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3 hours ago, steve_b_wales said:

I picked this up earlier: Howa 1500 Varmint. (.308) 26" Cerakote barrel /action, Oryx chassis, Aimpoint Triton moderator, Buffalo River Bi-Pod. Hawke Sidewinder FFP 6-24x56 Mil IR scope.





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1 minute ago, blackbird said:


Good for a bit of ratting, Steve.;)

8 minutes ago, WalkedUp said:

Enjoy it ๐Ÿ‘

I certainly will, I waited long enough for it!ย 

18 minutes ago, kenholland said:

just need a decent round to complement it, hope you have one.

I'm hoping to try some 168gr HPBT's through it, and then I'm going to try and developed a suitable load.ย 

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20 hours ago, The Mighty Prawn said:

Nice! Have you made it go bang yet?

I have indeed. I tried it up the farm when I first had it, and I've fired approx 40 rounds on the shooting range. A club member also 'had a go' and put 20 rounds through it also.

18 hours ago, oowee said:

Very nice. What's it for, targets?ย 

95% target (range shooting to 600 yards)ย and hopefully, one or two foxes (I usually use my .243 or 204 for them)

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