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  1. Dont worry was long as its not jeans and hoody you should be ok. Some of the most untidy Guns I have seen in the field have been members of the ,"nobility" who sometimes appeared to be wearing their grandfathers cast offs. Blackpowder
  2. I was thinking more of the peg rather than the break Blackpowder
  3. Calm down , the wicked witch from the west does not speak for all Scots, her words are sheer arrogance. Living on the Border tend to have as many friends south as north. Me I just regard my Northumberland neighbours as fellow Scots who have had the mis fortune to be born south of the Tweed. Blackpowder Ehmm you got it wrong there missed a word out before ,'dwarf' kindly insert poison there next time. Blackpowder
  4. Unlike other posters I am not a gunsmith but would think before glueing the break would need de-greased. Blackpowdwer
  5. Lost my lovely cocker spaniel two months ago, two weeks previous to that he was treated for ,'vestibular syndrome' which had all the hallmarks of a stroke. This left him with his head cocked to one side for much of the time. (Hence my earlier post about spaniel breeds). Blackpowder
  6. Should have said my phone company is Scottish Hydro Electric SHE Blackpowder
  7. I am seriously thinking of cancelling my landline as most of the calls on there seem to be scams. I understand I still keep my internet connection but do I get a directory entry for my mobile. Blackpowder
  8. From Springer, cocker or sprocker which is the best choice? Blackpowder
  9. What a tragedy, it would have been bad enough with a passing motorist, but Gun on the shoot to behave in such a callous manner is not to be forgiven. A shoot I beat on now had a team member looses a dog over a cliff face. It was some years ago before my time but I think the shoot owner cancelled the day and the team dibbed in towards a replacement. Blackpowder
  10. Non here in the usual places. Blackpowder
  11. Could be difficult to relay lead that has lain there for 15 years. Blackpowder
  12. Great to see craftsmanship like that Blackpowder
  13. Some one in the UK has won the multi rollover jackpot on Euromillions. Personally I think such a sum is obscene most of us, myself included would not know what to do with such an amount. Now a few hundred thou would be very nice but £170 million would likely mean the loss of your friends and difficulty in making new ones in your new income bracket. Blackpowder
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