5. I’ve been looking at pcp rifles and rather liked the daystate huntsman. Due to the delays caused by the current unpleasantness, I have (stupidly) been reading the internet and amongst the deluge of how rubbish all daystate rifles are, there was a consistent refrain that the power level is low (10ftlb or less) from the factory. This was explained by saying it varied a lot with the pellet (Bisley magnums were mentioned as the highest) so had to be low to allow for certain pellets. Is this a trait of pcps? I only ask because my previous few springers never varied by that much, in that if a heavier pellet was used, it went a bit slower.
  6. Do you mean if you wiggle the barrel, the action moves in relation to the stock? If so, I don’t think that can be right unless the action is rubber mounted in the stock but I’ve not heard of that. Then again, I don’t know your rifle at all. Can you try another example at the shop or another owner?
  7. SpringDon


    Big relief, got a refund. I can sympathise with the company having too many orders and not enough staff but I would have not been any where near as panicky had they not taken all the money as soon as my order went in. Maybe taking the money just before dispatch and/or temporarily shutting the website would mitigate some of the comments they are receiving.
  8. Having another think about buttoning, I looked at the article and one question I have is what happens if the piston spins, could the button catch on the cocking slot? There doesn’t seem to be anything that keys the piston.
  9. Not sure I want to do the buttoning yet, just want to get it working. There may be a picture of the piston near here. It’s dimensions are 30.408 seal platform 30.093 middle 30.598 rear I set a bore gauge to 30.598 and it moves freely in the cylinder except at the points where the witness marks are. Almost like the cylinder was squeezed and deformed. As the marks are within the cocking lever cutout part of the tube so there’s no seal there, I’m going to try polishing the marks out so the piston moves freely. Gun is scrap at the moment which is a shame as it has a nice walnut stock.
  10. Thanks, I’ve already polished the damage from the piston. I blued the piston and sliding it in the cylinder seem to indicate that the cylinder is slightly ovalised in the middle of the cocking slot. only the back of the piston touches as it has the greatest diameter there. So you would turn down the piston rather than ream the cylinder? Should the inside of the cylinder be polished or honed ( like an engine cylinder)? I’ll try photos but electricity isn’t my strong point.
  11. SpringDon


    Bums. I paid by credit card so I don’t know if I still get it back from them. That PayPal info isn’t on Facebook or their website, so I wonder if they only sent it to people that paid by PayPal. I hope I get my money back and promise I’ll never buy on a whim ever again!
  12. SpringDon

    Prince harry

    No idea really. But maybe he just changed his opinions as he got older. I’ve known people who gave up shooting animals but they weren’t royalty, they just moved on to other things in life.
  13. I bought an evolution in 2011, didn’t use much initially. When I tried to zero it, the pellets seemed to keep hitting lower and lower until they wouldn’t actually leave the gun. I assumed the gas ram had lost pressure but when I went to return it, the factory had closed! It languished in a cupboard until impact air guns started, they could fix it for £200ish but I didn’t fancy throwing that much at it so more languishing ensued. Finally we reach the question. Having some unexpected free time recently, I stripped the gun and found the ram seemed to have lots of pressure but the piston was very hard to move. It seemed like swarf had flaked off the front of the piston (it wasn’t well finished) and was jamming the piston. There were some quite deep score marks on the inside of the cylinder. My question to the panel is, would you expect the piston to fall easily to the end of the cylinder if there was no piston seal on it? I suppose I’m asking whether the cylinder should be reamed until the piston moves freely? Rather amusingly, I paid extra for a 10 year warranty which is valid until end of 2011.
  14. SpringDon


    Got a response for the refund request after a couple of emails, it’s being processed. So I haven’t seen the money yet. I think they just have too much work at the moment rather than anything sinister (famous last words). Would be worth them suspending the website ordering for a while to allow them to catch up.
  15. I used to install them. Wiring is the most important bit, stapling it on the surface doesn’t work long term. Bird seed is not problem. They cope with dog eggs but can you cope with finely chopped deposits spread around (not to mention cleaning the mower ). Better to pick them up.
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