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Decoying Before Planting


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1 hour ago, ditchman said:

if the pigeons are there ....they are curious by nature.....how many do you plan to put out ?

They’re definitely about! I haven’t even bought any decoys yet. Will 10ish do the trick?

39 minutes ago, TIGHTCHOKE said:

Don't forget, always an odd number, they can count you know!  :cool1:

Do they count on their fingers and toes?

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4 hours ago, jeffgg said:

If you are decoying on a field that is not  yet planted how can it be for crop protection ?

Prevention is better than cure , as they say around these parts :hmm:

I can see where your coming from , is it right or wrong ? , their will be several members that are far wiser than me on the subject who will come along soon to tell us the ( true ) facts before to long .

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