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Picture Diary of Ferret Court construction


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I will try and get some pics with the fab four in there.


I have had to redesign it a few times as they showed me the errors in my design :-) But apart from a few tweaks like raising the door lip height so they didn't just pour out, everything is pretty much as it was.



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Thanks for feedback guys.


Here are a few more pictures.




After a spate of ***** break ins, the Ferret court security is now provided by a professional company :-)



Where's our rabbit?





The grey litter you can see in the tray is stuff I get from the farm. It is recycled paper chopped up. They tested it to see if it would be any good for the cows but found that when it got wet it balled up into clumps. So there are several tonnes of it up at the farm in sacks for me to use as ferret litter. :good:







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Fantastic piece of work there pal,,, i'm sure your ferts think they are in heaven with all this room to explore around


even if some people would go to the quater of the bother you have then all are ferts would be such a happy family to think some people keep these wee beauty's in boxes no bigger than shoe boxes and then expect them to work eh!!

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Guest cookoff013

well done there.

i`ve been feretting a few times. great sport. i`d take it up if i had more space to keep them. without them i`d not have had the best day shooting yet.


i`m going again this saturday, and maybe another month or so...

top job there mate.

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That's a lovely job you have done there & loads of things to keep them entertained but just one question as odd as it may seem , as its so much bigger than the usual ferret hutch & they have stacks of space do they still use the one place to answer the call of nature as they do in a usual sized ferret hutch ? .


I just wondered if you now have more than one place to muck out or several . ???


ATB Pole Star

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