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  1. the physios got me standing and being able sit in a chair, right on the verge of being able to walk with the help of a frame, would you believe tested positive for corvid today
  2. thanks finally stopped the IV antibiotics yesterday, was on 4 doses a day, still confined to bed though the physiotherapist's did try to get me stood up yesterday, WOW, was shaking with the effort, had to be supported just to stand, it must have been quite a close call caught just in time
  3. Can relate to this. up Tuesday morning, shower, out with the dog, got back fed the dog had to sit down, next thing I'm on the kitchen floor, can't get up, any sort of movement is agonising, phones been left upstairs, no chance for that Thursday lunch managed to attract the attention of a neighboor to phone for an ambulance, pneumonia, blood infection , irregular heart beat, been in since thursday still can't stand up and my bed has no tv
  4. have an e class estate CDI, knocking about on the lanes shows 40 - 45, went down to Manchester 117 mile round trip dash showed 47mpg, that is on supermarket fuel with an accidently added amount of petrol,(28 litres) currently being diluted out at every chance, not so hot starting chugs a bit, but runs ok no funny noises
  5. PM replied you don't deserve an answer
  6. Posted May 25 125 (5 unopened boxes) Eley Magnum 6 shot 10 loose " " " " 21 " " " " " Subsonic 21 " Cheddite " " " £40 could not edit the original ad
  7. itchy trigger


    thank you for the heads up
  8. no, thank goodness south Lancaster, 4 miles from junction 33
  9. 125 (5 unopened boxes) Eley Magnum 6 shot 10 loose " " " " 21 " " " " " Subsonic 21 " Cheddite " " " £50
  10. to give you an idea, I paid a £100 for my Brattonsound, absolutely as new, vault type door, extra deep 7 gun, internal shelf. also bought his keypad ammo safe £20, (not brattonsound) make sure it comes with both keys
  11. shooting a lightweight side by side one would surely be using 1oz 'impax' type cartridges, that is what they were made for
  12. strong engine, they normally good if its been properly maintained, if looking at a those kind of high miles I would be looking for a younger one 4 years old max with full Merc history,
  13. from owning eell's I would think the 687 "classic" eell fixed choke field model would be the lightest, mine were 28" and certainly felt light, I now own a 28" multi choke 687 eell sporter with the vented mid rib and that certainly does not feel heavy, mind its all to do with the handling and balance. you need to get 'hands on' go out and handle some
  14. just shot my first one of the year, won't even let the dog retrieve them never mind eat one. disgusting, smelly ugly things 122 yds (checked on google maps) offhand with the HMR, difficult to get chest shots, took another couple from closer range to finish it, have empty dog food bags in the motor just for putting them in
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