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  1. How do you know, but thanks for adding to the debate. I’ll post my bull fighting prints later, if I have time.
  2. The blood sports community should use the same process to defend shooting and campaigning against the people targeting blood sports in the UK.
  3. I thought it was weak. It provided a nationwide free platform for Wild Justice to pitch its story, without any real challenge from the interviewer. The shooting community needs to create a way of combating these new guerrilla tactics, else we will all lose out. I'd copy the crowdfunding tactics and fund an investigation into the main sponsors of the company. These radicals can never resist straying over the line into illegality and I've no doubt a little investigation will provide evidence.
  4. Flashman


    But it's unlikely that Manny and his ilk would attract the assortment of malcontents that Corbyn's Labour attract, which is the real point here. Yet more press coverage of even more Labour anti-semitism over the weekend in several newspapers. Even more ex-Labour members (of staff and Party) coming out the woodwork to describe the shenanigans being performed by Corbyn's team behind the scenes. Still sticking to the line, "Panorama is a smear"?
  5. Flashman


    You're mistaking traditional Labour - Manny Shinwell et al - for Corbyn and his mental anti-Semites. Also, why mention Israel? Had you seen the Panorama, the Labour Party members forced to quit were all UK citizens. Yu must fit right in in Saudi Arabia, what with its tolerant approach to Jews...
  6. BGE have done a great job of pitching its product as a premium product - and charge accordingly. I can't get that hyped over cooking, so I bought something on which to grill steaks when the weather's warm. It's horses for courses of course, but standing under a gazebo in winter doesn't appeal.
  7. But are they worth the list price for home use? UK weather doesn't make BBQing a year round option, so it's £800+ for a three months per year toy.
  8. I think the personal bile directed at the candidates is in direct correlation to the fear they produce in their critics. For all his personal character traits, Johnson was a very successful, directly-elected London Mayor. That's what frightens Labour. He's clear on his Brexit strategy and that's what frightens the Remainers. And he's well educated and shows it and that's what frightens the proles.
  9. Life's cheap over there. They care little for human life, so the concept of animal welfare is a joke.
  10. Flashman


    Best thing I've ever seen. Wife and I said over and over, "I don't believe it", "Did they really do that", "that's incredible", etc. Amazing TV
  11. Flashman

    Das Boot

    It was initially a multi-part TV series. The series was edited down to make a film afterwards
  12. Flashman

    Das Boot

    I liked the opening ten minutes of the first episode. I cheered...
  13. Flashman

    Upstart Crow.

    Harry Enfield is excellent in it.
  14. Hello, what’s the postcode for the Shoot? I should be available for beating this season, if you’re looking for bodies.
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