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I was desperately hoping due to the snow we had here in Fife that I would be sent home from work and that will allow me out to shoot but I had no luck on that score!

I had to wait for the weekend, arriving at the farm this morning there was absolutely no rape sticking up through the snow. The woodies were all heading to a field that wasn’t my permission it all was not lost as they had to cross the wood I have permission to shoot.

The shooting was superb pure flighting. A fantastic morning!


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Jealous or what?  Not only because you had such good sport without carting your gear miles over rape fields , but also because that sort of shooting can be the most testing & keeps you on your toes.

The footprints in the snow tell some of the story with two very busy dogs trying to keep up with the tally , with your bootprint next to the black lab suggesting he needed 'positioning' for the photo shoot? A very good bag for flighting. A very good bag full stop this year.

I used to shoot pigeons in Fife ,around St. Andrews, for a few days each March with a local guide who would find me the locations on rape & spring drillings. The journey for a long w/end is too much these days though. I was up there the year they found that dead swan in the bay at Cellardyke which tested positive for H5N1 bird flu... that caused a bit of chaos locally & put paid to the pigeon shooting that year. The ministry announced the restrictions the day I arrived  

Thanks for the post & pic.

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