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  1. Hi UltraXS, You are not giving any feedback on either of your partridge questions. Have you lost interest in your project ?
  2. People used to die from Blackthorn infection, before antibiotics were invented.
  3. Partridge Keeping is a big subject, and no quick reply to your question. One of the main problems on your land is lack of cover. Partridge roost on the ground, and are very susceptible to Fox predation. One way to mitigate some of this is to put your birds out in small lots, say 20/30 in fully fenced pens, with roofs on. Put the pens next to good cover, like Kale/OSR/Maize, with a double electric fence round it about a metre or so, away. Release your birds in small lots, say 5, and put a feeder outside the pen and a straw bale to sit up on. The birds in the pen should re-call the birds o
  4. JohnfromUK, You mentioned "lots of blood" when you once used a non-locking knife. I use a Leatherman Wave, and the "good reason" I carry it, is to prevent "lots of blood". Would that work with the Police ?
  5. cardigun


    Hi 30-6 I use handwarmers this time of the year. In fact I have two, one each in the "handwarmer" pockets of my shooting jacket. There are lots of sorts, mine are run on lighter fuel , and there are some that are run on stored heat, which may be the "rechargeable" ones you mention. There are plenty on the internet, and you can browse that and make your choice.
  6. I think this was a Labour amendment, that failed .?
  7. Notice the pink seed dressing on the grain. Hope it's not toxic.
  8. A different take. I have a restaurant owner friend who used to shoot Canadas, which are notorious for being tough. His method was to slather the breasts in Apricot jam, put them in the fridge for a week, then pan fry for 4 minutes a side, and slice thinly to serve. It was quite delicious.
  9. Clangerman. I thought the phasing out of lead leading to a ban in 5 years was signed up to by all the organisations and the cartridge makers organisation. The Proposed lead ban referred to at the start of this thread, is a proposal put forward by the Labour Party, which still has to be voted on, and is unlikely to get approval in the present Parliament
  10. There is still at least one Gun Cleaner spray that dissolve leading. The one I use is called "Phillips Gun Barrel Cleaner". After I have cleaned my Gun in the usual way, if there is still leading in the bore, I give a squirt of Phillips and leave it till after dinner. Then give another brushing with a bronze brush, and the lead is gone. Most Gun Cleaner sprays have had the "lead dissolver" removed or at least reduced. Probably something to do with Health and Safety.
  11. Jacky Stewart was a good clay shot before he took up racing. Something to do with "hand and eye coordination"
  12. On the continent, especially Germany, there are traditions about how you honour the dead quarry. One such tradition is to pick a sprig of a nearby tree and place it on the beast as a "last meal " offering, and sticking a bit of the sprig in your hat to indicate your success.
  13. You can always paint the top corner of a butt pad with clear nail varnish, to make it easier to mount without catching on your clothes.
  14. Concerning the stock extension on the Hawker double puntgun. I collected the gun from the Birmingham proof house, and took it to the, then New, WAGBI Headquarters at Marford Mill. The stock extension was certainly with it at that time.
  15. I have dug out some figures for comparison; .308 rifle shooting a 150 gn bullet @2800 fps in a rifle weighing 7 1/2 lbs, gives 15.8 ft/lbs recoil 12 bore shotgun shooting 28 gm load @ 1180 fps in a gun weighing 7 1/2 lbs gives 17.3 ft/lbs recoil. There are lots of variables which will make a difference. Different bullet weight, and shot loads. Different velocities. Different weights of gun and rifle.
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