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  1. Perhaps the clue is in the name " Wood Pigeon". over the past few weekends I have looked for birds on the stubbles and with a very few exceptions seen nothing. Of the two hundred plus shot last weekend a quick straw poll when I was laying them out concluded that they had been feeding on Clover, turnip tops, peas, beans, acorns,wheat and barley. Now the city woodies are still feeding on acorns in my garden and the parks , elderberrys on the canal, bread on bird tables. If they decide to feed out of roost first light, sit in trees via the heat of the day and feed at dusk you may not see them but they are still there. During my working life I did average some years 48K miles a year and saw mimimal feeding birds off the motorways with a very few exceptions. I commuted Brum to Oxford for two years dawn and dusk and only found one consistent feeding farm which I shoot now. The feeding table is vast at this time of the year and the birds choose one farm and not others for some reason. Its like flightlines we had a theory that they follow the lay lines as on some farm we have shot over thirty years rows of trees have been removed and the birds still follow the old edge of the field?? I still unable to post or reply via my steam driven iPad so you will not see much content from me in the future.
  2. We set out today with the increased corvids regulations that have been imposed in the Birmingham area. We set out in two vehicles and started to look for pigeons, DB had looked at a number of areas yesterday but they had shooters on them, when he inquired what they do with the pigeon the main reply was dump them and as they were lead shot we could not dispose of them for them. So we set out at 09.00 looking and by 10.30 we rang each other and we had been looking at the same farms and found no birds at all to shoot. I had seen a small amount of corvids on a spring barley stubble so I gave the farmer a call , yes it was shot on wednesday and the birds went off and nothing returned was the reply. Now this barley field is next to a large field of fodder turnips and as it was a warm day in the past the birds would return to feed on the turnips in the afternoon for moisture. so we agreed to set up and have a go at the corvids for the farmer and hope that the pigeon would play ball in the afternoon. We set up with six fresh pigeon with one on a flapper. As we were after corvids as well we did not put out a magnet as in our expirience they spook the corvids. I put out six crows at the left of our pattern. All set up at 11.30 and the first call on the primos and we had a customer straight away. After the first hour we had twenty crows and twenty seven pigeons. This continued into the afternoon and by 15.00 we had a hundred of each and as we had predicted the pigeons were making for the turnip field so we had them coming in to the decoys on the way in and when we shot they spooked off the turnips and back to our decoys. It just went manic with birds coming from all directions to the turnips. We finished shooting at 18.00 and picked up two hundred and sixtyfour pigeons and one hundred and eleven corvids. It took and age to pack up and Ive just had my tea at 21.15. The concern I have with stubble shooting is that you can end up with mega bags which are difficult to process. But I'm not complaining. My only concern is that I will be unable to reply to any comments from my iPad [img]https://i.ibb.co/cg22WM6/100-3518.jpg[/img] 264 Pigeons and 111 Corvids
  3. Well done Daz, more to put on the internet, i tried to comment earlier but my steam powered iPad will not allow me to comment. Again a great result. Can apologise for my post now!!! you know whats coming in straight lines??
  4. My iPad is five years old and working well on all other platforms
  5. From my main PC, which is a bind to use as its 32 steps up stairs
  6. Is it me but I can not reply or raise a new topic from my main user source my iPad. I have tried various ways to reply to topics it just takes me back to the top of the topic. Any similar users will not be able to comment or complain??? OR Have I been put in the sin bin??????
  7. Thanks for your kind comments, I refuse to be OLD, I'm eighteen in my mind and carry on as such with no limits. Over the past thirty odd years pigeon shooting I've suffered damaged ankle ligaments in both legs, snapped a cruciate ligament and had it repaired. I have backache every time I load and unload the chest freezers.The pain after shooting is the price we pay for our pastime. I'm 1948 vintage and feel my youth walking the canal playing in the fields set me up for a good life. Mrs PC has had two new hips in previous years and a complete knee replacement in 2018 but has suffered with loss of feeling in various parts of her leg , muscle pain around the new knee joint and a dropped foot being unable to lift her foot to drive. The foot movement is getting better but with the Covid situation she has been unable to attend Physio. But she is getting better and swimming and walking in Greece last year she was more mobile so we are looking forward to Greece next year.
  8. Following the strong winds the other week this deposited a large number of acorns on the ground. This week I have noticed morning and evening pigeons taking the acorns off the trees hanging at various angles in the process. During the day the birds have been feeding on the dropped acorns on the drive and lawns. Have any other members seen this? Personally this is very early for them to be feeding on acorns as they would normally be on stubbles and beans and also delay them attacking the rape, if we have any.
  9. If you watch all your fields see which one they do favour, that's the first step. If you have a strong wind shoot a field down wind so your shots spook them off the other fields and they come into wind to your position. As previously stated use rope bangers to keep them on the move so they see your decoys.
  10. I'm very interested in this post, I currently shoot 32g 4's and 5's also 28g 71/2 commercial produced shells. I have produced 500 shells based on a purchased recipe but on test firing have suffered case swelling and poor ejection. I look forward a simple explanation of the process and formula.
  11. So if I shoot any can I sell them the the taxidermists and we can all have a stuffed parakeet as a pet???
  12. Not seen any in our area, but I can be educated. What do they eat and do they present a problem to farmers?
  13. I have encountered soil compression caused by tractors and heavy grain trailers , this came to light when the farm decided to direct drill and all the compressed areas kept the grain on the surface much to my and the pigeons delight. Talking to one of my farmers about the dog walkers going around the fields , I confronted one and ask her to keep to the legal paths as I will not shoot over these but if she walks around the field edges I may not see her the other side of the hedge. The farmer said I've met her and told her to keep her dog off the protected strip and she made the same statement to him and me " I Can Walk wherever I like"
  14. there all laid out in the garage under two fans cooling in straight lines!!!!!
  15. Well done at least you shot some in the end
  16. Last week DB was away camping so I was out on my own and set out at 10.00 searching my permissions for pigeons, I found lots of standing beans, rape for next year if the flea beetle leaves it. All I could find was small groups of birds between ten and fifteen with nothing joining and you expect them to just move off and not return if you disturbed them. I found pea stubble with lots on the ground but no wood pigeons just feral and doves. After about and hour I notice Bunny_Blaster driving behind me so I pulled up in the next lay bye, we chewed the fat and he had not seen any birds on his travels. We had a request for a hundred fresh birds for this weekend so we were under pressure. We agreed to keep looking and if one of us found a number perhaps join up again. I continued and found a few on the spring wheat I shot last week , so I decided to set up and as the wind was from the north I set up under the tree I shot at last week I put out the magnet and two flappers between the tree and the hedgeline. The first returning birds did not like the set up and flaired above me shielded by the tree canopy. So I had to move and set up again. B_B rang me to say he had found some on some spring barley stubble and he was going to shoot it from the tree in the field. I know the field and tree and a big hide for two would spook the birds so I declined his offer and let him fill his boots. My new hide position was similar to last week but I moved the other side of the fence this allowed me to shoot birds coming down the hedgeline but with the northerly wind this did not happen, the birds came to the tree in the field and were shot. Now the farmer specificly told me not to walk in the crop and this cost me at least ten birds. I shot for two hours before the rain came and I finished up with twentyfour birds. I spoke to B_B and he had one hundred and nineteen, so we had our requested order. B_B contacted the customer to enquire when he wanted the birds with the answer being " Ive just picked up 250 from a mate". So todays storey, I met up with DB at a field I looked at last week which had now been cut , it is spring barley. Last week it had a few corvids flying over it and it was still standing. DB had received a call from the farmer to come and shoot some of the corvids. DB drove into the field and we both look at it with bins. It had more corvids than pigeons, but it was worth a go. So we set up with 12 fresh birds, two on flappers and the rest on cradles set on the rows of cut barley straw, we had six corvids on spikes to the left of the pattern. We were all set up 11.00 and started shooting, the first shot sent the corvids into the stratisphere. The pigeons just came from all over the place and we had a good number to pairs and tripples. At 13.00 the farmer arrived at the field with his baler machine. We had a quick word and we moved our decoys and he processed the straw infront of us and we replaced our decoys. We continued to keep shooting the pigeons but the corvids kept away from the field. We stopped shooting at 16.30 and started to pick up we ended the day with three hundred and eightysix pigeons and fortysix corvids.I brought the corvids back as I had been requested to put a few in stock for halloween. 24 Pigeons 119 Pigeons ] 386 Pigeons 46 Corvids
  17. No , with the lockdown your just out of practice!!! instructive report , well done , thanks for posting.
  18. In my youth I was a very keen specimen fisherman concentrating on Eels, Pike and Zander. Travelling to the fens, north wales and Somerset fishing dawn till dusk. The Angling publications loves stories of big fish and I know of many exaggerated weights of fish. To this end I would not publicise my catches just photograph and return. Move forward forty years and yes I publicise my bags on this forum and did for a time on face ache until they required me to use my real name. In my photographs I lay the birds out so the geeks can count them if they want to check if my report in correct. I have found that sending the picture to the farmer has earned me respect and other shooters glibly talk of two and three hundred bags and the farmers are asking for a photo so they can show other farmers. The moral is if you are truthful in your numbers you will not get caught out, the exaggerator will have to keep exaggerating and eventually fall foul of the lies. thats my two pence on the subject.
  19. I recently heared that farmers were drilling rape then redrilling buckwheat or clover when the Flea Bettle infect the second drilling spay it off and let the rape come through. Is this feasible or total Rowlocks. over the the Framing Massive
  20. I had a call to some standing wheat that the pigeons and the corvids had started to show and interest in. I could not shoot it until today and arrived at 10.00 to view the field. It had no birds at all feeding but they were flighting along the one edge and the corvids had started to feed under a tree about thirty yards from the edge of the field. The next field being grass, I walked the tram lines up to the tree and the ground erupted with about fifty corvids all feeding under the tree. So I walked back to the disco and drove up the grass field, I then realised that I only had steel shells with me so I drove home to get some lead for the corvids. By the time I returned and built the hide it was 12.00. I put my six pigeon decoys out in the field under the tree. Two on flappers, two on flying frames and two on spikes. I had a plastic crow decoy which I put out on the grass. The first two pigeons came along the hedge and straight to the tree in the field and paid the price, as further birds came I collected them and put them out as decoys on the grass along with the corvids. I was under a large oak tree in a line of trees so the shooting was like roost shooting but with the leaves. Now some birds came to the decoys on the grass with the wind and were mega shots, some of the corvids came against the wind and took forever to get within range. It was frustrating shooting as you would see the pigeons coming down the hedgeline trees but they would not appear over the last tree choosing to sit tight but when I had a shot out in the wheat the second shot was the birds coming out of the last tree. I contacted the farmer and he was happy and I stopped shooting at 18.00 and picked up fiftysix pigeons and twentysix corvids. I felt better protecting a standing crop although I would have shot more on a stubble field 56 pigeons and 26 corvids
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