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  1. Just speculation (obviously). But the iliac artery has a number of divisions and leads to the femoral. One branch is quite close to the iliac crest (boney ridge at the top side of pelvis). So if the entry was close to the side and/or angled, a through and through is entirely possible.
  2. For what it’s worth, I agree with you. I really don’t need a shiny vacuous tart gushing faux enthusiasm to inject excitement into the mundane. Give me 1970s open university lecturers droning on any time. But that’s not where “we” are. It’s not just within the entertainment industry, much of the general public regards being famous or a celebrity as a legitimate ambition. It’s going to change anytime soon.
  3. Quite. They get the money because enough people think they’re worth it. If someone offered twice the money to do your job, would you turn it down stating “I’m not worth that”. Furthermore, if they are all “talentless nobodies” why doesn’t everyone become a presenter. I think the group that really deserves our ire are pilots. Jumped up bus drivers with one button to take off and another to land. The most difficult thing they do is the bing bongs before the cabin announcements. I couldn’t do those.
  4. SpringDon


    Crypto has even less foundation than fiat currencies. At least I could foresee a scenario of currency reissue after a devaluation so there would be a percentage return. Can’t see that with crypto. That said, the Facebook one seems to be attracting some credibility from central banks. invest in something enjoyable sounds interesting. I need to look at the price of Vincents again. But at least land or bricks and mortar has an intrinsic worth so maybe that. By the way, one can enjoy gold. All that’s required is to coat ones self in honey and roll across a bed on which sovereigns have been spread. Try it - it’s great.
  5. SpringDon


    This is inspired by a post on the brexit epic about the potential Italian bot. How does the panel protect itself from the coming financial crisis (it you believe in its imminent). Nearly all my investments (such as they are) are in cash and the rest in physical gold. Given the vulnerability of currency to devaluation and the possibility of pension fund raids. How does one spread the contents of ones basket? (Not crytpo!).
  6. It was very unreasonable after all they did announce that they were from green peace. Say what you like about terrorists but they’d never fib, would they? mind you, if I wanted to help prevent a climate emergency, I’d start by not buying a load of new red dresses and not driving people across London.
  7. SpringDon

    Home town

    Don’t really agree. If all they were worried about was ex-dealers turning to other crime then there’s resources freed up from drugs squads to deal with it. They are more worried about the perception of being seen to be soft on drugs so they rather continue the same actions that haven’t solved anything for forty years. Whilst demand exists, supply will find a way.
  8. SpringDon

    Home town

    Doesn’t seem racist to me. It seems to encapsulate the entire drugs/violence problem. How many of the 100 firearms were committed by certificate holders? No idea but I’d like to think not many. How many of the firearms were pistols that are very hard for a legitimate holder to own? Most I guess. So the answer is not in a crackdown on shotgun or rimfire owners. The entire war on drugs has been a failure (unless you count militarising police forces) because nothing seems to affect demand, although there are signs that young people are using less. One way to reduce cartel profits is for western governments to buy opium at source and sell clean heroin to anyone stupid enough to want it. Until then, what’s going to change?
  9. Could be, could be. I’ll mark you down as another subscriber to the bottom club.
  10. I’ll give you Mjolnir but the bow? That only works if the mans “arms” are the bow limbs so it’s actually an armless man firing himself from a bow. So I’ll stick with my bottom theory for now.
  11. I’d say your first instinct is right. Whilst she lacks the usual camo gear and facial hair, she does have the obligatory deep throat style contact buried deep the government, some kind of label (special hospital?) on the arm and two amulets one of which appears to be a man pulling sticks from his bottom and the other some kind of symbol (anti illuminati?). Not mention spouting a load of cobblers.
  12. SpringDon

    Jo Brand

    Arguing about comedy is as pointless as arguing about music. However, anyone who uses the term alternative comedian should be regarded with deep suspicion. It’s nearly 40 years after its relevance and particularly bizarre when used about someone who has made several prime time series and is a fixture on current panel shows. The women in Bristol was sacked for making exactly the same remark but she worked for the council and should expect public pronouncements to be taken seriously. Jo brand’s pronouncements are an act (whether or not she believes them). The remark was in poor taste given the current issue of acid attacks (or has the spotlight come away from that now). Remarks about attacks on Farage/trump etc play well to the metropolitan audience and who she’s selling to.
  13. That’s refreshing, normally frothing at the mouth loonies on the internet have beards.
  14. If you believe that you are losing out by waiting for market open and you know which way certain shares are going then try spread betting as they can be set outside trading hours.
  15. SpringDon


    It’s horrifying. I’ve no reason to believe the sacrifice has been exaggerated and it’s seems incredibly callous. But what else could they do?
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