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How many Corvids killed in 2020

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Had a call about 11am from a farmer who was having problems with crows on some recent drillings. Could I help.

Why does this always happen when you have so many other pressing problems. My Landie is in for it's MOT tomorrow so I have the tidy it up a bit. I have about two tons of logs to stack etc etc., but I need to top up my LPG  in the Landie which happens to be on route to the farm in question.  I grab one floater and two deoys, gun(Mossypumper410) and my shooting stool and throw them in the back of the Landie and at 1.30pm I pull up at said field. Not a sign of anything.  Still to show will ing I grap all the kit and set off up the field side to where I know I have a custom made hide cut out in the hedge on a known flightline.  QArrive there and find hide no longer there, gone completely. The Electric Comp. had been through the week before and cleared anyhting which was with three metres of the poles. Thinks !!!  Ok go a hundred yards further and there is a ditch along the side of the wood. Dropped in there and trimmed myself an opening, adding bits there and there.

Set the two decoys up and the floater and settled down, checked watch 1.45pm. Loaded the Mossy which I hadn't used for 18 months. Within 10 mins I had a caller, missed twice.  A few seconds later a jackdaw floated by about 35yrds away and folded at the shot.  These are Fiocchi factry #6s and some of my reloads #7s.   A steady flow of black floated by and at 3.45pm I had to pull the plug as I had other pressing jobs.  I had counted 14 down. I picked ten in the field and I know the others where in the wood behind me.  A couple more struggled away. I picked 24 empties and recon 14 down.

Will be back hopefully if the old girl passes her test , on Wednesday,  becaue there are more to come here.

I have not shot the Mossy pu,per for 18 months and it did show.  Wednesday I will have the Yilditz.

14 to count.



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Another 15 this morning in  sharp couple of hours. The wind was awkward and birds approaching from behind most of the time over the wood, so tricky shooting....don't ask how many cartridges I picked up, but still keeping them off the drillings.

Farmers wife kindly took me across to the shooting position in their UTV and picked me up later, which was handy because my Landie is still off the road.    


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Same field and not surprisingly they did not want to play today. Six did fail to head the danger. At least my presence was doing what needed doing and the drillings got protected for a few hours.  Not so many showing which is good.

Rest it 48hrs and see if any return.


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