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  1. On the continent, especially Germany, there are traditions about how you honour the dead quarry. One such tradition is to pick a sprig of a nearby tree and place it on the beast as a "last meal " offering, and sticking a bit of the sprig in your hat to indicate your success.
  2. You can always paint the top corner of a butt pad with clear nail varnish, to make it easier to mount without catching on your clothes.
  3. Concerning the stock extension on the Hawker double puntgun. I collected the gun from the Birmingham proof house, and took it to the, then New, WAGBI Headquarters at Marford Mill. The stock extension was certainly with it at that time.
  4. I have dug out some figures for comparison; .308 rifle shooting a 150 gn bullet @2800 fps in a rifle weighing 7 1/2 lbs, gives 15.8 ft/lbs recoil 12 bore shotgun shooting 28 gm load @ 1180 fps in a gun weighing 7 1/2 lbs gives 17.3 ft/lbs recoil. There are lots of variables which will make a difference. Different bullet weight, and shot loads. Different velocities. Different weights of gun and rifle.
  5. Hi, I don't have the figures to hand, but my recollection is that they both have very similar recoils.
  6. Yes, they are expensive, but I make it £168 for 1000 wads, to load 31gms steel. Ordinary fibre wads for lead aren't free !
  7. Harkom, There is a website called "Clay and Game" which advertises Steel shot in all sizes, re-cycleable cup wads in lots of sizes, which should enable you to reload sustainable ammo. Hope this helps.
  8. It's a long time since I used the Nobel Powders for 12 bore cartridges. If I remember correctly, No 80 was for Standard 1 oz 1/16 loads, No 82 was for 1oz 1/8 loads, and No 78 was for 1 oz loads. Happy days.
  9. Macwet sometimes have a Stand at the Shooting Show. They will spend some time trying different sizes of glove till you get a perfect fit. Worth the effort.
  10. We used to have a farm pond, about 1/2 an acre, on which we kept a pinioned pair of all of the European species. These were fed in the shallows with corn, which they dabbled for .The pond had been shot over for years before we started using it , and a lot of lead shot must have fallen into it, because every year we lost some of the diving ducks. Tufted ducks mostly, as they could get down to the silt layers where the old lead shot lay. The first few times we found them dead, we took them to Slimbridge and had the put over an "X ray" device, which showed the lead in their Gizzards. The dabb
  11. cardigun

    Wasp sting

    Years ago, we used to use Vinegar for Wasp stings, and Bicarb. for Bee stings. All my kids survived !
  12. Thanks for your replies. Most useful.
  13. Thanks rapid 25 Tell me about the "12 volt " ones. That could be the simplest answer.
  14. Hi, I'm near Oswestry, and need to find someone who will test my cylinder, and refill it. Any ideas locally ?
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