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A1 decoys professional stealth 3 ply

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yep its what i use,  squashes down small enough to go into a decoy bag side pouch, its light and it keeps your movments masked. like all hide nets they do better when built up and into natural cover. id happily get one again been using mine about 2 or 3 years now and its not ripped yet and my method for dealing with tangles and stuck branches is to just yank it out.  dry quick too

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5 hours ago, paul hart said:

Got some new ones at £25 deliverd. 4mts x1.5 

I believe I bought my two nets off you , this was a while a go and without checking I think mine are 5mts long and one is a Summer shade and the other one was Winter , both nets have lasted me well and don't owe me a penny . I double them up and raise the outside one up a bit so I can see through a single net , Highly recommended and well worth the money .

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Hello , I use a piece I fixed  between 2 normal camo nets but all 3 came via China , it's my go to net for a few hours as you can just hang on 2 hide poles or front a hedge hide with those black springy clips from £ shop 

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