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  1. If you're on an apprenticeship the company is spending a good deal of money on you I'm currently sat on a bed in a hotel room in the other end of the country on a training coarse I was given a car by the company and a couple of hours off for travel which seems fair enough to me
  2. This whole anti semetic thing is going to cause real problems,it won't go away and they are reluctant to deal with it due to their massive Islamic vote
  3. My sons are 20 and 24 they are the only ones in their group of friend that can gut a fish, tie a hook, shoot or clean a bird
  4. Simetimes(rare) when an alternator dies it will drain power from the battery kind of becomes a motor rather than a generator As above proper charger or get the car going(change alternator)and run it with sidelights on This will up the output
  5. This is a wild stab (literally)in the dark Older vw passat? going by the wheel and what i can see of the shape of the rear wing
  6. I'm a size 12 and have a pair of their wellies in 11 they fit very well They're really good too
  7. Although I'm a fan of casio watches I have a gshock and had an edifice i sold it because you need a degree in physics to work the bloody things
  8. It's gine right through our lot I had it mildly even though i get a jab Mrs and Mil seem to be hit really hard As for all the "propper flu" and alike type quotes influenza has many forms it can be mild like a heavy cold or can be fatal
  9. We have a 7 month old sproodle we had to change his food because there was a green gas cloud following him around
  10. Lost 2 last year Got this little monkey in july Great dog
  11. Like all legends I suppose. There must be some truth in it somewhere along the line
  12. Who's been we're going in march it's still considered their winter i believe So what do i need kit wise and what do i go see
  13. I use some halfords advanced stuff I'm a mechanic it's good gear snap on or facom it ain't but its good enough Once asked our snap on dealer if he had any idea how much a mechanic earned They must thunk we earn 50k+
  14. As memory serves Impact needs to be within 60°of dead centre vehicle travelling over 19mph and below a certain rate of deceleration I also work in a body shop and have never seen or come across delayed activation (30 years give or take in big busy shops) Not saying it doesn't hapoen but ive never come across it
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