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  1. Mick above nevilles has done work for me, and I've no complaints. Give hom a bell, he's sound.
  2. do you mean the house wall at the bottom, or the little wall around your patio?
  3. have dig down against the wall and see how far down the footing is, you might find theres a good few courses of blocks before you get to concrete.
  4. Remington subs were £6 a 100 last time I got some.
  5. its coming a bit now. Just took the dogs out and we're all covered.
  6. Having a bit of a go here, hucknall. I dont think it'll come owt though.
  7. Why such violence? You must be talking ill of folk and dont want them to find out or your up to something illegal. Now them which is it? Or could be both.
  8. I use an accountant, they know what you can claim for.in the time it would take me to sort it I could have earnt more than he charges me.
  9. Spot on tonker, some folk have no decorum.
  10. Been offered the same op, mri showed herniated disc (I think) and went to see surgeon who said if you want the op we'll get you in, this was at the end of having seven weeks off work because I couldn't sit for longer than a few minutes without being in a wicked amount of pain in my left leg and bum cheek. By the time I'd got to see the surgeon it had started to get better so I declined the op as I'm a subby and don't get anything if im off work. Its been pretty good for about a year, but it was murder over Christmas. Been offered the same op, mri showed herniated disc (I think) and went to
  11. Its only the last bit that seems a bit off where he's done up like a half wrapped mummy, tbe rest looks genuine.
  12. half a box of 12g cartridges and full box of 410g ones in the mystery cabinet. what do i win if my guess is the closest?
  13. One fella is more helpful than the oother, park in the rufford pub carpark or one of the streets around the back of the shop. I'd say they're about middling on price. If your going because they've got a gun you want then its worth the trip, but if your going for a mooch, save your time and diesel.
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