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  1. Dependant on what you are using, you should be able to “track”, this will save where you have been as well as distance, speed, elevation etc. When you want to retrace just tell the device to follow route backwards. Other option is to add waypoints before you leave so you can follow as you go, then the same, just reverse the route.
  2. Glad you had a good day, thanks for the company.
  3. acsimmo

    Invictus Games.

    It certainly is. If the mind is willing.....
  4. Looks like a HF monopole and a HF sloping wire for longer distance, could also be used for VHF/CB dependant on the frequencies. Buy a cheap scanner and have a listen.
  5. Have you thought about contacting the Sqn direct, it is now an auxiliary unit in Glasgow, They are normally happy to pay for items using heritage funds etc. If they don’t want it directly they will be able to put you in touch with someone at the RAF museum who I would imagine would have info on the picture at the very least.
  6. acsimmo

    Pigeon Decoys

    If it doesn’t go to above could I have them please.
  7. Could you also PM me with payment details for one of the net bags if possible please. Thanks
  8. Brilliant photo. Mine is the same with water.
  9. If you can afford re-occurring vet fees then I agree with just putting aside each month. I dont and pay insurance each month, I have never had a problem claiming for the collie who is 14 and on all sorts, we pay every visit to the vet and then claim every 6 months. The lab who is 4 recently had an infection in both front feet for an unknown reason, there were no questions asked, paid the £600 straight away. Both are insured with More Than for a reasonable monthly amount, both on lifetime policies. And they cover working dogs.
  10. acsimmo

    6 nations

    Hopefully have a good Scottish show tomorrow as I'm heading up for the game. If nothing else it counts for my valentines present to the wife, she doesn't realise she won't see any of the city 😁
  11. You could always buy a decent bottle of however much then print a label. Label could consist of various things like what you have seen rather than what you have shot. A thank you on the label to him and his wife. Make it personal.
  12. Can't help as such but I recently had the same with my daughter. We went to PC world and asked for there advice, listened to it all then went away with the specs and had a look online, as it happened when we chose one PC world were the cheapest online (cheaper than in store). Pretty sure they do price match as well.
  13. Watched it also, well done to him. Can't believe how many no birds there were.
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