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  1. Sage advice. Only poofs die after being struck by lightning.
  2. As a, erm, gentleman of size, I think the gsx is a little small. Adventure bikes (gs, tiger,vstrom etc) are roomy.
  3. SpringDon

    Bad break

    Interesting. I wondered if there was something specific about hormone released when a bone breaks, it seems strange to get a physiological response before the pain. And, whilst we’re on the subject, why does pain have to hurt so much? Mild discomfort would be enough to pass the message. I model my self on the terminator - “I don’t feel pain; just the input of data”. Except it doesn’t help at all.
  4. SpringDon

    Bad break

    Well that does sound like it would sting a bit.But what about the car? You had to use your bike to wreck it. I, on the other hand, slid backwards into a triumph acclaim and wrote it off by flattening the boot and bit that holds the number plate. Broke some bones in my back but didn’t really know what was going on and they had to stop me crawling down the road. When ever I have broken something, there has always been a metallic taste in the mouth and some nausea, even before any pain kicks in.
  5. Think it was off branches etc. I’m still a novice shotgun so I just accept what they say.
  6. I would like to shoot steel as shooting loads of lead seems wrong. Two of the grounds I used to go to didn’t allow steel, one said it was dangerous due to ricochets. Is steel allowed everywhere now?
  7. Quite. Some would be replaced twice over in 7 years.
  8. If by by backup you mean imaged then the applications will transfer. If you’ve just copied files then you need the installation disks (or licence key to download them)
  9. Oh come on, we’ve all been there. Sometimes you’re relaxing, sipping cocktails, gazing at the sea from the deck of your private yacht and you just sigh and think what’s the point. Happened to me last week.
  10. See what I mean. (Not getting the joke)
  11. It pains me to say it, but I don’t get it. Colourblind can still see grey scale can’t they? And isn’t the colour blindness only on one colour? This is awful - Ditchman must feel like this all the time.
  12. Changing race is about as likely as changing gender.....oh hang on a minute.
  13. EE and three are the best for gaming. Vodaphone is particularly rubbish because they use a cgnat architecture.
  14. Sorry, I know it’s just your glands. Dunno, no and no. If he chooses to be offended that’s up to him. He also has a right to an opinion, what that opinion is, I’m not sure because I’m not interested so didn’t look it up. All you lot that read it,and decided to deride it, are the ones that elevate it some kind of special status. I take it you are aware it’s possible to lose weight but not so possible to change race.
  15. I’m not but apparently it’s Ok To tell Hamilton he should man up and not be offended.
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