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  1. Blackthorn hedges. They usually fruit on old wood, so don't cut them back too much if you want fruit.
  2. I've seen pigeon feeding on a sugar beet field after it had been lifted. A shot bird had "beet sawdust" in his crop. The lifting machine has a horizontal circular saw to top the beet, and left little piles of sawdust.
  3. Hi Tightchoke, The Leica Geovid 8x42 BRF, can be put into "Scan" Mode, where it continuously reads off distance, while the button is pressed. It's not that hard to pick up flying birds.
  4. Harold Wilson closed more Pits than Thatcher !
  5. Hi Diver One. You asked about "how to turn off a handwarmer" The Boston types can be turned off by removing the top, and putting in on again turned the other way.
  6. My daughter, and granddaughter are keen game shooters, and have joined a Ladies syndicate locally. I have picked up for them on occasion, and as a Team they shoot better than some Mens' syndicates I know. They have all been through the " getting a gun that fits" process, and the concensus seems to be that the Beretta 690 111 field 20 bore is the one they prefer. It has a slight Monte carlo stock, which seems to suit them.
  7. There is more than one Newquay. Which one ?
  8. I think the OP is saying; When he looks over a clients shoulder, he sees the barrels about a foot or so to the left of the clay, when the client is pointing at it. Most Coaches get used to this, and build it in to their mind-set.
  9. I thought the GMK dealt with Benellis . I got a return spring from them a few years ago.
  10. I'm getting a bit confused (it happens a lot). In the UK we usually use Grams for shot weights. I gram is 1000th of a Kilo. For Powder we usually use Grains. 1 grain is 1/ 7000th of a pound. Or 1 gram is 15.43 grains. It gets even more confusing when the abbreviation "g" is used for both ?
  11. Hi Perazzishot, will they be publishing their reports ? I would be most interested.
  12. I am sure there is someone on Pigeon Watch who can tell us. Some of the London Gunmakers used their own colour to make it stand out. I think Purdey use purple ?
  13. Hope it works out for you. We found that if you can shoot towards the western sky, you will be able to see approaching duck better, against the lighter sky.
  14. How about an ordinary Cash Book and a ball point ?
  15. cardigun


    Those of us who had solid fuel AGA's and Rayburns years ago, couldn't switch to oil fast enough. The chore of Riddling, taking the ash out, bringing the coal in, getting it up to heat in time for cooking dinner, chopping logs and sweeping chimney, and dust everywhere, was well left behind. You can regulate oil burners if you want to save oil, but the convenience of having it hot, ready to go, whenever you want it, is marvelous.
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