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  1. Really it doesn’t. Aspen shelf life 5 years, treated fuel 12 months tops. Aspen 90% reduction in emissions, treated fuel....dunno same as untreated at a guess or worse. treated fuel is cheaper but it doesn’t even come close to aspen et al.
  2. As above, clean fuel and new plug. If you still have problems, it might need diaphragms.
  3. Those knives may be good, they may even be corrosion resistant but theŷ are probably Chinese at that price and steel quality can be variable. Is they are Chinese, it is unlikely to be vg10 as that doesn’t leave Japan much. Personally, I think they would be worth a go. if you are curious..... https://www.chefpanko.com/buying-a-japanese-vg10-damascus-chefs-knife-from-china/
  4. They look really nice - seem too cheap if anything..
  5. Think there are better ideas. As said above, pigs will uproot young trees and nuts rarely fall from as squirrels or mice eat them off the branch. But I would have though the native hazel will cross pollinate and adapt to just about anywhere.
  6. Hmm, I would dispute the word possible in the thread title.
  7. Only soldering will do. And the sealant needs to be removed first. Maybe a cable tie or two would stop the yanking on the cable or at least it looks like that’s what broke the wires.
  8. Clearly your wife is a discerning lady of taste of humour. Yourself, not so much.
  9. Vodaphone are pants for gaming because they use cgnat. This can also cause problems for another peer to peer stuff like banking or skypey type things.
  10. Also the rambling nature of the text will go through junk and spam filters.
  11. Do you really think “they” would trust commercial pilots to operate that kind of equipment? I mean, bless them and all that, but they are just there to look good in a uniform and press the “bing bong” button. Handy chaps to have in the pub though.
  12. I think people rubbish it because the fundamental premise is so unsound. A memory of an event is too reliable and from so long ago, it could be as simple as the fact that if a small proportion of contrails are persistent, then an increase in flights results in an increase in trails. Also, some people on here work in in aviation, they may be annoyed by the idea that third party devices can somehow be sneaked into an engine during meticulous assembly process, or equally exacting maintenance procedures. I’m not sure it curiosity or just a windup.
  13. So he doesn’t pay uk tax, so what? He is not resident here. Wake me up when you find he doesn’t pay (low) taxes in Monaco.
  14. I notice that nobody poo pooed this, so clearly it’s far to sensible and factual. ”contrails were shorter in the old days” - this what science is reduced to. I frequently think that we are on the brink of a new dark age.
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