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Good luck with that one but if it helps any. . . . I have a fine bred/cost the earth/modern retriever ( I've had previous ones which have been fine but not as highly bred as this one )which was unhealthily skinny at an early age because of it's digestion and went through the vets money making recommendations of diet changes which included hypoallergenic food ( £60 a bag-ish ) and non of the foods settled him. . . . . He has been on 


as are my labs and he is thriving, stools are good, plenty energy and is just starting to get strong. I know plenty working dogs of all breeds on the same grub and the owners are very happy

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1 hour ago, squirrel shooter said:

Hi can anyone recommend a hypoallergenic working dog food kibble that doesn't cost the earth.

Thanks in advance 

CSJ mines are on Hike on - salmon based 👍🏻

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