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  1. Thanks for your replies. Most useful.
  2. Thanks rapid 25 Tell me about the "12 volt " ones. That could be the simplest answer.
  3. Hi, I'm near Oswestry, and need to find someone who will test my cylinder, and refill it. Any ideas locally ?
  4. Hi Jacko. Love your video. I think your gun shoots higher than the red dot shows. All your good shots look like they were too low, by the red dot, but they worked fine.
  5. Sainsburys also stock the Vegemite version, which seems to look a bit browner, but tastes much the same.
  6. cardigun

    Lawn damage.

    Could be rooks and magpies digging up leather jackets ?
  7. Just for info. Americans alter words to suit their language, and in the process, lose the original meaning. "Coup" is a good example. Back in the day, the "go faster" boys used to shorten a car, do away with the second set of doors, and put their own version of a "fast back" on it , and call it a coupe. With an acute accent on the E. Its a french word meaning "Chopped". Which is also where the word "chopper" comes from. Just saying.
  8. Centrepin. You have to push both buttons in at the same time. A good countersink of the holes is useful. I glued large circles of 2" foam to the seat, to help with Numb Bum., which works, but prevents a full folding down of the back rest.
  9. Many years ago, I used to shoot skeet at North Wales Shooting School, owned by the Jones(Baler) family. They made hay from the long grass that grew on the "Fall out" area, and fed it to bullocks . I remember the troughs under the hay racks were full of used plas-wads, that must have fallen out of the hay. It didn't seem to trouble the cattle at all.
  10. Hi Nobodyimportant, Section -Wikipedia (United States Land Surveying,) Seems to think its 640 acres.
  11. Hi NobodyImportant, I thought land grants were in Sections, which is a square mile. That is 640 acres, a quarter is 160 acres, and a "quarter quarter" is 40 acres. Hence everyone has a "back forty"
  12. E.S Thank you for all that information. I note that all the parts of the H&H opener, are outside the Gun lock. On the Purdey, apart from the lever that kicks the barrels open, everything else is inside the action, and are existing parts of the Lock, doing double duty. So the basketfull of extra parts is a bit of an exaggeration? k.
  13. I would be interested to see a Purdey Self opening action, and H&H self opening action in pieces, side by side to see the number of parts.
  14. I found the "Toxicity" page most interesting. They assumed the toxicity of lead or other non lead, was caused by its solubility in water. To the extent that it affected water -living organisms. I was told that lead was toxic to waterfowl because the picked it up while dabbling, and ground it to small particles in their gizzards. Where it was acted upon by stomach acids.?
  15. cardigun

    Lawn Care

    If your lawn is like mine, the moss is nice and green, and doesn't need mowing that often !
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