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.410 day


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So I went back to the same field I shot yester day with my airgun on the way home from work .this time I took my .410 and set up at the top of the field where the pige seem to prefer to land .

I only set out 4 pige on cradles and one in a  flapper .(shot yesterday ) 

I was obviously  in the right spot as the action started right away .After a few early  misses I found my groove and settled in to hitting some lovely birds at all angles .

I was keen to put the hull pheasant  18 grm fibres to the test today , as I'm not so sure they are as good as the plas wad version I've run out of .

Well I shot some rangey birds out to 35 yds 

So pleased enough.

Puppy  was a hero today .he chased a pricked bird almost the full length of the field for a mega retrieve .

30 birds for 44 shots is pretty good going 

I even managed to hit 2 one handed while recording the shot on my phone with the other .good days  




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I think the 4 10 is a very underrated gun and in the right hands can be very effective with decoying and game shooting .

Having said that I haven't fired one for a number of years for the simple fact the cartridges were as dear as the 12 bore we were using .

When I had one it was a 303 converted into a 4 10 , when I say converted I don't know if anything was ever done to convert it , when we got it the magazine was still on the gun but I can't remember if it ever worked , the gun was bolt action and we used it up our allotment which was on the edge of the marshes to shoot the Starlings that were in the 100s, and at the time was very good sport.

Another part of your life that is now in the history books . 

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I find it very satisfying to shoot the .410 .

It's easy on the shoulder and ears (with the mod on ) and doesn't disturb  the locals  .

Get the right cartridge and choke and its very capable out to  30 yds and a bit beyond  . Its sooooo nice to pull a bird from the sky over head and watch it come down leaving a puff of feathers in the wind  .I've said it before but if I was pressed to have just the one gun only .it would probably be a .410 such can be  the  Enjoyment in the shooting .

This is the best I can do its a screen shot of the video I caught ,the pigeon is crashing to the ground and the feather puff is to the left .


Screenshot_20210914-205412_Video Player.jpg

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