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1 hour ago, Woodbepigeonshooter said:

You don’t really see them very often.

i spotted a pair on the farm rolling around playing and was too slow or probably too happy to see them to shoot. Too small to bother a full grown pheasant are they keen on the eggs?


I've seen 1 latched on to the back of a fully grown rabbit .

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They are natural born killers. Amazing little beast.  Many years ago I was laid behind a fallen tree across a ride, with my rifle ready to shoot a roe doe when she walked out into a safe spot and saw movement to my left and a stoat in partial ermin came running up the log over my rifle and stopped for a split second o look at me and then continued apparently totally unconcerned. One of those things that you log in your brain for ever never to be forgotten.

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I can confirm that this is definitely a stoat and it does have a black tip to the tail, look closely and you will see it.

This is the third stoat I've seen around my place, the other two our cat caught and killed.  And before anybody jumps up and says a cat can't kill a stoat well I witnessed one of them along with two other people, was standing out the back and heard a commotion in a bush and out rolls the cat along with a stoat; after a brief commotion the cat had it by the neck and killed it. 

Now our cat is no normal cat, we were given it from an ole boy down the lane that had a feral litter in his barn and didn’t want to destroy them, so ours was raised from a very young age by us and took a long time to domesticate her, she is very affectionate to us and our dogs but has caught many a large rabbit, rats and is great for killing moles, has even killed a large grass snake!!!

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Cut the tail off! Much prized by fly tiers....if you can stand the mustalid stink that is? Lol!

Things you remember....Saw one running across the access road on Holy Island once carrying a half grown rabbit bigger than itself, only to disappear seconds later into a stone wall.

Things you remember 2....saw one on the opposite bank, circling and latching onto a petrified, screaming full grown rabbit whilst I was fishing on the River Nith.... the rabbit was transfixed with fear and was just sitting there!........screaming stopped after several minutes.....I last saw the Stoat dragging said rabbit into the undergrowth.......caught a 9lb cock Salmon whilst this drama was playing out! Hence the imprint on my memory!


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1 hour ago, Mossy410 said:

And before anybody jumps up and says a cat can't kill a stoat well I witnessed one of them along with two other people,

A cat along with two other people will easily kill a stoat, especially if the people have guns! 😆

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