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Video Request - Crowning a pigeon


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Great video Pin, if your keeping it hosted, i'll pin it in the DIY section. :lol:


Sorry axe mate didn't see this, yes I will keep is hosted, please pin (lol) away :lol:


As and when I get time I will do a better lit one which can be replaced :o

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Cracking vid there pin like the tripod story :o now if only rabbits were that easy , i tried pigeon breast at a bbq at stead hall rifle club for the first time the other week and loved it not normally a pigeon shooter but now i know why you lot do it i wanna go any 1 in west yorks wanna show me :lol:


Doing a easy rabbit one next, paunching, legging/hocking then skinning and prep (scent glands / jointing / other bits)


But this time I won't be wheezing and I will do under better light :lol:



Would be interested in your rabbit one :lol:


Your pigeon crowning episode helped me out a great deal :lol:


I Think you should make a series mate, got any bigger game up your way? :P

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A novice question - how long did you leave the bird after shooting it before doing this?


Doesn't really matter, you can do the second they expire the only real difference is warmer thumbs the earlier you do it - on a cold day it's actually very pleasant doing a few :oops:

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Can Pheasants be done like that?


I have heard of similar, the "quick" method on those I have seen involves leaving the wings on, standing on them as close to the body as possible then grabbing the legs and pulling like ******* :oops: I've never tired the crowning method on pheasant but I have heard of people who say it works...


I usually pluck and draw them and go for the roast :sly:

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Tried Pins method with 3 woodies a few mins ago.


Took only 5 mins to do the three, my first effort. I can see how these can easily be done in under 30 secs a bird when you get in the swing. A lot less pussy footing around and a bit more brute strength and jobs a good 'un.


Thanks, now all i have to do is cook 'em and eat 'em (the best part other than the shooting bit).


Hopefully if they keep playing ball on my rape i'll have a steady supply.

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I sometimes draw and pluck them to roast one per person as a main if I am wanting to show off, for myself I always do it this way..


I sometimes roast them on the bone but you need to make sure you cover them with something, bacon is a good choice with some butter underneath to keep them moist - regular basting is needed as well or the dining experience will be more Michelin SportMaxx than Michelin star :good:


Most of the time I just do this way as an easy way to process them, then in batches I take the breasts off and pack / freeze / mince / use as I need.

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