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  1. I have never worn gaiters, apart from the old leather ones, long ago. How about putting them on your legs first, then pulling them down onto your boots ?
  2. Relating to the extravagant re-decorating.........I've seen her referred to as "Carrie Antoinette"
  3. Just a thought. All my log stores have as much ventilation as possible. The floor is composed of pallets to let the air get underneath. The lapped boards on the sides are not backed with anything, to let it breathe. Remember that sawn wood takes a year per inch thickness to dry, when stored in open sided sheds. Burning firewood that isn't dry leads to a lot of condensation going up the chimney, and not much heat produced.
  4. I'm a bit slow to this topic. Cattle Feed. If you use the usual figures published to show how wasteful feeding cattle is, they usually use the big Feed Lots in America as the source of the numbers. These cattle live in big pens, and are fed cereal/maize and protein from Soya etc, . In Britain, about 1/3rd of our land is unsuitable for growing cereals, but grows grass very well. Such areas as the uplands, and even arable land, where it us used as a rotational crop to build fertility. That's a very different set of figures. Britain is in the Temperate Zone, and naturally grows grass.
  5. I always clean my gun barrels well, to remove leading and plastic smear if I'm using plaswads. I always hope that the continued cleaning and burnishing that the shot and wad provides, would eventually smooth the bore sufficiently to reduce smearing. But it never seems to reach that stage !
  6. The birds always arrive the moment you pick up a sandwich. My shooting friend used to ask his wife to make a bag of Parkin, cut into small squares. You can pop one in your mouth and continue shooting.
  7. There is a difference between a Rotary engine, such as the Le Rhone, and radial engines such as the P & W and Bristols. Radial engines are static, and the propeller goes round. Rotary engines go round with the propeller, and the crankshaft is bolted to the plane. Rotary engines had Total Loss lubrication, because of the centrifugal force in a rotating engine, which is why many young pilots in WW1 smelt of Caster Oil. They only had one speed, full throttle, because the linkage would be impossible. They controlled the plane with a Stop Switch, which cut out the ignition when operate
  8. A few years ago, my old Lab eat the remains of a box of Quality Street ( about a dozen chocolates ). We didn't know where they had gone till he started Pooing silver paper covered droppings. Didn't seem to do him any harm.
  9. The whole point of a Democracy is to use your MP to argue your points for you, in Parliament, not out on the streets.
  10. Hi 243deer, I see the quote" they didn't consult with their members" quite often on these forums. Most of the Shooting organisations are governed by "Councils", who are members voted in by all the other members. They represent us, and our opinions. If you really want to get deeper involved, find out who your local Council member, and talk to him.
  11. Hi UltraXS, You are not giving any feedback on either of your partridge questions. Have you lost interest in your project ?
  12. People used to die from Blackthorn infection, before antibiotics were invented.
  13. Partridge Keeping is a big subject, and no quick reply to your question. One of the main problems on your land is lack of cover. Partridge roost on the ground, and are very susceptible to Fox predation. One way to mitigate some of this is to put your birds out in small lots, say 20/30 in fully fenced pens, with roofs on. Put the pens next to good cover, like Kale/OSR/Maize, with a double electric fence round it about a metre or so, away. Release your birds in small lots, say 5, and put a feeder outside the pen and a straw bale to sit up on. The birds in the pen should re-call the birds o
  14. JohnfromUK, You mentioned "lots of blood" when you once used a non-locking knife. I use a Leatherman Wave, and the "good reason" I carry it, is to prevent "lots of blood". Would that work with the Police ?
  15. cardigun


    Hi 30-6 I use handwarmers this time of the year. In fact I have two, one each in the "handwarmer" pockets of my shooting jacket. There are lots of sorts, mine are run on lighter fuel , and there are some that are run on stored heat, which may be the "rechargeable" ones you mention. There are plenty on the internet, and you can browse that and make your choice.
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