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  1. Not sure cancelling is a majority choice based on the crowds at our Christmas tree farm. I missed breakfast and was on my chinstrap by 3pm because it was so busy.
  2. SpringDon


    Hmm, unintended consequences. I disagree with your agreement. There is case for change to be made by consensus after patient negotiation. But how long do you wait for that before trying something else? 48 years is about my limit. My point, if I have one, is that a minor industry like fishing cannot be reformed even though most parties agree it should be for environmental reasons. Despite almost universal condemnation, national and commercial interests take precedence. What hope is there for anything else? i agree with the idea of national cooperation for the greater good. But that’s not what the eu is; it exists to promote capital flow to create a bloc to rival America or China. Freedom of movement only exists to allow our inflation to be exported to the poorer members of the eu. When the imbalances that fuel that movement are corrected then the economic engine of the eu fails.
  3. Didn’t want to start a new thread so this seems the best one. just renewing my sgc. A week after sending the letter, I got a letter from the go. £34, bit steep I thought as I haven’t been there for 9 years. But if the renewal goes through as quick as that, I’ll be well pleased. Avon and Somerset police
  4. I was interested in that as well. When did they decide that gove couldn’t appear as they had to order the etched or sculpted block of ice? Also, I should have thought that the environment secretary would have some relevant thing to say on the climate.
  5. SpringDon


    The fishing is relatively insignificant - true. Everything else is half truths or incorrect. Uk fishing grounds are the most productive in the eu and were sacrificed as part of the conditions of entry into the eec. The uk now only lands around a sixth of the catch from those grounds. The rest is landed by eu fleets. We do import around 80% of the fish we consume but 3 of the top 5 (cod, haddock and salmon) come from Norway, Iceland and faroe, these would get cheaper. Our exports mostly go to the eu so tariffs would increase. Two alternatives are we develop a taste for mackerel and herring or we catch more of the species we eat. But fisheries are not really the problem, they are a symptom of the larger malaise. The common fisheries policy is regarded by some as an environmental disaster yet then an opportunity arises (brexit) to put a large proportion of waters under sustainable management, all people can do is bleat about tariffs. Surely we can see that the status quo of large protectionist blocs has given us nothing but financial crisis and a climate emergency. It’s time to progress not live in the past.
  6. Extreme is does not have a fixed definition. It can be vests and vans but it could also be considered to be fixed dogmatic position. Names, labels and accusations are not debate and shouldn’t really be normalised. It’s not very nice and doesn’t move the situation forward.
  7. I wonder if that’s the nub of the problem; there is no winning, victory or defeat. For (I fondly imagine) most normal people life just goes on. When the new (or not) legislative environment is revealed, people will adjust and carry on. Either way, it is not the end of all things, it will just be a bit different. The trouble with the view from the extreme is that everything is “other” because you are not immersed in it. Constantly slinging bile at the “other side” whether they are benefit recipients, self employed or brexiteers is not normal or helpful. The distorted face of hate is the same irrespective of the direction from which it spews its vitriol.
  8. Self employed average earnings are below average employee earnings. Average self employed earnings have fallen since 1998, in the same period those of employees have risen. Tax evasion is and always has been illegal. To suggest that self employment is synonymous with tax evasion displays a profound ignorance. And no, I’m not self employed. Pal. I always thought you two were amongst the more rational on here, but no, just more demagogues.
  9. Don’t know who is paying 100% tax rates. But I will pass on the sponging and free loading labels. Imagine they would be well received by agency workers, those on zero hours contracts and those under ir35. People choose to forgot that the rise in self employment is not always by choice. Many are worse off than a feather bedded employee.
  10. Are you also slightly miffed by their lack of holiday, sick pay and employee rights? Maybe they would like to be on the paye gravy train but have no choice other than to be self employed.
  11. Hope you’re right but I’m not so sure. The conservatives under may had a poll lead twice the size of boris’s and look what happened there. I think it’s another hung parliament in the offing.
  12. Scooter means something different to me than to you. Those things are classed as powered transporters and have to meet road traffic standards, which they don’t and they can’t be driven on the pavement for the same reason that cars shouldn’t be driven on the pavement. They still perfectly legal to purchase and use on private land.
  13. Perfectly legal here, what are you on about? The only uk restriction is that untaxed ones (pushbikes) are limited to 25kph. Electric scooters and motorcycles are freely available and subject only to road traffic legal restrictions.
  14. SpringDon


    Ok, it should really be audience focus. When you concentrate on the prejudices of your audience, it does not reflect an increase in the general prejudices. It is just subset of the audience. and I very much agree with “any kind of graduation or shading in opinion is anathema”. The description of a no deal brexit as cliff edged or catastrophic is laughably unnuanced, as I’m sure you’ll agree.
  15. SpringDon


    Just when you try to get out, they pull you back in. With utter tosh. The daily mail circulation has halved since 2000. Most papers are in steep decline. If their prejudices have become narrower, it is matched by a more focused audience. What’s your point? How you possibly give credence to an article that stating that the uk would be 2.9% larger when it has grown in the last 3 years. 2.9% would be fantastic in the current climate; for any country. This even more implausible given that many authorities consider that 1% of recent growth is due to companies stockpiling. Which is it? One thing I can agree with is that societies are in decadent decline. Emotive manipulation is one (pejorative) view, another is that it’s a result of individual empowerment. It could be a symptom of a transition from an oligarchy to a ochlocracy.
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