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  1. Thank you all and apologies for the slow reply. I think it would be best for everyone if this is reported through the right channels (by me or by another) as then we have done all we can. I think there is probably a deeper mental health issue, she is older (65?) and has lived around here for years and apparently used to be normal/friendly but now is fairly aggressive in her ways. As stated above it does seem in line with the antisocial/challenging behaviour mindset shift so is perhaps something that we might be helping her with long term.
  2. Thank you all. Seems worth mentioning to either DVLA or police - not sure which would deal with driving on foreign plates but maybe mention to both Am glad they have not upgraded to helicopter just yet but what an excellent story! The woman is about 65ish and is the single least reasonable person you can imagine. There are complaints and complaints about her and she is beyond sense if you try and actually speak to her. There is a shared driveway which she thinks she owns and if we are out there for five minutes to load something she rushes out she will sit on her horn until they move. There is no asking nor even stopping the horn as you get into your car. Even though all she does is drive out, drive round the block, and drive back in - just to prove a point! Maybe some sharp tacks spread liberally are the answer
  3. Thank you all. The police have dealt with her previously but I don't think they will have thought to check on vehicle. Tried the DVLA site but it does only appear to check UK registered vehicles, they have definitely been driving here for many years on foreign plates. Weird that they begin with UN - doesn't seem to tie up with a country registration mark. Maybe they are ex UN and now are exempt like diplomat cars?!
  4. Long story, but we have a bit of a troublesome (possibly with quite severe mental issues) They have taken to driving very very aggressively, not just in our area but on the streets, being next to a school it's not ideal. They are German (we think) and for years has been driving here on foreign plates (starting "UN" not sure what country that is or if it is the actual UN) and everyone is of the belief that they probably shouldn't be and may not have MOT etc Anyone any tips on where to start?!
  5. As someone who does what you do. Amen.
  6. Suntory Toki if you want to expand the countries a little. It isn't smokey but I drink a lot of whiskey and find myself drawn to this of the collection. Definitely not for everyone but a good easy drinker. https://www.masterofmalt.com/whiskies/suntory/suntory-toki-whisky/?utm_content=suntory/suntory-toki-whisky&currencyCode=GBP&utm_source=database&utm_medium=base&utm_campaign=mom_base_1&gclid=EAIaIQobChMImJzjkJSO4gIVF57VCh209AVWEAkYASABEgISjPD_BwE
  7. I don't suppose you changed any flooring (or indeed anything) just before this started? New wood floor on top floor in particular?
  8. If you suspect a leak then leaving the filling loop open may help you find it.....
  9. Speak to Brown Sauce on here - has completed various mortgages for me now (and quite a few friends....) The 3% would have to be paid but could be claimed back if the original house is sold within two years of purchase. I hasten to add that this is the case in England/England sale but not sure Scottish/English sale....definitely seek financial advice.
  10. Just not sure what a magnet is going to do to gas?
  11. After all the fiddling you have done (which I wouldn’t recommend) my guess would be the only important is in bold. Any gas engineer worth their salt would start at the expansion vessel based on this alone - surprised your mate didn’t twig to that as the very first suggestion. And they say hiring a professional is expensive...if the expansion vessel is the fault it will be a lot cheaper to replace/install than all you have done already... Not sure if I misunderstand but are you trying to delimescale your gas supply?!
  12. Stop at nothing maybe? 😉😂 How about something by Tony Robbins (not the Blackadder one...) just don't drink the kool aid.
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