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  1. locally just paid 36.9p for kerosene, that was 4p cheaper than its rivals, £1.06.9p, for diesel at the supermarket on Saturday was chatting to am guy employed in the petroleum industry on Saturday, he predicted the price would fall, supply and demand, can only slow down production with a lot of difficulty and there is limited storage, drop the price to encourage sales
  2. overkill my bosch was past it, there none about at aldi or lidl so bought a guild 18v from argos about 5 years ago, drill driver, no hammer action, £59 i think maybe £69, whatever, came with 2 x 1.5Ah batteries, its been brilliant, plenty powerfull enough, don't touch it for weeks pick it up it works, batteries do last well, when they do need charging they charge fast, does everything a dewalt or other fancy name does at half the price.
  3. Lancaster mum and dad. not the best photo but this was after the boy had done the business
  4. Black Labrador puppies, born 13.01.20. Kennel Club Registered, Microchipped and had their first injection, DHPPi, Lepta2 on the 10th March, owner of the sire only had her pick of the litter yesterday so now I’ve picked my 3 the rest are for sale, available are 1 male, 4 female. sire is SUNSET AT DUSK, good looking, stunning slim athletic dog, nice head dam is CARAMEL MIKA, good looking slim athletic bitch, nice head both are fast, soft mouthed, have a loving nature. £750.
  5. When I was at secondary school quite a few of the teachers were ex service from the war, as was my father, everyone knew where the line was, is was up to you if it was crossed. Never did any of us harm, learned some respect a thing that is lacking nowadays Punishment be it cane, slipper, belt or skipping rope when meeted out was taken as due process, you didn’t take that home or a second reprimand would be forthcoming, Around the time of my final year want to be’s started to fetch their parents when they had been punished, big mistake later in the playground I had the option of teacher training college on leaving but could see the way it was going even then, wetback liberals often wonder how they would handle me and my kind now
  6. I find the bisley mags very good for general plinking and vermin, find the baracuda match give a very similar performance, if I am pushing and want true pellet on pellet performance found nothing to beat baracuda ft BSA R10 Mk11, .177 carbine. black pepper
  7. changed to a Hypnos mattress last September, had a Silentnight mattress previously, its a totally different sleeping experience, well worth the money for me
  8. to get fully comp insurance on my quad, had to install a ground anchor for the 2 sold secure locks and chains as well as lockable doors, 2 8x4 to close off the barn, as well as a tracker, got the scorpian one, when its moved with out the key in, as when on the trailer they phone me up all this and my 4x4 is normally parked in front of if, so that would require moving first
  9. itchy trigger


    here you go ditchy
  10. go for pattern not speed, for a 32 gram cartridge I find Just Cartridges Extreme Game very smooth, bought a couple of thousand 6's and 5's a few years ago, use them on my driven days, for driven partridge I use Cheddite Universal Trap fibre 28 gram 7.5's I find both these cartridges pattern well in my guns, (multi choked, 1/4 and 1/4)
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