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  1. That's a lovely looking gun and a nice write up. Well done
  2. I won't knock it in, sometimes I just feel like it. Soon as my boy is old enough I'll be getting him out with a little 410. Unfortunately as for the 'london effect' I think your exactly right. I live in Essex and I have tried places all from London all the way to the coast. Either they have someone who pays, or want a rediculous amount of money. As I said the shoots I had over the years have either packed up or started asking for more money than I care to pay. I have my club and I dare say sooner or later something will come up again. These days it's all money money money and the pound definitely isn't going as far as it once did.
  3. Shooting just isn't a mainstream sport, it can be expensive and difficult to get into. I'm in my 30's, with a young family and to be perfectly honest I do find it hard and expensive to get out. Firstly it's finding the time between work and keeping the kids busy as well as the million and one jobs that need to be done. When I started I had a number of places to control rabbits as well as a few warehouses as I live near London. Over the years these all dried up. Out went the free shooting, now everywhere you either have to pay an extortionate fee to do the farmer a favour or be part of a club. I can't tell you the amount of knock backs I have had and times I have been dropped because someone is willing to pay to do a service I was doing for free. I currently have one warehouse which I control pigeons for and I'm part of a wildfowl club which has a farm I can shoot pigeons but I still have to pay a premium on top of my club membership to do. I try to go clay shooting but with a young family I find it hard to justify the cost for a few hours of entertainment when it's just for myself. With the prices of carts and fuel going up and up, the imminent threat of a lead ban which would doubly increase the cost for steel, and other types of cartridges as a couple of my guns are not steel proof. It does get to a stage where you start to wonder what's the point.
  4. Excellent write up and well done for getting out. I was going to get out this weekend but I decided to brave the heat with the kids in the pool instead... Well done and keep them coming
  5. Nice write up, well done. I haven't been out since April as my wife ain't been well and there ain't been much about. Reading shorts like this make me want to load up the car and get out. Keep them coming.
  6. I think you can keep hobs alone but I know Jill's need to be mated unless spade or they die if I remember right. I used to keep working ferrets when I was younger but I do think they do best in groups. They do seem to spend 90% of their time asleep all bundled together. The only other thing I always remember is they stink so clean them everyday.
  7. Nice write up, my little old fiesta doesn't like off roading either so I feel your pain. It's always good to get out, keep them coming.
  8. Thing is as long as you enjoy it and the costs are affordable then the rest doesn't really matter. I feel your pain over fuel. I dare say motor sports cost an awful lot more and I know from experience that a days fishing can soon start to add up also. In the grand scheme of things it's always good to get out. Not to wish life away but I can't wait till my kids are old enough to start joining me out on the field, it'll be a lovely excuse to get out and more importantly spend some time together.
  9. It always amazes me about how much time and how many miles you are prepared to put in to get your results. I honestly don't know how you find the time. Excellent work and excellent photo. You reap what you sow and you definitely deserve the returns you get, plus it is always excellent reading for the rest of us. Although I do find myself wondering how much you spend on cartridges a month, it must be equivalent to a small mortgage... Well done as always and I look forward to your next one
  10. Excellent write up and and perfect pictures as always. Keep them coming, always a joy to read. Well done.
  11. Cracking pics, that's some excellent work. Well done and keep it up.
  12. I have to agree with this. I have a young family myself and the only farm I have is part of a syndicate. As such it is always pretty pressured. Going for a recce is just turning up and hoping for the best. I try to go a few afternoons a week if I can after work. In the winter it's hard because I'm only allowed to shoot during daylight and by the time I finish work it's dark and weekends are always full of odd jobs and chores and entertaining the little ones. This time of year I can get out but there is usually not much to see, only a couple of heavily shot rape fields and I don't think people want to hear about my mediocre 3 or 4 birds I manage in the dying hours of the evening if I'm lucky. That said I have missed the reports from PC, yourself and JD etc and I hope normal business will resume shortly. I always enjoy having a read while I'm at work.
  13. Two good reads for the price of one, well done boys. I really do envy you lot who are able to get out every day at your convenience. Due to work commitments and family commitments and probably the fact I live in the south east and it seems impossible to find a farm that isn't syndicated, the days I get out are few, the days of blanks are common and the days of double figures are even further apart. Keep up the good work, I do enjoy the reads and the photos. It keeps my enthusiasm going and always gets me chomping at the bit to get out again. Well done
  14. Funnily enough I have just been on various HV vehicle courses. We were basically told if a battery pack does ever catch fire just call the fire brigade and get away from it. Once they start burning basically you have to flood the battery pack, not to remove the oxygen, but to cool the chemical reaction, either by constantly flooding it with water or submerging it. I think the best course of action if one does catch fire is to hopefully get it to a reasonable safe place and let it burn itself out. Also if anyone does own an EV and charges it at home never plug the charge lead into an extension lead. The charge leads have temperature sensors in them so if your home socket starts overheating it switches the charger off. If you plug the charge lead into an extension lead then it can't monitor the wall socket temperature and if it overheats then there is a risk of fire.
  15. When I moved I just had to email my details and change of address. At that time I they had to be informed within 7 days. A week later i had a visit from my FAO to check my cabinet and supply my new certificate. He also took my old certificate which had the old details. As above wait till closer the time for a renewal.
  16. Excellent write up as always, I always enjoy your write ups, gives me a taste of what I am missing. Well done on your brilliant performance and I hope it continues.
  17. Lsto

    Old pound coins.

    I'm pretty sure the bank's still swap them if you take them in, I changed some up just before Christmas.
  18. Lsto

    Salary v Bonus

    If the money looks roughly the same then look at the T+C's. As you said you will get more free time but is £30 a week really going to change your life in the grand scheme of things? I'm currently in a similar situation, I have been at my current position for 16 years, I have been offered the same job with a new company at about 45 quid a week more and 15 mins closer to home. But the sick pay is not as good and I will lose 6 days holiday a year. They are coming back to me Monday with a counter offer but at the moment I value the days off with my young family more than 45 a week, plus last year my son was in and out of hospital and my wife has been long term sick so the sick pay was a godsend while I was caring for them. It depends what you value in life, at the moment I'll be staying at my current employer unless this new one can match my T+C's, money is not everything but you only get 24 hours in a day.
  19. All good advice and as said before persistence is key. Then again you can also be doing everything perfectly and still get knocked back. A few years ago I shot at a local council country park. We used to control squirrels, rats and bunnies at least 3 nights a week. The manager loved us, it kept the rats away, controlling the squirrels protected the trees and birds and also our presence was a deterrent to local yobos. We shot it for many years, then one day a new manager came along and first thing she said was thanks but no thanks. Since then the park has suffered with rats and squirrel numbers have boomed while songbird numbers crashed. We did everything right but still lost out. I still walk the park regularly and the state of it makes me sad now. Permissions will always come and go, you sometimes just need to have luck on your side, I have permission on a farm now but it's daylight hours only and this time of year due to work I can't get on it half as much as I'd like to. If the farmer decides to get someone else who enquires and has more time then I can't blame him as he still needs the job done the same way I need to pay the bills. Something will come up, it took me years to find places and even now I always enquire if I'm going past somewhere as you never know when someone will give you a break. Sooner or later a door will open.
  20. Nice pic, well done as always and keep them coming.
  21. When I moved into my current address we were quoted 300 by an aspestos specialist to remove and dispose of the old boiler flue pipe. For that sort of money it's better to let them have the grief of it.
  22. Well done as always. I had a trip out yesterday but all there was to see was gas guns and mud... Keep up the good work.
  23. Nothing like getting set up early and watching the sun creep over the horizon. Well done for getting up and thanks for sharing.
  24. That sounds rough, tooth ache is never pleasant and neither is having them removed. I hope you recover soon. Well done for getting out anyway.
  25. Well I appreciate the kind words marsh man. Funnily enough I got a message yesterday from the club and I'm out next week with a mentor. I appreciate the last few years have made things difficult and it doesn't help that I am only available at weekends due to work commitments. I'm looking forward to it.
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