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  1. I bought a Stanley flask more than ten years ago and it’s still going strong, as are the newer travel mug and soup flask. Much better quality than Thermos in my experience.
  2. A lot of words to say that we should ignore that the people convicted of these crimes in earlier cases were Muslims of South Asian family origin. It is not racist to simply state facts as reported in the press.
  3. I find it disturbing that anybody would scrutinise reports on sex offenders to argue that the numerous cases of large-scale Asian-led sex offenders are not cause for concern. The facts are simply that several large groups of Muslim males across a considerable number of UK cities independently targeted vulnerable, white female children. The children were taken from care homes, given drugs so they became addicted and traded like chattels for sex. That members of this forum wish to engage in whataboutery for no obvious reason is despicable.
  4. I’ve got a WWII one in navy blue. I think it’s cool - my wife says I look like Paddington Bear. It’s warm and wind proof if worn as a top layer over layers underneath. Although duffle cloth is heavy, the coat doesn’t “feel” warm, but it traps heat in the layers, so it does its job. I have a super lightweight paddock jacket that is much warmer and weights nothing and doesn’t require layering. Both coats are great - it depends on the circumstances and it’s good to have choice.
  5. Chamber pot contents out of the upstairs window.
  6. Packham’s trouble because he’s a zealot. There’s no middle ground, only his way - which is a complete ban on all and any field sports whatsoever. He’s lying is he say otherwise and his rationale is that the end justifies the means. He’s also media savvy and I don’t agree that Botham will tie him in knots. The way to get to Packham is look at his finances and themes-abiding nature of the people he works alongside. Even if (which I doubt) Packham doesn’t have anything to hide, his fellow travellers won’t be clean.
  7. Packham is entirely untrustworthy. He and his zealots want to end all field sports. Humour him at your peril.
  8. Wee Jimmie Krankie favours a fish supper, but that type of Salmon is off the menu.
  9. How do you know, but thanks for adding to the debate. I’ll post my bull fighting prints later, if I have time.
  10. The blood sports community should use the same process to defend shooting and campaigning against the people targeting blood sports in the UK.
  11. I thought it was weak. It provided a nationwide free platform for Wild Justice to pitch its story, without any real challenge from the interviewer. The shooting community needs to create a way of combating these new guerrilla tactics, else we will all lose out. I'd copy the crowdfunding tactics and fund an investigation into the main sponsors of the company. These radicals can never resist straying over the line into illegality and I've no doubt a little investigation will provide evidence.
  12. Flashman


    But it's unlikely that Manny and his ilk would attract the assortment of malcontents that Corbyn's Labour attract, which is the real point here. Yet more press coverage of even more Labour anti-semitism over the weekend in several newspapers. Even more ex-Labour members (of staff and Party) coming out the woodwork to describe the shenanigans being performed by Corbyn's team behind the scenes. Still sticking to the line, "Panorama is a smear"?
  13. Flashman


    You're mistaking traditional Labour - Manny Shinwell et al - for Corbyn and his mental anti-Semites. Also, why mention Israel? Had you seen the Panorama, the Labour Party members forced to quit were all UK citizens. Yu must fit right in in Saudi Arabia, what with its tolerant approach to Jews...
  14. BGE have done a great job of pitching its product as a premium product - and charge accordingly. I can't get that hyped over cooking, so I bought something on which to grill steaks when the weather's warm. It's horses for courses of course, but standing under a gazebo in winter doesn't appeal.
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