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  1. shooting a lightweight side by side one would surely be using 1oz 'impax' type cartridges, that is what they were made for
  2. strong engine, they normally good if its been properly maintained, if looking at a those kind of high miles I would be looking for a younger one 4 years old max with full Merc history,
  3. from owning eell's I would think the 687 "classic" eell fixed choke field model would be the lightest, mine were 28" and certainly felt light, I now own a 28" multi choke 687 eell sporter with the vented mid rib and that certainly does not feel heavy, mind its all to do with the handling and balance. you need to get 'hands on' go out and handle some
  4. just shot my first one of the year, won't even let the dog retrieve them never mind eat one. disgusting, smelly ugly things 122 yds (checked on google maps) offhand with the HMR, difficult to get chest shots, took another couple from closer range to finish it, have empty dog food bags in the motor just for putting them in
  5. mine worked fine until they go a bath via a can of coke then put in their case and forgot about for a couple of months, still used them for 5 or 6 years because one still works, had no problem last year about buying a new pair, easier to turn off and on, 3 levels of volume
  6. this place sounds like the kind of place you've been looking for - https://www.bettwshall.com/accommodation county sports friendly as well
  7. when I was looking to buy ended up with a Husky 435, just for logging for my self, been well pleased with the performance after the Mccullock I had from new I killed, have cut up some big diameter wind blown beech with it no problems, have run it on Aspen or Sthil from new
  8. Morris Minor traveller, having to boil a kettle to pour over the frozen petrol pump, no water in the actual pump was just froze,
  9. RC steel 32gram 4's are my go to cartridge for inland duck, kill well use 1/4 and 1/4, impressive kills, you know they are a good cartridge when the other guns ask what you are using
  10. CCL stock gun conditioning oil, done my shotgun stocks with it and they have come up fantastic, one bottle goes a long way, still not finished the first one. every couple of days use just a little dab and rub it in well with the palm of your hand, need to generate some heat with the rubbing, don't expect results straight away its a case of the long game,
  11. beware, as these also are not stainless and will rust/tarnish, when I was butchering I tended to buy Victorinox, their stainless steel was not to hard, kept an edge well and was easy to return to an edge with a steel,
  12. if its just an exercise bike your after, I had a good look round when I was after one, ended up bought a second hand Reebok ZR9, the programs and display are very good, paid £150 for mine mint condition
  13. correct, spent many hours cleaning them, was told years ago it was antibacterial in that air born bacteria that settled on it died
  14. I bought an Einhell brush cutter 10 years ago, been good, starts easy, run from new on aspen, now on the stihl fuel, use the 3mm line, never needed to use the blade
  15. ingenious, I wondered how it was going to work, not just a pretty face
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