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  1. My local RFD has them in stock £4 for a box of 50. Sellier and Bellot 22 Short LRN 28grs, SBV355507. – Craig Kidd Ltd – Shooting
  2. What does your certificate say?......FAC air rifle is open for most.
  3. I agree it was in bad taste...the slap would have cost any of us our FAC in the UK.
  4. Will Smith laughed at the joke, then saw his wife's face and thought oh oh ..I best do something. He should have just given him the international sign for masturbation.
  5. I had it where the serial number on the paperwork matched the action but the barrels were from a different gun.
  6. Have they billed you bang on £30 (pre auth) or £29.58 ? .......the reason I ask is £24.65 plus vat is £29.58.
  7. He didn't have to prove it...the council settled before it went to court...if you worked for the council would you lie in front of a judge?.... when it's not your money and in a civil case is just on a balance of probabilities. Do you believe the council told the tenant to stay put? on a balance of probabilities??
  8. Did you see this week where a cricket wicket keeper refused to stump somebody who had been knocked over accidently ?? Or where the football manager made his team give a goal back.....Max should hand the title back....by the way I'm not a Hamilton fan......just a F1 fan.....but I like moto GP more.
  9. Don't you think his "first world title" will be forever tainted I would hand it back if I were Him.
  10. Is not following the rules cheating Don't you think his "first world title" will be forever tainted
  11. No I wouldn't. I raced Karts for years Don't judge me by your standards.
  12. If the council encourage someone to break a contract the council becomes liable. I know someone who sued the local council because they gave a house to someone half way through a tenancy agreement and told her just to leave. From Google........What is inducing breach of contract? An intentional, economic tort; knowingly and intentionally procuring the breach of a contract, without lawful justification, causing damage to another party to the contract. Interference with contractual relations. ...
  13. I hope there's banners at every race saying red bull and Max are cheats.
  14. Part of their defence was that they didn't destroy the statue but increased it's value from £6k to £300k (auction estimate). Mad but true.
  15. On the Bay....search Moderators & brakes interchange thread adapter 1/2 X 20 UNF& 1/2 X 28 UNEF and pick second one down.
  16. The queen has a cunning plan.....she just needs to get Tony knelt in front of her with a sword in her hand.
  17. They should have got to ASDA ....they would have got loads.
  18. Classic FM are playing soothing music for pets from 6pm (last night and tonight)
  19. Swings and roundabouts.....I got a gun from McAvoys £500 cheaper (in a sale) than anywhere else.
  20. The USA has a massive shortage of HGV drivers.
  21. daveboy


    My lad has still got his driving licence from Legoland from age 5 You should have seen the look on the coppers face when he got stopped for speeding and handed it over(age 22)..... the copper saw the funny side and let him off with a warning.
  22. A female friend of mine was badly bitten by a Great Dane (it had her head in it's mouth) turns out it had a brain tumor..I was bitten by a dog when I was 7 years old (not badly) turns out it had an ear infection and I stroked it in the wrong place....and that's why I wouldn't have a dog I couldn't beat in a fight.
  23. Yes but the escort sites have to make sure they don't get done for pimping. In the UK, the exchange of sexual services for money is legal, but a number of activities, including soliciting in a public place, kerb crawling, owning or managing a brothel, pimping and pandering, are considered to be crimes, under the Sexual Offences Act 2003.
  24. It's not though is it..Escorts have been using this loophole for years. you don't pay for sex you pay for their time...anything else is between consenting adults.
  25. I know a pub landlady who's dog bit somebody and she got sued for loss of earnings.. I pointed out that she was more than likely covered by her house insurance and this turned out to be the case...it didn't cost her a penny...if the bloke is covered you might feel better about claiming from him.
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