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  1. Did you marinate the Pigeon in any way?
  2. Axe

    whats that smell?

    If it was Castrol R, i'd be there every Sunday.
  3. I often make a lamb tagine using rolled shoulder that I cut the meat from so the breast would work here too I feel, but the reason I mention it is that i'll bet you could make a real good moroccan stuffing using the cous cous, shallot, garlic & ginger paste, ground corriander, cinnamon, tomato puree and a little honey or some chopped apricots. If you made twice the mix but kept half back without the cous cous and added a little beaten egg, pinch of salt and plenty of bread crumbs, you could spread that evenly over the rolled joint before slow roasting maybe.
  4. Axe

    TC, 22......

    Have a good one TC. .....22
  5. It's incredible you survived with only minor injuries very lucky indeed, though you could argue it was bad luck in the first place. I'm just glad you managed to walk away from it and your beloved companion too.
  6. It used to be Smith's Salt n Shake until Walkers got hold of them a ruined them, can't stand Walkers far to greasy. Quite like Skips and Cheese & Onion McCoys.
  7. Best looking watch I own is a Festina that I bought in France. The best working watch I have is a Casio G-shock, sets itself everynight with the atomic clock and is self charging not too mention very accurate, ugly, but reliable.
  8. I have removed posts that interfered with this topic. It is for the purchaser to decide whether something is priced accordingly.
  9. Axe


    A good beer batter with nigella seeds works well. For cod steaks I have enjoyed a JO recipe: Finely slice runner beans and lay in a roasting dish. Add finely chopped garlic, salt and pepper and a drizzle of olive oil and mix through. Lay cod steaks on top and cover with 2 or 3 strips of prosciutto. Sprinkle a handful of pine nits over the dish and a little more olive oil. Half lemon and place in the cavity of the cod steak. Loose foil over the top and bake 200c 15 mins, remove foil and bake further 5 mins. Simply transfer to a plate to serve. The spine and bones should lift easily from the
  10. So my commentary is ...nooooo.....no way.....nooooooo......damn..... and so on!
  11. I have recently been very lucky to be invited to my favourite Indian Restaurant, to see them make Onion Bhaji. So today, I did just that, at 11am I popped over to see them make up enough for the weekend trade. What first struck me was the shear scale at which this is done. It is incredible, they make up 25kg of Onion at a time. Anyway, without boring you with the details I have adjusted my recipe to closer match that of the restaurant. Ingredients 2 Lge Onions ½ to 1 Cup Gram Flour 1 tbl Corriander Leaf ½ Sml Potato ½ Egg Beaten ¼ tsp Hot Chilli Powder ¼ tsp IG Spice Mix ¼ tsp
  12. Axe

    BBC 1 now

    A topic on the TV about Tourette's Syndrome does not give members a passport to abuse the forum rules. You have been warned.
  13. Chris thanks for the heads up, what a great site, I hadn't run into it.
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