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  1. go for pattern not speed, for a 32 gram cartridge I find Just Cartridges Extreme Game very smooth, bought a couple of thousand 6's and 5's a few years ago, use them on my driven days, for driven partridge I use Cheddite Universal Trap fibre 28 gram 7.5's I find both these cartridges pattern well in my guns, (multi choked, 1/4 and 1/4)
  2. was at a shooting friends house for a bit of a bash on Saturday when I said virtually the same, I am pleased someone else feels as I do, has to be desperate for me to deal with them, I try to boycott them altogether the bonus reason for boycotting them, they donate to the labour party
  3. its a revelation, a pleasure to go anywhere in it, quiet even with knobbly's on, use it for shooting, towing my trailer with the quad on and just general knocking about, dash says this fill 24.2 last fill it was 21. something. was filling up on Sunday guy comes to me wanting to buy it and its a tip and filthy, guy I bought it from is a Amazon buff, he's has a tricked up one, all the Ironman bits on it, stage 3 ect, there are 5 locally bought from him, mine came from Aberdeen previously owned by lord whoever, so I'm the 3rd owner, picked my pal up the other day going shooting so had the trailer and quad, gets a couple of hundred yards down the road turns to me astonished "its silent", he has a shogun! I've had a new shogun couldn't wait to get rid, was dead lucky 11 months old only lost £3k
  4. if you intend to do any towing, best get some ear plugs, I know, I had one! virtually the same mpg as my 4.2 litre amazon, no where near as quiet
  5. nobody there apart from the two electoral officers behind the desks when I voted at 11.45, I was the 139th voter!!
  6. the people were very thorough and diligent in their background checks, but still got both dogs and bitch's in the litter with knackered hips
  7. it is only a guide, it should shorten the odds in your favour. my bitch is hopefully in pup, not had her tested but at 2+ years old the way she moves and runs I would not think there is any problem with her, (neither of her parents were tested), picked the stud solely on looks, big athletic looking dog, good natured, soft mouthed, very similar to my bitch, it's only because the dog is in demand as a stud that his owner in the process of having him tested, they have the same outlook on this as I do, looks count, they are having a bitch pup out of the litter. know people who bred following all the procedures, tests going back generations, thought they had it right, got throwbacks, that's what you get going for 'names' over form
  8. I insure with the NFU so have basic breakdown cover with the policy, but am also with green flag, have the top cover, not the european, as I have 2 cars have personal cover on top of the cover for the named car, called out once for a flat tyre, Sunday morning 11am, a hours wait, was happy with that, don't think you can beat piece of mind for £84
  9. very accurate guns, go to a dealer that has them all for you to handle, i did, came out with a Tx1, smooth, nice action, like the way the safety locks the bolt as well, don't see them second hand that says a lot, bonus is barrel in HMR not fussy either, dirty or clean, hot or cold
  10. checked the winchester cases after firing, 40% were split, doesn't matter to me will not be using them again, drew the Tikka's first blood yesterday, first shot of the day, 93 yards, cold dirty barrel, hornaday v-max Winchester HMR ammo recall https://winchester.com/support/customers/X17HMR1-Recall
  11. after seeing the quality of work on Sian's DT10 I took my DT11 and EELL sporter to Simon, less than a week turnaround, wouldn't go anywhere else
  12. was out having the first semi serious play with mine this afternoon, was windy so ended up exploding apples as could not expect to get a good zero today, what I did find was that federal premium were more accurate than the winchester, finished a box of the winchester just to run it in so to speak and get close to a zero, actually had a misfire in that 50, then went on to the federal 17 v-max, (made by hornaday) did 30 of those, great destruction on the apples,when this box is finished (maybe tomorrow) will be on to the hornaday for a zero, will be sticking to the 17 grain as they will do the job for me
  13. I had a honda trx 250 for a couple of years, reliable, good for what it is, only two wheel drive, its not to power full, you could put a restricter on it, local farmer bought a one new for his grand kids but it gets used around the farm, can be picked up for not daft money
  14. oil in the water, check the hoses for high pressure when running, look for signs of sealant around the filler, bottom pully?
  15. do not have them any longer, lot of money tied up in them so sold them due to health warnings, didn't want my executors lumbered, https://forums.pigeonwatch.co.uk/forums/topic/325467-beretta-factory-matched-pair-classic-eell-12-gauge/?tab=comments#comment-2948229 lovely to shoot, they were sorely missed, nothing shot like those, so was on the lookout for another and found a EELL sporter for the right price, use it for game shooting, it is good to shoot but not quite as good as the pair, try one, you need to shoot one to see if its for you,
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