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  1. Can some of the Engineering types on here give us an explanation of how a Haldex works, and if it is really effective, please?
  2. I have used Hull superfast pigeon cartridges for 3 years on the pigeon. The ones I use are Fibre wad, and I can't fault them through a 12 g auto. My auto is a 3 1/2 " chamber, and I was worried about obturation in the big chamber. I cut a cartridge open, and found they had a very long wad column, using two fibre wads as well as cards. Maybe this helps; it certainly works.
  3. Hi Panoma 1 and Sarah sbs, You both say that the Gordon System has no effect on the cartridge load. It must just be good advertising then ! I had not heard that the Case was not part of the cartridge.
  4. Hi Big Al You can't get much on a Quad unless you make some sort of rack. Most people use a small trailer, so build that into your sums.
  5. cardigun

    hessian sacking

    ClemFandango. In England and Wales the Roe deer shooting seasons are ; Roe Bucks April 1st to Oct 31st Roe Does Nov 1st to March 31st
  6. Hi, I see a lot of favourable write-ups about the above, and can see that they are good cartridges. I am just interested to know if anyone has done comparative tests with similar non-Gordon cartridges .
  7. Don't worry Hutt ! The 692 12 bore is full sized for people like you ! Even the Ladies version is pretty long, as it is always easier to shorten if required.
  8. Hi, Of the recent Berettas, the 692 field has quite a high comb. The Ladies' version is noticeably high.
  9. Percy Stanbury won practically everything with a side by side. I remember seeing it covered in silver medals in -letted into the stock. I think it was a 30" barrelled Webley , with full choke in both.
  10. Hi, I have had a SBE 1 for years. Originally for the foreshore , where it worked faultlessly. I am a great " barrel wiper", and all guns get wiped over with an oily rag when I have cleaned them. I've not had any rusting. The last four or five years, I have been using it for pigeon shooting exclusively, with Hull's "Super Fast Pigeon " cartridges. I was getting regular hang ups, and ordered a recoil spring ( to go in the stock )for a 2 3/4 " gun, and replaced the original one, which I have kept for the marsh . This is obviously my own modification, and may not be a good idea for others. But it has worked well for me.
  11. Blackthorn hedges. They usually fruit on old wood, so don't cut them back too much if you want fruit.
  12. I've seen pigeon feeding on a sugar beet field after it had been lifted. A shot bird had "beet sawdust" in his crop. The lifting machine has a horizontal circular saw to top the beet, and left little piles of sawdust.
  13. Hi Tightchoke, The Leica Geovid 8x42 BRF, can be put into "Scan" Mode, where it continuously reads off distance, while the button is pressed. It's not that hard to pick up flying birds.
  14. Harold Wilson closed more Pits than Thatcher !
  15. Hi Diver One. You asked about "how to turn off a handwarmer" The Boston types can be turned off by removing the top, and putting in on again turned the other way.
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