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Crosman 2240 thoughts / review.


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I haven't owned an air pistol for many a year. It was a BSA Scorpion from the late 70's.

Looking for something to do some tin cans and we have the occasional rat visit the garden.

I have read the Crosman pushes out 5.5 power.

Any advice or recomendations please.

 Thanks you.


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Yep cheap .simple .accurate  .plenty of power. Around 5 fpe (which is great for a co2 pistol .)


Can get a silencer on the end if you want .And there hasnt been a gun ever produced that even comes close to how customizable  they are endless options .

I have a 2240 and a 1377  atm.



Although capable of rats up to say 10 yds.the rifle version 2250 and 2250xl would make around 8-9 fpe and be more accurate and longer range .pop a scope on top and 25 yds will be on the cards .

They ate still cheap .light and short 

And still work on a single co2 capulet 

So as simple as it can be .

Id reccomend a small cheap 4x32 .

Perfect .

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I've got a 2250 (yes, I know it's not the same), but you couldn't pay me enough to part me from it - fettled and fiddled to push Bisley Mags at 9ft/lb's.. Whenever it appears, there's a queue to have a go ! Tremendous fun !

Great guns - cheap, accurate and very, very easily modified and upgraded !

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hello, you realy need something around 6 FT llb plus  for rats, then there is the CO 2 capsules, i think i got 30 shots with mine many years ago, and not so good in winter, saying that the CP 2 looks good, or dare i say a PCP, seems a lot for just some plinking, but these pistols can be addictive in a fettle and fiddle, 

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As written above, they are accurate, cheap to buy and robust. 

The only downside as far as I'm concerned is that they are very loud.

I use mine to despatch live-trapped rats and squirrels.

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6 hours ago, Ultrastu said:

Yes i have one and very capable on rats out to 15 yds 


2240 and 1377 

hello, the one on the left was my first ratter, pistol in right hand red torch in other  

hello, let us know what you decide to buy Redial ? 

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21 hours ago, GingerCat said:

How about an old school Wembley tempest or hurricane (or typhoon of you can find an old one that resembles a hurricane and not the newish not so good kind). Great fun to shoot and will sort a rat out if you can hit it. 

Tempests make about 2.5  to 3 fpe depending on cal .

Not enough for a rat even with a  perfect head shot .i have one .ive tried it doesnt work. 


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The new(ish) tempest or the older original one? I've had the older one and the original typhoon that resembles the hurricane but with smaller grips and both were around 4-4.5ftlbs. 

Recoiled nicely and once used to were pretty accurate. Not as accurate as the 1377 but neither required pumping up. If the pumping up doesn't put him off it would make a more accurate ratter at sensible ranges.  All were nice to shoot. 

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