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  1. This sums it all up beautifully. I still have somewhere in the house an American publication from the 1970s which carried some discussion on the emerging use of heavily-loaded small-bores on wildfowl. Referring specifically to the 3" 0.410, a distinguished shooter of the era described its use as smacking of "cynicism" and "trick shooting". I'm off to my shelter now.
  2. Actually a true 16 bore load which would shoot very well and comfortably out of a 6lb gun (preferably a side-by-side...). Can't understand this odd fascination for buying overweight small-bores and then blasting magnum-style loads out of them.
  3. Gusts of 70 mph plus here for much of yesterday. Not much damage, really - anything susceptible to wind blew down or away long ago! Highest wind-speed I've experienced was here, back in (I think) December 2008 when we caught one of 124 mph, at sea-level. A friend saw it recorded on the instruments at the harbour.
  4. That looks like a right good read, Townie. I, too, used to buy the Shooting Times but gave up my subscription in the late 1980s when it started to go downhill. It seems to have continued on that trajectory ever since, unfortunately. I've got a lot of books on shooting, acquired over many, many years, and find myself wondering what will happen to them when I'm gone. I don't think any of my family will want them. Does anyone feel that a separate sales section specifically for Field Sports Literature would be A Good Thing? Just a thought.
  5. Sorry I haven't been any help to you. Will have a look in the local paper tomorrow (it's weekly), but don't hold out much hope.
  6. Maybe a bit obvious, so apologies if you've already done it, but try the Visit Orkney site. I'm afraid there's a lot of demand for accommodation in the north of Scotland this year - "staycationers" and people loooking for what they see as safe environments. House prices are seeing very significant increases.
  7. What sort of accommodation are you looking for? B&B, self-catering?
  8. What's all this stuff about "heads"? The things poking out of the brass are "bullets". "Heads" are the round things on the ends of our necks, which handily accommodate eyes, ears, mouths, hats, etc.. 😀
  9. There's something deliciously ironic about posts which accuse someone of "spouting bile" while referring to that person as a "toxic bint", "wee Jimmy" and a "poisonous bitch". Perhaps the OP needs to sitdown, drink a nice cuppa from his 1966 commemorative mug, and reflect on his words. With a bit of luck, a period of growing up might ensue....
  10. Don't knock it! Six enthralling pages of delusion, armchair expertness, Walt-itude and shockingly bad grammar and spelling. What more can you ask for?? On second thoughts, please, nobody answer that one.
  11. I don't think that's the case. The licensing of sound moderators is a bit of an enigma. I have a .22lr and a moderator. They're listed separately on my FAC; the rifle by name, model, calibre and serial number, and the mod simply as "sound moderator" - no details of make, model or serial number (there isn't one). My certificate was renewed in April and the officer who processed the documentation was quite happy with that. I bought the rifle in the normal way; the mod I bought separately without any requirement to show my FAC. Since moderators have a certain "universality" inasmuch as the Parker Hale previously mentioned can quite legitimately be fitted to a .22lr or an .22 sub-12 air-rifle, then the granting of "sound moderator" on an FAC is less about authority to possess than it is about authority to use in conjunction with the firearm(s) with which it is associated. That's the view taken by my licensing authority, anyway.
  12. As above. Mine are quite a few years old, have walked hundreds of miles, been soaked in fresh water and sea water, caked in mud, frozen solid - and are good for the same again. All they've needed is reqular applications of good old-fashioned dubbin.
  13. Wymberley - you may just recall that Gough Thomas dealt with the loss of a hand or arm in "Shotguns and Cartridges", ch.12. His advice then remains pertinent still.
  14. You can disagree all you like, but the plain fact of the matter is that, as the OP clearly stated, he only has one arm and, consequently, one hand, which perforce has to be employed at the hand of the stock in order to operate the trigger(s). He therefore has no means of supporting the fore-end of the gun; he must mount it, hold it into his shoulder and swing it one-handed. It's therefore a nonsense to suggest that he should further encumber himself by attaching additional weight to the barrel. If you don't believe me I suggest you try repeatedly mounting and swinging a self-loading shotgun - even a so-called "lightweight" one - one handed. You'll soon be tired. Then try it with a weight equivalent to a moderator hanging off the end of the barrel. You'll be even more tired. As for your assertion that a super lightweight gun will increase recoil, that's not strictly true. It's a more complex matter involving cartridge load, velocity, gun fit, and, indeed, the standard of construction of the gun itself.
  15. The OP will have to do a bit of research with the trade, I'm afraid. If he's looking to buy new he'll be up against the current fad for longer-barrelled, overly-heavy over-and-unders. If buying second-hand it'll be all about compatibility with non-toxic shot. I've got almost the ideal gun for him in my cabinet - a lightly-choked, 24 inch-barrelled, sbs 16 bore single-trigger Francotte, made in 1904. Weighs a bare 5lbs, balances well back, and barely recoils at all with 24 gram cartridges.
  16. That's about the last thing the OP should consider getting! A semi-auto already has weight too far forward and sticking a moderator on the end will simply exacerbate that disadvantage my moving it further forward still! The ideal gun, in my opinion, is a light, short-barrelled (24" or 25") side-by-side with a single trigger and a longish pistol-gripped stock with a recoil-pad. A good-quality well-made gun combined with lightly-loaded, mild cartridges will enable optimum performance.
  17. I've watched him - for a few minutes. That was as much as I could stand. Vacuous, irritating, self-satisfied are a few of the words that come to mind.
  18. 46 pumps????? I'm hoping there's a typo in there.... I had an Innova and recall that it "blew off" midway through the fifth stroke of the pump. Very accurate and never leaked; I always put one stroke of the pump in it before putting it back in the cabinet.
  19. And you see YouTube as a viable alternative? Which sources do you follow?
  20. Really? Nothing on the BBC and ITV news? Surprised they haven't been following events.
  21. YouTube?? I take it you're jesting!
  22. In such an unlikely case there would again be significant risk of bias. Simply suggesting that anyone searching for the facts is highly unlikely to find them in the media.
  23. Errr......this is a thread from 2012.... Why the revival?
  24. An article written by a Labour politician for a Centre-right newspaper.... No risk of bias there then.
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