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Keeping the guns rust free in the cabinet?

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Use a silicon treated gun sock. They will wick any moisture away from the gun. You can pick them up for less than a tenner and they also protect the gun from scratches etc.

If your getting condensation inside the cabinet, put a handful of cat litter in an old pair of the missus' tights (remember to remove the missus first). It will act like a large silica pouch and can be dried again on a radiator.

Nothing works better than a correctly placed cabinet, and a proper cleaning regime of your gun before you put it away though.

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10 hours ago, spurs 14 said:

Clean them after you use them , rub any metals parts with a clean rag and a spray of oil and put them away if the cabinet is in the house you won’t have a problem, problems crop up when guns are put away dirty , damp or plain wet ! 

Oily rag each and every time you even handle a gun. Mine are in the loft, freezing in Winter and red hot in Summer. Oily rag, no problems for sixty years, must be doing something right.

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Some houses are nearly always a bit damp "high humidity" I have a little weather thingy which was bought for me and my house is usually around 40% which is low although in my area it rarely rises much above 55 outside. you could not rust metal in my house if you tried.

I am sure that a wipe with oil will always stop rust in any house. What you do have to worry about are the bits of your gun you cant get at. But these are usually lubed on assembly.

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In my old house (high humidity though not damp itself) due to trees and Hugh rainfall, I used to use a cupboard type absorption dehumidifier.

Sits on bottom behind butts of stocks and emptied once a year.



Just don't spill it when emptying.


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