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  1. If you suspect a leak then leaving the filling loop open may help you find it.....
  2. Speak to Brown Sauce on here - has completed various mortgages for me now (and quite a few friends....) The 3% would have to be paid but could be claimed back if the original house is sold within two years of purchase. I hasten to add that this is the case in England/England sale but not sure Scottish/English sale....definitely seek financial advice.
  3. Just not sure what a magnet is going to do to gas?
  4. After all the fiddling you have done (which I wouldn’t recommend) my guess would be the only important is in bold. Any gas engineer worth their salt would start at the expansion vessel based on this alone - surprised your mate didn’t twig to that as the very first suggestion. And they say hiring a professional is expensive...if the expansion vessel is the fault it will be a lot cheaper to replace/install than all you have done already... Not sure if I misunderstand but are you trying to delimescale your gas supply?!
  5. Stop at nothing maybe? 😉😂 How about something by Tony Robbins (not the Blackadder one...) just don't drink the kool aid.
  6. Agree on the sentiment, though hers are real.
  7. Correct. You can be penalised for allowing the turnover to pass this so best to register as soon as it looks like it will over any 12 month rolling period.
  8. The title mentions tax but the question seems to be about VAT....what is the issue, may be able to help depending on what you need to know.
  9. Failed expansion vessel is where my money would be.
  10. Have looked at a SIPP but they will only lend 50% of what you will put in so doesn’t get us very far in London. Great for those with a large cash deposit but not good if relying on mortgage sizes sums from bank.
  11. As with any mortgaged purchase a survey will sense check any offer - if you are wide of the mark then the bank will be quick to pull the plug. I agree a survey before would be sensible - I would just like to check the owner and us are on a somewhat similar page before incurring significant costs. Should the survey come back at £5k under our offer then the next phase of negotiation can be started if needed
  12. Good thinking. Will be sure to check. Is certainly of an age that it could be present. Fortunately it’s not - would make for a slight cash flow nightmare if it were. Though apparently banks will lend short term on this basis as they know the money is guaranteed back.
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