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  1. I was told that Browning had altered the trigger on the 725 range to give a "quicker" pull, as Brownings have always been known for a slow pull. Anyone able to comment on this ?
  2. Thanks for the replies. There is already a layer of rubber type foam stuck to the bulkheads, and the underside of the body. Perhaps the engine timings are worth a look.
  3. Hi, We have an oldish 3010, and it is very noisy ! It has a 3 cylinder diesel engine, and most of the noise comes from the engine area. Are there any "noise absorbing " materials that we can stick round the engine area ?
  4. I don't have D1 on my license, even though I passed my Test in 1956. Maybe they leave it off after you reach 75 ?
  5. An interesting thread ! Many differing views! Most depending on their own experience. " I have never done it because I don't like it " Just out of interest, if you have ever had a 100 bird day on the pigeons, that is the equivalent of a 1000 bird day with 10 Guns !
  6. Higher comb. I found the Beretta 690/3 had a much more useful comb height than any other Sporting Beretta I had tried.
  7. Hi, I posted a photo of a Hull Super Fast Pigeon cartridges' wads a while ago. It showed that they put two fibre wads in their cartridge, which makes it long enough to obturate even in a 3 1/2 " chamber. I have used a lot of them in a 3 1/2 auto Bennelli, and they work fine.
  8. Yes Ditchman, looks like a Knife Coulter from an old plough.
  9. I have been following the posts about over bored barrels and fibre wads with interest. I use a bennelli auto with 3 1/2 " chamber for pigeons, and was worried that the wads would not obturate into to barrel by the time the powder pressure was out of the case. I cut open several makes of fibre "pigeon" cartridges, and found that the Hull "super fast pigeon" cartridges had a much longer wad column than the others. It looked like they put two fibre wads between the powder and the shot. I have had to fit a slightly less powerful recoil spring in the stock to ensure full ejection. Other than that, it works fine with the Hull cartridges. Obviously no one would choose a long chambered gun for this purpose, but it happens to be the one I use on the Marsh. I have a photo of the cut open case somewhere, and will post it when I find it.
  10. Could someone with real knowledge of the subject advise us ? I thought that Metallic lead didn't harm us; but that lead salts ( organic compounds ?) did. Most of us who eat Game will pass lead shot in the Loo, without any harm. But a bird with a gizzard can grind it up and mix it with digestive juices, which will harm it. Any advice ?
  11. Hi, There looks like a pin "screw" at the top of the action behind the breech end. This could be an interceptor, to prevent the gun firing if it were dropped. This is an "extra", fitted to better quality guns. The "push forward" trigger could be to make one trigger a "set trigger". I would expect this to be associated with a rifle barrel , which makes me wonder if it originally had a set of barrels with sight on, and rifleing on one barrel, to make it a Ball and Shot Gun. ?
  12. Gerry78 I am sure there are Wildfowling clubs in Northern Ireland. Why don't you e-mail BASC and ask for the list ?
  13. Hi, I grew upon a dairy farm. We made butter once a week, and saved the cream in big pans . It was getting a bit ripe by the end of the week, but turned into butter with the minimum of churning. , In Wales they liked plenty of salt in the butter, and the week-old cream made the butter slightly translucent.
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