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  1. I get on well with them, and use them for all my shooting. They are not meant to be waterproof, the name implies that they will grip a wet golf club ? If you go to the Shooting Show, they have a stand, and will fit you exactly. Makes all the difference.
  2. If it is alright to burn wood , because the trees captured the CO2 , so it is " recycling". Why isn't is alright for cows to burp, because the grass captured the CO2 ?
  3. Hi, I have an old Garden Table that comes out for BBQ's. I refinished the top with "Hardoil" that I found on the internet. I personally wouldn't want to use it on a shotgun, but it does produce a hard shiny finish.
  4. Some semi auto shotguns come with a set of shims that go between the stock and action, to alter the comb height. Any help ?
  5. Just resurrecting this query. Your helpful suggestions about " other forms of sound insulation " worked a treat. I bought a sheet of 1" thick "Class O " foam, which is self adhesive, and put it on top of the rubber type foam in all the areas, and it is now the most silent diesel Mule I have heard. Thanks everyone.
  6. I have used ladies' clear nail varnish painted on sticky rubber pads, with some success.
  7. I was told that Browning had altered the trigger on the 725 range to give a "quicker" pull, as Brownings have always been known for a slow pull. Anyone able to comment on this ?
  8. Thanks for the replies. There is already a layer of rubber type foam stuck to the bulkheads, and the underside of the body. Perhaps the engine timings are worth a look.
  9. Hi, We have an oldish 3010, and it is very noisy ! It has a 3 cylinder diesel engine, and most of the noise comes from the engine area. Are there any "noise absorbing " materials that we can stick round the engine area ?
  10. I don't have D1 on my license, even though I passed my Test in 1956. Maybe they leave it off after you reach 75 ?
  11. An interesting thread ! Many differing views! Most depending on their own experience. " I have never done it because I don't like it " Just out of interest, if you have ever had a 100 bird day on the pigeons, that is the equivalent of a 1000 bird day with 10 Guns !
  12. Higher comb. I found the Beretta 690/3 had a much more useful comb height than any other Sporting Beretta I had tried.
  13. Hi, I posted a photo of a Hull Super Fast Pigeon cartridges' wads a while ago. It showed that they put two fibre wads in their cartridge, which makes it long enough to obturate even in a 3 1/2 " chamber. I have used a lot of them in a 3 1/2 auto Bennelli, and they work fine.
  14. Yes Ditchman, looks like a Knife Coulter from an old plough.
  15. I have been following the posts about over bored barrels and fibre wads with interest. I use a bennelli auto with 3 1/2 " chamber for pigeons, and was worried that the wads would not obturate into to barrel by the time the powder pressure was out of the case. I cut open several makes of fibre "pigeon" cartridges, and found that the Hull "super fast pigeon" cartridges had a much longer wad column than the others. It looked like they put two fibre wads between the powder and the shot. I have had to fit a slightly less powerful recoil spring in the stock to ensure full ejection. Other than that, it works fine with the Hull cartridges. Obviously no one would choose a long chambered gun for this purpose, but it happens to be the one I use on the Marsh. I have a photo of the cut open case somewhere, and will post it when I find it.
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