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Mud Daddy - Portable Pet Washing Device - Any good or any other recommendations


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4 hours ago, tonyshooter said:

I desperately need a Mud Daddy or a similar device.

Please can I ask what any other members think of this item.

More importantly what alternatives are members using ( including a garden type weed killer pressure spay ).







I’ve got one and to be fair it’s pretty good. 

I find what’s easiest is to give the dog a good wash down before all the mud and **** dries on. 

Also helps if you can stand the dog in a big tub whilst washing down as can reuse the hot water somewhat. 

Much better than spraying down with a cold hose pipe in mid winter. Fill the mud daddy with warm soapy water and give the dog a good scrub. 

My mate has hooked a hot water tap up outside mind and that’s even better again 🤣

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As above …

Bringing the dog back from the marsh straight into the house doesn’t go down well.

Using this thing, with the dog in a baby bath outside he gets a lot cleaner. Initially I use the spray to get the worst off, then take the lid off to use the rest of the water to rinse.

 It needed a new seal this summer but a few pence off eBay and it was right again.



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Most of the time my dog come off the marsh wet but reasonably clean and if he had gone over a dyke that have been drained and come back covered in mud then he know his routine is on the way home is to have a swim in the fleet dyke that have always got clean water in it and then cross a couple of grass fields before we get back to the motor .

Yes he do come back wet but my wife always see to him first as she say I am old enough to look after myself :lol: , might be old enough , but as for looking after myself  :hmm:

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I have one the O ring failed so had to repair it, I phone my Mrs when I am half way home and she fills it with warm water it does seem to work ok its better than hosing the dog down with really cold water. He then has a good rub down with a towel then I put his drying coat on for half an hour. 

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