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A day in the field; a HantsRob and Oowie story


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It's been fairly clear I am a clay shooter, I am not an active BASC supporter (but not a detractor either), and I haven't been out 'on the birds'. I decided to cold call Oowie, and ask if he would be so kind as to help give me an experience, for which he kindly agreed.

It's December. It's cold, so so cold. The temperature isn't expected to really hit above zero, and getting up at 4am to get on site for 6am is tough going, and I am super glad I packed the car the evening before minus the gun!

I arrive and meet Oowie and doggo, both giving a very friendly and polite welcome. The trees are glistening white, although any festiveness was slightly quashed by it being minus 2. It is crisp, it is silent, and we head to the first venue - the farm!

We arrive at the dairy farm and it's already in full swing, the Doris's are munching their breakfast as the farmers are rushing around doing their work, and we have the friendly warning; 

"the birds will come across from over that field *points* once the heavy machinery stops"

Oowie gives me a good safety briefing, and whilst I believe I am gunsafe he gives advice for the specific site as well as quarry and handling, just so we are covered. We have checked insurance and that's all good.

First bird.... BANG! One bird, one barrel! Not too bad for me, and sets a good tone. I can't say I maintain that hit rate but..... lets pretend I did ;) We had a good few hours on the farm and a fair few birds were dropped, but they soon seemed to learn to stay away.

Breakfast time - standard hot food and hot drink from a well known sausage roll vendor. Yum.

We checked out a few fields and found a good field and set up a hide, and we discussed the rules and goals. We (well, Oowie) set up decoys, and we spent a fair few hours getting some crows and pigeons. I am happy with the number shot, the birds were coming in waves, and we hit a fairly decent percentage of those hittable and in viable range. The pup was in good form and was an excellent retriever, however I probably didn't help by getting some birds that glided some distance or into another field.

We wrapped up around 3pm and I had a massive tired but happy smile on my face. It really was a really fun introduction into vermin control, and to get an experience.

Publicly I want to thank Oowie for his time and sharing his permissions with me for the day, and I am hoping to maybe get another visit with him in the future also. 

Is my mind changed on bird shooting? Yes. 
Is it harder than I thought? Yes.
Is it enjoyable? Yes.

I really enjoyed myself and would like to do it again to see if the buzz is still there. But, good company, good vibes, nice chats, even if the birds weren't flying I'd have had a really fun day!

Thanks Oowie!

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Excellent! Good for you and for Oowee for taking you out. 
The ‘buzz’ will be there next time, make no mistake, and every time you do it. 
I grin like a big stupid grinny thing each and every time I’m out shooting live quarry, and I’ve been doing it since Jesus’ dog was a puppy. 

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Thanks for the write up Rob it all could have been so different with no birds about 🤣. It was great to be out with someone that can shoot. 

What Rob fails to mention is not only a nice pair on the crows but also a very strange two for one immediately after. I have myself shot two for one on numerous occasions but never when the birds are maybe 7m apart left to right and one is 10m further back. Stranger than strange to see the second fall. Well done you. 

I look forward to hopefully, some walked up game on the next visit. 

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