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Shooting on allotments


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17 hours ago, old'un said:

well if you have permission from the allotment committee and land owner plus all the other plot holders then get on with it.

it sounds as if you are well covered legally, as you say in your first post..."They have done every method possible to scare them off"

and this one "They all complain about rabbits and pigeons"

so as long as all the plot owners agree that its okay for you to shoot the pigeons then I would say you are good to go, but get it in writing.

Then you will get some member of the public plonker to report someone with a weapon (how did we get to this farse) 

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I rent an allotment from the parish council no shooting allowed. Major problem with urban woodies they have no fear. Everything they eat has to be netted or it's stripped within a couple of days. 


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Scaffold netting works well. As for shooting no chance. Couple of the old boys well one on my old place used an air rifle am but to be honest a waste of time. Also legally no chance and most the younger plot holders are tree huggers and have melt down if you hurt a mouse 



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14 minutes ago, villaman said:

Well had this email come through today from Defra 



like I said in my last post it sounds like you have everything in place, just get on with it. :good:

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